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Hello Everyone! I am Arcturus Peverell, or rather that's my pen name here. I am from WB,India and am an avid reader of HP fandom and this is my first attempt at creating a piece myself, albeit AU. Personally, I am not a great fan of how the canon story continued and ended. The starting was so beautiful while the ending was ... disappointing. I refuse to have a wimp! Harry as a part of my AU fanfiction. I also hate the two-track thought process in the canon. It's either Harry and his escapades from Voldemort, and Dumbledore and his planning. The entire wizarding world is so black and white with all Slytherins evil and all Gryffindors being the epitome of goodness. The entire story is prolonged uselessly at times, Dursleys being cartoonishly evil; Harry never knowing anything about his family; JKR doing her utmost to take away every single person that has any relevance to Harry's life; the annual Halloween 'come-lets-fuck-with-Harry's-life' day; Harry magically ending with Ginny at the end of the story and blah and blah and blahblahblah!. Also, the original sorting sucks! So I decided to come up with a Slytherin! Harry story where the things are different, AND there are multiple agendas in the storyline.

Since this is my first attempt, I had to take some points from a variety of other favorite stories of mine at times, and have indeed asked for permissions before using them in my story context. I am hoping this story to be a group of four parts, a quartet perhaps, or maybe a trilogy, though I am still uncertain about that. As for clich├ęs, well I am trying my best to avoid them, and incase I do use them, I am trying to provide a twist, because I don't' want this story to be 'just another old HP story'.

That said,I don't allow trolls. If you don't like what I write, you are free to express that by letting me know what you didn't like, but if you start using vulgar language, insults, or death threats, I'll ban you faster than you can say "Always". Also, if you hide behind an anonymous user profile because you think it'll keep me from retaliating to slanderous words and insults, I'll delete your review. Reviews are there so readers can tell the writer what they think, not so they can insult the writer or make death threats.


Arcturus Peverell.

$$$ Your reviews and constructive suggestions (including PM) work wonders for my muse.

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The Last of the Peverells reviews
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