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Name: Erm...

Nickname (Real Life): J.J.

About Me: I suppose I should actually put something up here? I'm sixeen, light brown hair, blue eyes, 5'4 and obsessed with JK Rowling's Harry Potter. I'm a Slytherin all the way and if I was an Animagus I'd be a cat. My favorite class would be Defense Against the Dark Arts and I'd definitely try out for Quidditch...Beater position. Just the thought of knocking other people off their brooms makes me smile -shivers-. My favorite Professor, obviously, is Professor Snape...he's awesome, although I would not mind if he were better looking, but that really doesn't matter.

Favorite Characters: My favorite characters are Harry Potter and Severus Snape, although I also like Professor Flitwick. You won't believe it, but I really don't like Remus Lupin and Sirius Black. Lupin's 'kicked dog' attitude and Black's brash Gryffindorishness just gets under my skin like nothing else. Other than that, I tolerate most other characters but certainly don't like them unless I say so, and I can't think of any I do like right now off the top of my head. I know, what would you expect from a Slytherin?

But I really don't like Malfoy's arrogance, although I think he could be a good character if played right. And I'm a cat, cats hate dogs. Pansy's a Pug, and a pug is a dog. Alittle dog, but a dog nonetheless. And Pansy has that high, screechy voice that I can't stand.

Stories: I have a lot of favorites. I love the Year Like None Other by Aspen in the Sunlight, Harry Potter and the Battle of Wills by Jocelyn, and a few others that I can't put a finger on right now but are under my favorites list. I don't like slash much, although I'm not against it in a good story. As a matter of fact, I don't like romance at all in Harry Potter. Love takes too much time and effort. S' much easier avoiding that kind of thing.

It's probably best to say that if the plot is well thought out, the characters believable, and the spelling and grammar acceptable, and of course, there are regular updates (even if their not often), I am likely to read your fic if you tell me about it.

My fic, Lindin Pass, has died a slow, miserable death. I may rewrite it in the near-to-distant future, but make no promises.

The Silent Spectre is my new fic, where Harry is sent back in time to the Marauders Era. Hopefully, this one is really different, as Harry is neither a student, nor a teacher. In fact, he's mute, covered in wounds that can't be healed, and the terror of the students in Hogwarts as he tries to stay hidden in the castles underworld maze of secret passages, but every once in a while he's seen, bloodied, gaunt, and ghostly as he is. A very dark and creepy fic...not for the kiddies. It's disturbing, be warned.

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The Silent Spectre reviews
Seventeen year old Harry Potter is abducted, beaten, and thrown back in time with wounds that can't be healed. Hiding in the maze of underworld secret passages, he tries to remain hidden while he researches how to heal himself, and how to get home. Distur
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