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¸.·´¸.·´¨) Hey! I'm Here! ¸.·´¸.·´¨) ¸.·¨

Hello! Name's Naomi. I love to write stories, and some of my friends told me I should write some and post them on the net. I LOVE Anime..and fanfiction. My favorite place to read stories is just because it has a larger selection.

I know Japanese, English, Spanish, and that's currently all at the moment. I am really sorry if I don't update my stories in a while... I may not be able to get on the internet because I am very busy, and that happens.

The Girl Outside (A Little Story About Me):

Naomi was once again fighting the blue flimdrorps on planet bob. She was losing. She had been hit and cut around 30 times each. She was fighting for her life. Actually, she didn't know why she even came here... She fought on. The Flibdropite came over and say "Thanks for fighting human. You served as a formidable fighting partner. I am completely confused. Before ya know it, I wake up and I find out this big tornado came from no-where, and I bumped my head, and I wasn't in Kansas anymore!
The End..?

Ok..that told you nothing about me...oh well..

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Note: Although some of these stories are appropriate “G” rating, most are indeed “R” or higher. Large proportions contain either sexual situations, strong language, or violence, be it graphic or not.

Also note although all the “Inuyasha” listings (so far) are Male/Female, every other story is male/male-based relationships (so far.)

I update every so often, so if you like my taste in stories, keep watch because I do read a lot of stories, although I only enjoy a selected few. If I happen to come across a story I like, I will post it here sooner or later. If you see your story here, but do not remember me leaving a review, it is most-likely because it would not allow me to do so for the time being. If I remember, I will get around to the later.

Important News:

Updated- To Forget The Unforgettable (11/11/05) New Story- "More To Life" (9/18/05; I will re-write this after I finish re-writing chapters 2-3 of To Forget The Unforgettable)

Currently In Progress:

The Very Naughty Grasper With Very Bad Luck
Summary: For a long time now, Seguchi Tohma has insisted on making Shindou Shuichi, and Eiri Uesugi's relationship a living hell. Fed up, Shindou decides to make Seguchi "pay" for the damage he's caused. Too bad yen is the furthest thing on his mind... (Rape, Bondage, Anal, Oral,Weapons, uke Tohma...this is not a light story)
Hopefully, I will have the first one or twochapters posted on Friday, November 11th

None as of yet; it's about Eiri Uesugi (Gravitation)

Beyond Belief

Summary: None as of yet; it's about Sora (Kingdom Hearts)

Imaginary: Ryuichi's Invisible Tears

Summary: Songfic to "Imaginary" By: Evanescence. Maybe, just possibly, there is more to Ryuichi than we know...

Regaurding My Stories:
Although I cannot figure out why, people seem to be enjoying my stories, but I'm glad nonetheless. I've been seeing them posted on various sites, that I, myself have not posted them on, and I had no knowledge prior to them being posted. If you wish to post my stories (or fanart) on a site, please let me know in an email (Youkaidreamz@Yahoo.Com, Subject: Story Repost). Please wait for my email indicating whether or not I approve of the site.

If You Gain My Approval, Please...
1) Include my Pen-name (Youkai Dreams), my email, and provide a link from where you read my story(ies; onlyinclude ,, , and/or under the same username. Any other site has not recieved my permission to have my stories in their possession or they are not a major/official site.)
2) Do NOT alter the content of my storiesin any way, shape, or form unless you have my permission. If you have this, please state that you've altered it with my approval.
Thank you~!~

Ozdy is so awesome, awesome is Odzy
Odzy is so cool, cool is Odzy
Odzy reminds me of pickles, because they're both sexy
Odzy is so awesome, so awesome is she

(Ok, this is where it starts getting weird)

Odzy is a cool person, I wonder if she likes ducks
Odzy is a sexy girl, do you think she likes ducks?
Odzy's like a flower, I'M NOT ASKING YOU AGAIN!
Odzy is way sexier than a pickle in my opinion (it's super hard to be that sexy)Does she like ducks?

