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Hey, there.

If you want information about me, how about this

I’m almost 2 meters tall (more like 188cm 190-191 with my shoes on) , Blonde Hair, blue eyes, and just a big kid at heart.

I’ve been addicted to anime / cartoons since I was a kid growing up with Scooby Doo, Smurfs, and etc. I come from a family of Librarians, and as such have always been fascinated with any kind of story. Be it movies, books, games, anime, series, and yes, even well written 10 second video shorts we commonly call commercials.

It wasn’t till I entered Highschool that my fascination with Japanese anime reallytook off. From renting everything that the local video store had to offer, to staying up late at night to watch the 2am Saturday Sci-Fi channel anime presentation. (Back when they had it)

In 1997, I went to a small computer convention called COMDEX and stood at one booth nearly the entire time I was there. SoundBlaster was giving away a DVD player for the computer every 30 minutes. It was our last day, and we were about to take the long flight back home when we decided to do one last thing at the convention center. I went my way, they went their way. I went one last time to the SoundBlaster booth and I stood one more time through their fascinating but very repetitive presentation one more time. And at the end... they called my name! WHOOT. After surviving over 50 x 20 min presentations at one booth at COMDEX, I finally had a DVD player.(yeay)

My first DVD purchase was... Armatige the IIIrd Polymatrix the movie The second Japanese anime DVD to come to USA (first beingStreet Fighter II) . In fact it was so new, that it is the only Japanese anime DVD I own that doesn’t even have a Japanese language track! I have been collecting Anime ever since.

Watching Japanese anime grow into mainstream media over the years is fascinating. With the advent of DVD, Japanese anime finally found a home. You see without DVD, back in the VHS days, bringing anime to the United States was a risky business. Mainly because it was a huge risk for video distributors. Each Volume released needed 2 versions, Sometimes 3! Dub, Sub, and Sub + screen translations. With the anime populace split on the whole sub/dub side of the fence, Anime distributors were mostly hesitant to do anything. Thank GOD for DVD, thereby ending the dreaded sub/dub debate making both sides equally happy.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my fiction and don’t hate me too much because, I have2 extraordinary talents, 1) the flair for words, and phrases and the ability to tell a good story, and 2) HORRIBLE GRAMMER and SPELLING.

So,I guess one can say any good writer has a good editor. The position of editor has a temporary person employed, however it is not permanent, and the position is still open..

Just remember: Always proof read carefully incase you any words out.

NOTICE: I have NOT given up on my story,I am just in the middle of several re-writes. I have a good idea on how to end the story... but the means to get there are frustrating me. I have re-written several chapters from scratch many times... and im still not 100 happy with the way it has turned out.. so im continualy changing it. I only have 2 more chapters written for this story... once i get past them, and the next section (1 - 2 chapters) the story will practically finish it self for me... Have Faith.

Wow, Hard to believe its 2011, and I have still been unable to finish my story. Good stories are like that, it took J R R Tolken from 1925 with a rough draft to 1950 to finsh the final chapter of The Lord of The Rings trilogy. With a Word Count of 420k My tiny 42k word count story is still growing, but currently its lost in its pathway to be finished. Maybe as I have started writing some fiction to satisfy myself, my thirst to finish As Fate Would Have it may come to bloom.

As Fate would have it reviews
Motoko confesses her love, How would Naru act? Launch him at a rock? What if it stirs something that is better left sleeping. KeixMotoko R ... Edit dec30 05, I am still writing, I havent given up. Just struggleing with storylines and plot. 2Ch in edit.
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