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I know you were all dying to know more about little old me, so I'll sum up my life right here: My name is Liz, and I call the little ol' state of Jersey my home. It's nice up here, but the air sometimes gets to you, so you have to go inside and dapple around on FF. Aside from Harry Potter and writing, I enjoy cocktail olives and Cary Grant movies. I wish I lived in the 50's. Brangelina is cool, are is Elton John and Kanye West. I live a diverse life.

My favorite types of Harry Potter fanfiction are AU: one of the Marauders (alive, undead, or believed to be dead/criminal) raises Harry, Marauders & Lily/James romance back in Hogwarts, and other mystery-type ones. But I'll basically read anything if you ask me!

AIM Screen Name: LaRohaZeta

IM me, I'd love to hear from you! (whoever you are...)

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Coming Soon - Serendipity, sequel to Au Pair!

Soon, I promise!

New Story Up!

It's called To Die Laughing, and I hope you all like it! Check it out, please!

Au PairCompleted!

Chapter 30, 'Motherhood', is up- so check it out!

Reviews for Au Pair, Ch.30 'Motherhood'

NOTE: Why were you all so skeptical about my posting a sequel? Don't you read the author notes at the beginning and end of the chapters? I've said many times that I'd be posting a sequel called "Serendipity".

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Neurotica: Michelle, your biting wit never ceases to amaze. I kid, of course. Yes'm, Petunia is coming...Dumbledore has been planning many things for many months now. Not that I want to give anything away... Dudley is bitter because he's not getting all the attention. He also doesn't care. Hey, it is the same day as Neville's! I didn't even realize that. I just wanted it to be around the same time as Harry's. Cool...Yeah, I wish I was a Potter. Haha, yeah, the cake thing was from a Garfield cartoon. Gotta love that fat orange cat... Yes, that just goes to show that Harry would have talkted to anyone about Sirius. It is a funny word, isn't it? Funny restaurant, too. They have good ice cream.

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Well, Dudley's still around, although I'm sure he'll be in for quite a change of lifesytle... I'm sorry about the sharing attention thing. I wouldn't know, only child.

Lady Julie Snape: I feel the same way! Wow, that is such an amazing compliament! I love hearing that I've helped other writers in some way, though I think we all rely on each others' creativity for our own work. I know I do. Sometimes I have to stop myself from totally stealing an idea, it'll be so good!

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eternalstupor: Ahh, my favorite stalker/greatest fan! Haha, just kidding...If Au Pair is the greatest fanfiction you've ever read, you obviously haven't read any of my Favorite Stories! Well, at least someone was reading my comments! Shrine Park was were Petunia's carvings (at least, not for her)... If you like Violet, feel free to use her! I may actually explore her more after Serendipity...Yeah, I'll work on the typos...123 pages! That's practically a whole tree! Thanks for the kind 329 words!

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Snape's Slayer: How could I not?

normal: Petunia is fascinating. I'd like to heare more about her in canon. Good theory about Dumbledore and Snape. I've heard that before, and I hope there's more to it in the books!


My Opinions on Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince:


Ever since I put down my copy of the book three days ago after having read the final word (which happens to be "Hermione" if you were wondering), I have been DYING to express my feelings on it. So, here I go!

I have already read the book twice. The first time I read it, I felt very discomforted. It seemed as though everything I had grown used to in the Harry Potter world had changed completely. I feel that the jump into romance was very overloaded; I agree with a certain magazine review that thought it seemed as if JKR had suddenly realized that her characters were teenagers and should be feeling some sort of romantic pull. Maybe I'm prejudiced against Ginny - it's not that I have ever been given a specific reason to dislike her, it's just that I don't think she had been introduced enough as a character for her to be a romantic interest for Harry. It does make some sense that they could have grown closer during their time at the Burrow over the summer, but Jo should have made this more clear, explained in fuller detail how Harry and Ginny were bonding.