Duck Duck Duck Duck
duck duck duck duck


...Mr. Ducky was on the verge of solving the Jim Carry murder case when he realized...HE RAN OUT OF PICKLES! The horror! The horror!

Well, stunned, our detected decides to ditch the murder case, because let's face it...pickles are just more important. With-what, their pimply green goodness? Their sour, yet satisfying taste, or that yellow juice that was left to run passed your lips? NAY. Mr. Ducky wouldn't be having any of that!

Sprinting - next to galloping on a white stallion, my Ducky strode off into the night, only with the slightest clues as to where those uncontainably sexy pickles are. The culprit was sloppy, leaving behind the jar top. This pained Detective Ducky, being back on the job: First Jim Carry, now his pickles!

"WHO would do such a thing?" He asked himself as he realized he was going faster- no, crazilly. He looked down to realize he wasn't on a horse, but an...ostridge? Hmm...go figure.

Mr. Ducky was confused as to why they were riding so smoothly. Looking down, he gasped audibly at the scene...or lack of scenery below him! He turned to see behind them, and saw the edge of a cliff a mile away!

"Why Ostridge...I didn't know you could fly!"

Looking up at Mr. Ducky questioningly, the ostridge looked down below him, and, well...we all know what happens when you run off a cliff and look down!

Trailing down a pattern of lost hope, they raced to the ground, each wishing the other could fly! Once finally hitting the ground -with a huge KURPLUNK!- They saw the wolf holding up a sign saying "haha" when the road runner sped by. Hrm, go figure -again.

Mr.Ducky rubbed at his head, while fixing his Indianna Jones hat. "Quackammit!"

Mr. Ducky sighed hopelessly Where were his pickles? In who's hands? Being nestled closely by whom? Who would Mr. Ducky have to interrogate! He looked over towards the wolf that was now back to normal color, thankfully. "Quack. YOU-ack! Did you see somone going somewhere with my yum delicously long -licks lips; starts to sweat- pickles!"

That infamous board was used for the next message, letting the detective know that the wolf saw a man with a bag full of pickles and he had a noodle in his hat, back home they called him maceroni. This didn't come as a surprise to Mr. Ducky, working in this line of business - well, he sees strange things every day and still, that Easter Bunny case will always haunt him. Decorated eggs everywhere, except for in that damnable basket!

How could he let his thoughts steer him back to that. No, he had to keep thinking about the jar, where he first saw it. He remembered buying them yesterday, right after his arobics class. They were on sale for two jaws a penny. He regrets only buying one, but the eagerness, HOW MUCH CAN A DUCK TAKE!

Stay tuned to find out!
-Written (sadly enough) By:
LadySuchitaka and Youkai Dreams

(Oh, and when she said I was the coolest author, she lied. She meant SHE was the coolest author, because she is! HI ODZY!)

Some Totally Awesome Authors I Have Befriended:

Shinigami Akumu
Vyncent (Weretigras)
Ryoko Blue
Hitoro (Araki)
Kouga Belongs To Me
Otaku Mom

Hmm, I'll write more later, but for now ~REVIEW~

Profile Updated- November 11th,2005 (General Changes)
Story Updated- Novenber 11th, 2005: To Forget The Unforgettable (Re-written chapters one and two are posted. Unfortnately, I was not able to re-write chapter three yet, but hopefully this will be accomplished by the end of the weekend.)


In addition to that, -THIS IS IMPORTANT- this site hasn't been letting me log in for a long-ass time...And when it does, it won't let me update anything. I don't think I'm restricted -I hope not- but it keeps saying server error. This is ONLY when I try to update (And occasionally when the site is actually down). So in case you haven't figured it out, I can't update till further notice, sorry. Remember that I love you!

¸.·´¸.·´¨) End..! ¸.·´¸.·´¨) ¸.·¨

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