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Hello everyone. My name is Amanda, and I have been a writer for quite a long time. I'm not that old. Quite young in fact, but age has no power, so we'll leave it at that. To know a little bit about me. Writing is my passion. I live eat and breath for writing.

My first story on was Deuces Are Wild. I love writing that story but it has taken a point to where I need time to sort everything out before I finish. I am also in the process for a
Beta. You want to Beta my stories? Grammar and commas are a definite correction in my stories, e-mail me and we can discuss this. This story was definitely a wild card story. I went into this one with a definite open mind and if you would like to check out the little banner that was made for Deuces Are Wild, its on under the name 'Amanda' There you can see all kinds of brilliant banners that were made. I have one in the homepage section. Forever Yours. I'll
change that as soon as I can.

Speaking of Forever Yours, that one is my pride and Joy. I love writing it, but have been stuck on
it. I'm trying to find a way to get them off that darn plane as quick as I can. They've been on it long enough. So the next chapter MAY be about 6000 words or more. Hope that suits you and hope allows LONG chapters.

Now... Meet Me In the Middle, was a story I didn't expect to change, which caused a definite block in my mind. I had originally wanted Meet Me In the Middle to be a Harry and
Hermione but a lot of people reviewed saying they didn't want that so I
changed it to Fleur and that messed my whole thinking up, and I kept
getting confused. Maybe after the original piece I'll write a Harry and
Fleur but in the mean time I had to delete it. It was definitely an
unfinished story that was urking me. So many errors and I'm not talking
about grammar. Things I missed out on... so forgive me and don't throw
rotten tomatoes at me. Please!

Hehe, The Night the Lights Went Out In Hogwarts, well that one wasn't the easiest to write!
I had never wrote a Draco and Ginny story before in my life, so I was trying it out. So if you think I hesitated a lot in that chapter, you are right. I did. It was my first piece on Draco and Ginny, even an attempt at it. It had never crossed my mind till a while back when someone challenged me to write a piece. Luckily it was good enough.

Well those are my stories and a small update about them. Hope people read
this or find this, and don't have tomatoes ready for me.

misc. things about me... well, my favorite TV shows happen to be
Smallville, Gilmore Girls, Tru Calling, Medium, What I Like About You,
that seventies show.

Movies: I absolutely LOVE HP
of course, or I wouldn't be here. The Grudge, Resident Evil, Polar
Express, Shrek 1 2, Dirty Dancing 1 2, and many more.

Music: EVERYTHING you can think of. Abba, Nickelback, Ac Dc, Ozzy,
Saliva, Velvet revolver. Bruce Springstein, Beatles, Bon Jovi, Poison,
Alice Cooper, The Killers, Linkin Park, System of A Down, Metallica,
Jessica Simpson, Mandy Moore, a bit of Britney and Christina, but not

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