Ron's sudden interest in Lavender makes sense; here was a girl perfectly ready to give spoil him with attention that he might not have gotten with six siblings in his house. I did like the fight between him and Ginny. You can tell that Ron has suddenly realized that he is much more inexperienced than his friends when it comes to romance, and decided to rush into a relationship almost fully comprised of physicality, almost as if he were determined to prove his sister wrong.

But enough about love. My favorite parts of this book were, by far, the private lessons Harry took from Dumbledore. Everyone of them were completely fascinating and once again shows what a genius JK Rowling is when it comes to character developement. Exploring Voldemort's past is something I had a feeling that Harry would have to know about eventually, and I'm glad he now does. I am equally glad that we now know more about the Horcruxes, as I am sure you all are. It is finally clear what Harry will have to do to vanquish Voldemort.

Malfoy's role in the book was one I found very interesting, although not surprising. All the fansites predicted that he would probably become a Death Eater to take his father's place, so I expected it. The Vanishing Cabinet idea was very intelliegent, but it brings me to another point - did anyone else realize how much help Malfoy recieved from the Golden Trio? He admits that he got ideas from Hermione, he only knew about the Room Of Requirement because Harry's club worked there,and it was Ron's brothers Fred and George who invented the Darkness Powder and pushed Montegue into the Cabinet in the first place. Just thought I'd point it out.

Finally, my last and most important point- DUMBLEDORE! How horrible! I was really not expecting him to die in this book, simply because, as Hagrid says, what will Hogwarts be like without Dumbledore? I can't imagine. I have to say, I was not as upset over this death as I was over Sirius', but it was very close. And just the way he went, too, was horrible. Pleading, begging Snape to spare him. I felt a pang when I read the part about him giving up his chance to defend himself from Malfoy in the second that he froze Harry (which I still don't understand his intentions for). And on that note...Snape! Ugh, this is the part of the book where I was most upset. Not because, as you would imagine, I was angry with him for murdering Dumbledore (not to say I wasn't), but more at the way in which JKR decided to use his character. There is a wonderful fanfiction on this site, Priori Incantatem, by fellytone, which depicts a perfect example of the Snape we thought we all knew. I was a full believer that Snape, who in his Hogwarts days, had been in love with Lily Evans - heartbroken and withered - turned away fromlove and toward the Dark Arts. This Snape then joined Voldemort under the pressures of his fellow Slytherins, but backed out when he realized his errors, and turned spy for the light. But now, we are given this far-from-romanticised version of Severus Snape, just a regular old Death Eater, albeit a brilliant one, who shocked us all by fooling Dumbledore. I am disappointed. Overall, I don't know if this is my complete opinion of the latest book in the series, but I do know that it will not replace Prisoner of Azkaban as my favorite, or even Order of the Phoenix as my landsliding second.

Please let me know what you think, if you agree with my opinions, etc. by reviewing Au Pair!

My Stories:

Au Pair A visitor arrives at Number Four, Privet Drive, the summer before Harry's sixth year at Hogwarts, to assist a now-pregnant Petunia Dursley. The Dursleys' new houskeeper is the only kindhearted person in the house, and Harry forms a friendship with her. But there is something about this stranger that Harry can't quite figure out- is she really who she says she is? The woman may be hiding a secret so intense that it could rip the wizarding world apart!



Sirius seemed to be like a disease on his mind. Harry couldn’t stop thinking about him; he was everywhere. A young father playing tag with his kids had a laugh just like his. A stray knocking over trashcans while chasing a tabby down the street ran in the same way. An aftershave model on the back cover of one of those Muggle magazines had the same stormy gray eyes. Even if he wanted to, Harry couldn’t escape him.

The idea of being haunted by Sirius’ spirit teased him for a while. He could picture it watching him, leaving signs to rub in the guilt. You did this to me, Harry. I would be alive if it wasn’t for you… But Sirius would never do that to him; he would never blame Harry for his death. No, Harry was definitely causing his own problems, as usual.


Lily glanced at her watch. “Gods, it’s already 7:30!”

Harry smiled grimly. “I guess time flies when you’re running around slaving after a mad pregnant woman.”


