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Wow, where to start? Hmmm, I guess I'll start with my INFO!

Name: Mia

Age: 15

Birthday: 9/22/90

Hair: Brown-black

Eyes: Blue

Height: 5'2 and 3/4"

Weight: Let's just say I'm not over 115, but I'm not under 100...

Where to visit me: in a state everyone makes out as hick-ish, but we AREN'T.

Religion: Christianity

Loves: Anime, manga, cartoons, tv shows like 24, video games, writing, reading, drawing, ROCK MUSIC!

Hates: Posers, boy bands (pop), people who bash me for my beliefs (hopefully none of you guys, because I WUV YOU ALL for who you are, not what you believe! glomps), and DragonballGT (they completely ruined it, DragonballZ was da BEST! glomps again)

Personality: I am genki na all of the time, and I am always hyper! I love many things, like my dog! I am not obsessed with fashion or whatever, I just wear what I like and hope I look okay in it. I am self-conscious a lot, but I have fantabulous friends to fix that!

Okies, PLEASE e-mail me if you ever wanna talk to me or ask a question, just to let you know!

I may add onto this... it depends.

Peace out yo,