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Hi Everyone! I am Arcturus Peverell and I am this guy from India who started off with a fierce obsession with reading HP fanfics and finally ended up writing some of my own. I decided to let you know a couple of things beforehand.

1. I do not have an update schedule. I write when I can. That can range from 10 chapters/ week to 1 chapter/2 weeks. This is fanfiction and the reason I write is to develop my writing skills. So, despite a hard day's work, I patiently sit down and crank out chapters for my dear readers and the entire thing is for free. After all, it is not like I get paid for writing it. Hence, I particularly do not like it when I get spammed about my update schedules. Do that to Rowling, after all, she made the money. I did not. Not good enough? See ya!

2. I have a couple of problems with canon, hence I love AU as a concept. Then again, as a friend once mentioned, anything on is technically AU unless JKR decided to rewrite the entire thing again. Hence I will not stand when I hear petulant complaints about how Mr. XXX is behaving so unlike his normal canon-ish version. This is AU, not canon. Want canon versions? Read the original texts. They are available online (PDF) free anyway.

3. I completely HATE ridiculous things like SOUL BONDS and stuff. It creeps me out when eleven-year olds find their true life-partner and are extremely comfortable. From personal experience, most lovers-since-childhood I know had ended up in quite nasty divorces. Hence, quite ridiculous. Once again, It is my opinion and I am not shoving it down anyone's throat.

4. For a writer, nothing is more satisfying than a proper review. Now by that, I do not refer to grand salutations and praises being heaped on my profile. While everyone does like that (including me), I am more than happy with a kind word and a proper review. Reviews are for readers to provide the author some suggestions about how to better the story. You find something wrong, some mismatch, tell me. I am always eager for it. You figure some way to better my character and storyline development, tell me. Hell, you find something so small as a typo, I am still pleased with it. After all, unless my reviewers tell me, how will I better myself?


If you use the review option to--

1) Shove your personal opinion on me, about how this should that, and that should not be that and blahblahblah... bully for you. Not interested. TATA!

2) Don't have a constructive suggestion, not an issue. Don't use the review column to send me sarcastic messages, or resort to profanity. Remember, you do not pay me. This is free, so what-you-see-is-what-you-get. Not good enough? Find other fics that catch your fancy. If you resort to profanity or vulgar language or even irritate me by sending in useless reviews that is meant to annoy, I will ban you faster than you can say "ALWAYS!" If you think you can hide behind a guest review, I will delete your review. So save your time and efforts, go do something constructive.

5. My likes and dislikes. First dislikes alright? After all, the meal should be finished with something sweet.


  • Harry/Ginny pairing. It scares the hell out of me. Ginny, as a character, is too creepy for my liking. An obsessive fan girl who has hardly any role in the books (almost absent in the movies), Ginny is a bit too mean and shallow for my tastes. She tries to gain Harry's attention till fourth year but to no effect, and then moves in to date other guys to try making him jealous. It always bugged me that Harry, who never thought of Ginny as nothing else but Ron's little sister, suddenly gets jealous of Ginny dating other guys. Especially the line 'the monster in his chest roared...' gave me creeps. More like Amortentia or something was involved, I tell you. after all, Ginny did show an interest in love potions and everything. And don't even get me started on ' she looks like his mother' tripe. It's ridiculous.

  • SLASH. Not that I have anything against it, but somehow I do not find the idea appealing.

  • BASHING. That is something I hate the most over everything else. While I agree that Dumbledore is a character that is very manipulative and everything, and does deserve a healthy amount of BASHING, there is a limit to everything. And the entire thing turns more ridiculous when one begins to mention quote after quote and all that. It's really idiotic.

  • 2-dimensional approach : I find the canon HP way too two-dimensional for my tastes. Gryffindors are good, Slytherins are evil. Ridiculous! While JKR does a good job making Pettigrew the bad guy and Severus a light-supporter, the story is still too overly plain and moral for my tastes. It's either Dumbledore and his light side manipulating Harry's life, or Voldemort and his obsession with killing Harry. No other agendas, no sub-plots. Nothing.

  • In the entire seven books, there was almost zero character development as I see it. Snape retains his bully image for the entire story (except the discussion with Dumbledore part and everything), Malfoy remains a bully. Ron remains a bigoted Slytherin hater. Mcgonagall and Flitwick remain side characters. The other teachers remain technically wallpaper. NOT ONE MENTION of a Slytherin turning over to Harry's side during the fight. From the beginning, it remains an all-Gryffindor story with zero contribution from the other houses. And don't let me begin with my disappointments with the sorting. Please! You do not want to know. (if you do, PM me and I will spew the entire thing out).

  • Harry/Daphne Pairing :This is my most favorite pairing. A Gryffindor who was destined for Greatness in Slytherin. A Slytherin girl who remains aloof to the bigotry in the House. Fantastic chemistry. Since Daphne is technically canon wallpaper, it makes it all the more easy for authors to describe her in their own ways. Importantly, the two-rival-houses thing has a lot of dynamism around it, and can in turn, pave the path for inclusion of characters from other houses. Too much of Bravery is stupidity, while too much of cunning is cruelty. A right mix of both works wonders, as so many fantastic authors have shown again and again.

  • Harry/ Fleur Pairing : A most dynamic dup. One is the Boy-who-lived, who hates his fame. Another is the Veela, who gets hated because of her heritage. Fleur is a character highly underdeveloped in canon. In the first half, she is essentially a Harry-bashing character and then after the 2nd task, her nature goes a complete U-turn, so much that she is coming back to better her ENGLISH, while in the beginning, she was a hater of everything-about-magical-Britain. You would think that she likes Harry (after all he was the one that saved her sister and her own life in the 3rd task) but no, in the seventh book, we get to know that Fleur and WILLIAM are getting married. Off the head I tell you!
  • Slytherin! Harry, Intelligent! Harry, Powerful! Harry : It is an outrage that the Boy-who-lived, canonically is almost a wimp. JKR did her utmost to make Harry as normal as possible. So normal, that he doesn't even have any specialties of his own. And the most hateful thing is how Harry is developed. JKR made sure that the boy has no one to call his own; killed off his only remaining family; never gave us an ounce of information about his family and heritage while we get to know lots of Malfoys and Weasleys and all that shit; his Parseltongue, whether it is because of a horcrux or not remains unexplained. He has poor eyesight, has grown up with ruthless and bastard people he calls his relatives, underfed and malnourished; has a headmaster who at the end of all the cake and watermelon, sends him back to his abusers for his own good. Load of tripe! In fact, the only thing about Harry that we get to know is that he packs a punch in power! He did fight the dark lord to a standstill in Priori Incantatem. And no matter what Dumbledore sprouts off about love, power is the only thing Harry has in spades (The dark lord's equal). He fought off a hundred Dementors using a single Patronus, manages to lock Voldemort in a power struggle and can fight off the possession and Imperius. It's right there folks! And despite that, all we get are tom riddle's childhood tales and no training. Sacks of shit, I tell you.
  • Sirius Black : Now that is a character with so much potential, and as expected, has got the least character development. A godfather who breaks out of prison to save his godson. Fantastic dynamism here! And then, he has no role in 4th and 5th book (almost) and then gets killed away. Remind me again why did we have the entire thing with POA if Sirius Black was just a simple side character?
  • That's all folks. Enjoy the stories. Read, review, follow and favorite. Thank you.

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