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Edit (3/30/09):

The reader was quite observably unimpressed.

Who was this person, and why had she written such an obtuse profile? The reader rolled his eyes and shook his head. When he read an author's profile, he expected to see things such as likes, dislikes, favorites, and standard details that might provide at least some insight into the author's style of writing. It made it far more simple to decide whether to read her stories, or to just skip her over as he had with so many others displaying uninteresting profiles. Nevertheless, the sheer idiocy of this particular author's profile drove him to continue reading it. It was reminiscent of the time he had watched a small boy teeter off of the tilt-a-whirl at the fair, only to realize that the green, pale expression on the boy's face foreshadowed an all-too familiar impending doom. He had been unable to turn his eyes away from the stricken boy then, just as he was now unable to avert his gaze from this monstrosity. Just how far did this incompetent boob's stupidity extend? He had to read further.

She had finally begun to describe at least something more expected; he was now reading her favorite authors list. Wait a minute! No fic writer of any intelligence would actually claim to enjoy these authors! Roald Dahl? Louisa May Alcott? Frances Hodgson Burnett?! These were children's authors, for goodness' sake! Just what kind of mentality did this person have? Judging by the ineptitude present in her profile, he could easily make guess at that! Anyone with a brain ought to list authors who evoked a kind of haughty pride in one's own intellect. Authors like Walt Whitman, William Faulkner, and Virginia Woolf were more the fodder of esteemed fic writers - not these childish, whimsical nonsense and nonesuch idiots. The reader snorted in derision as he read the author's excuse for her pitiful choice in favorites. "I owe more of my artistic and creative ability to my favorite readings of my childhood than I ever could to the others," he read aloud, making grimaces as though the words tasted foul in his mouth. "Reading is something that's a unique, special experience for each individual. To me, it's a gateway to worlds of fantasy and delight. As such, I write what I like to read. The reader would do well to take that to heart when considering my stories."

He snorted aloud and sneered at her challenge. Fine then! If she thought she could scare him away and spare herself unwanted criticism with that simple warning, he would show her what a fool she really was! With a devilish internal laugh, he clicked on her latest creative endeavor - a frightful-sounding bit of trash entitled, "The Real Story of Bulma Briefs Reprise."

To be continued? That is a matter for the reader to decide, isn't it?

Shuko (A.K.A. Kamejen)

Update Schedule for The Real Story of Bulma Briefs - Reprise:

Sporadic updates. I'm updating it more slowly now, because I'm hitting stuff I haven't revised yet. This part of the story is crucial to me, because it's the most intricate part of Bulma and Vegita's relationship with one another. I don't wanna mess it up. :p I've got to take some more business trips for work though, so expect a few hiatuses (hiati?) in there too. :(

Update Schedule for all other fics:

On hiatus until further notice.


If you enjoy reading The Real Story of Bulma Briefs (Reprise), consider visiting my forum about it! It's really only there if you have questions or comments for me that you don't want to leave in a review, but I'm also going to post updates to a project I'm working on that involves my story in another medium. :) I'll keep you guys posted.

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