Harry didn’t really believe in miracles, or angels, for that matter, but he supposed he could make an exception in Tabitha's case. How could someone he had only known for a grand total of four days help him so much? How could they have gotten so close, and understood each other so well? It was as if he and Tabitha had known each other their whole lives - that was how soundly they had connected...Luna Lovegood, who he supposed shared a sort of bond with him, had made more progress with healing Harry than all his friends, Hagrid, Dumbledore, Lupin, and the rest of the Order had put together! But by far, this Muggle woman, who cleaned his aunt’s house, had beaten them all. The way she had held him, comforted him…it was amazing, it was surreal, it was exactly what he needed.


To Die Laughing The Marauders made a pact while they were still at Hogwarts, promising each other that they will be laughing while they meet their makers. Five chapters long, and each chapter explains the death of a Marauder, and how they kept their pact while still clinging to life.



After a few moments’ consideration, Moony, Wormtail, and Padfoot nodded. Each touching a corner of the map with their wand hand, the Marauders smiled at each other and stated loudly and clearly:

I solemnly swear that I will die laughing!”

They waited, mouths open, as if they thought something big was going to happen. Finally, Sirius spoke.

“Well, it doesn’t look as if my supermodel is going to pop out of there. Why don’t we close it up, then?” He grinned and rolled up the map, not before speaking, “Mischief managed!”

“So that’s what we were waiting for!” Remus pretended to be shocked.


“You dare play games with me, Black?” Bellatrix sneered, and shot a stunner at him.

Sirius ducked, and laughed mockingly. “Come on, you can do better than that!” He heard his voice and laughter echo through the silent hall.

His friends had always told him that he had the loudest laugh they had ever heard. That’s funny. Why am I thinking about the Marauders at a time like this?


Peter wasn’t really sure how or where his courage came from. It certainly hadn’t been there throughout his school life, when his friends had had to protect him from bullies. He hadn’t had courage in his later years, either, when he was hiding out as a pampered pet rat. Peter had always been surrounded by brave people – there had been James, who had died to protect his wife and child; Sirius – he had risen up against his vile parents in favor of the way of the light; Remus, in his understated way, lived out every day of his life as an outcast and a reject – perhaps the bravest out of all of them.


Tears In Heaven A Songfic to the beautiful, heartfelt song by Eric Clapton. Harry copes with the loss of his godfather. He seems to have taken up a few "habits" over the summer (discussed lightly to keep it's PG rating). My first attempt at writing Harry, so please be kind! May be expanded in the future

You Got Served, Voldemort! The world of Harry Potter goes- ghetto? Huh? Complete with break dancing and bad grammer, the Boy Who Lived takes his enemies to the dance floor for the ultimate magical dance-off! May be removed - doesn't exactly go with the rest of my stories, does it?

Ships I Support:

Lily/James (love it all!)
Sirius/almost anyone
Remus/almost anyone

Ships I Can Deal With (But Don't Particularly Care About):

James/Hermione (time travel, obviously)
Sirius/Remus (the only slash story I have ever enjoyed)

Ships I Don't Really Like (But Will Read If The Story Is Excellent):

Lily/Sirius (only good one I've ever read: Everybody Hurts, Rowan Arkinson)

Ships I Can't Stand:

Dumbledore/Student (usually Harry)
Peter/Any Marauder (who'd hit that?)
Most Slash (because it's not in the book, and I don't think it's realistic)
Hagrid/Dobby (?)
Grawp/Hermione (Ha!)

NOTE: There isn't much Harry romance that I enjoy anymore...I see him more as a loner. Maybe after he's killed Voldie.

My Favorite Characters:

Harry, Sirius, Remus, James, Lily, Hermione, Luna, Neville, Dumbledore, Voldemort, Dudley, others I can't remember right now...

Characters I Don't Really Like:

Snape (I used to like him until the HBP. His character, so full of potential, was just wasted in this book.), Ginny (I don't know, there is still something I didn't like about her relationship with Harry...I think it was just too rushed), McLaggen & Smith (both have absolutely no reason to hate Harry).

Check out all my friends' fanfics!

Ms. Lippy

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