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Author has written 3 stories for Harry Potter, and A song of Ice and Fire.

If I was really confident enough to tell you my real name I wouldn't be using a pseudonym, but credit to anyone who manages to work it out. A lot of credit, because it should be impossible!

I'm also not at all famous, so knowing my name will only make you feel good, and make me concerned about stalkers.

I'm pretty much addicted to anything fantasy, but Tolkien and G R R Martin are by far my favourites. Anything original gets my approval, hence I can't decide if I love or hate Harry Potter as very little of its basic ideas are original, but it's been combined in a wonderfully original and fascinating way.

I like to justify my opinions (see above).

Harry Potter, A Song of Ice and Fire, Bleach, and Naruto are my top four universes on Fanfiction, though I often prefer to lurk and read than write myself.

I'm working on my own, original trilogy, or two.

I despise anchovies, eat raw lemons and support AC Milan.

Things I hate in any story, fanfiction or original: One-dimensional characters, predictable plot (within reason), and people who argue with me about using single quotes. Oh, and I almost forgot, happily ever afters!

Things I enjoy in a story, fanfiction or original: Complicated, but elegant character portrayal and plot, clever twists, anyone else who likes single quotes for speech, visual, or dialogue heavy prose, and, of course, a certain element of darkness.

Things that are mine - or not really mine given this is fanfiction:

A Cadmean Victory - My Harry Potter piece, now complete.

A Taste of Ismenian Water - One of the my two versions of the final epilogue of A Cadmean Victory, and my preferred one for the time being, also complete, though I might write the other, very short epilogue should the mood strike. (For those who are curious the name is a reference to the story of Cadmus, the Ismenian Spring holds the water he needed to found Thebes, and the water his men all died trying to obtain.)

A Canvas of Crowns - My A Song of Ice and Fire piece - currently undergoing major alteration so that it's not just the same as the original in the end, but in progress even if it's very slow!

Things that are genuinely, completely mine - and thus on Fictionpress (Actually no longer on Fictionpress because I've just about reached the publishable quality stage):

The Dichotomy of Prophecy - Something I originally wrote to fulfill my curiosity that has now become a genuine piece, feel free to flick over and take a look, and if you do let me know what you think of something that is actually all mine. Seriously, feedback for this fic is probably the most helpful thing anyone can do for me at the moment - aside from gifting me their lottery winnings that is!

As of now (15/02/2016 - British date format) A Cadmean Victory is completed, so I'll probably focus on writing my own original trilogy for the most part, but there is another story I'm currently working on for A Song of Ice and Fire. I'm trying to keep it simple for now, which is really, really tricky, because it's such a huge sandbox to play in that I can't help but want to make the most of it!

As of 18/02/2016 I've added the very beginning of A Canvas of Crowns, which will be my A Song of Ice and Fire story, but it's still very much a work in progress, so daily updates are unlikely, even if the shifted style suits slightly shorter chapters than my last story.

Update! I decided to enter the novel contest on Inkitt, mainly for fun because I want to see what happens to who wins, but anyone who wants to check out my story (read it, like it, vote for it, whatever) need only follow this link: If the link doesn't work, then search for "A Dichotomy of Prophecy" on the site. Finding it comes with the added bonus of being able to discover my real name, which rather spoils the point of the pseudonym, but there you go! (This might also slow down my update rate for A Canvas of Crowns because I prefer writing original to fanfiction.)

Update II! (10/04/2016) I got bored of waiting to see if Inkitt was just spam or not, but the original novel I added to assuage my curiosity has now grown into something I intend to write in earnest, so you can find on Fictionpress under the same title and, of course, I have the same account name as here. Here's a link that likely doesn't work! https://www.fictionpress.com/s/3282362/1/The-Dichotomy-of-Prophecy.

As of quite a while ago (somewhere in the middle of the last part of the TV series they made A Song of Ice and Fire into) I realised that some of my original twists were not quite as original as I thought - basically GRRM got there first, as you'd reasonably expect to be fair, and so while I'd really rather not abandon A Canvas of Crowns I'm having to rebuild it, almost from scratch, and I don't want to just force something out and make a mess of it. Hence the massive delay in chapters while I wait for the inspiration to grant me another idea instead. I have some of the pieces, so it's slowly getting there.

P.S. I'm not referring to the all but confirmed Tower of Joy drama by the way, more the truth behind the Others (which I thought was a neater idea and made more sense than an inexplicable race of ice people - clearly GRRM feels the same way!).

Update III! I'm not really getting very far with rewriting A Canvas of Crowns, once I've had that flash of inspiration for an idea it tends to stubbornly stick to what it is, and though I fully intend to complete it, it's ended up taking a back seat to some of the original manuscripts I have at the moment. Sorry to those who've been hoping for the next chapter - I guess I have another few years to rework it before I have to take that Winds of Winter joke out of the summary!

Update IV! I've taken my original piece off of Fictionpress now that I've got a much more refined manuscript I'm hoping to gradually drift towards publishing, obviously it's unlikely to get published if it's still available for free! So if you do suddenly have anything you want to say about it, you'll now have to PM me.

Update V! As some will have no doubt already realised, I've returned to writing A Canvas of Crowns. Despite my best efforts to work it into something new now I've seen a bit more of what's to come in the books from GoT and realised there are some unfortunately accurate parallels, I've failed. Miserably. So without further ado I've opted to simply continue as I was before (having wasted a great deal of my time already) but at least it means I can keep the Winds of Winter joke from the summary!

Update VI! So I'm still alive, but I think it's time I admitted to myself, and anyone who checks my profile, that A Canvas of Crowns is not. I guess this means I will have to take the Winds of Winter joke out after all! In more exciting news, for anyone who does want to read something I've written, I'm going to post my original piece, or the first draft of the first novel, on Wattpad, in the hopes that people will either like it and I'll have some proof to help find myself literary representation, or hate it, and help me improve it! I should have it posted by the end of May, so anyone with a Wattpad account can find it under the same ridiculous username I use here. (People without a Wattpad account can also find it there, but they will, alas, have to waste a minute creating an account. Wattpad does have good original work on it though, so it's not a complete waste!)

Update VII! Just a quick one! Forgot to mention my original piece, the Burning Star, is not, in fact, under the same silly username I use here, but under my own! I have however, just started posting it up for all to see, and if enough people are keen, I shall keep posting!

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