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FIND ME ON DEVIANTART AS AGUSTINAKAZUYO, 'cause I usually draw one or two things about my stories every once in a while :3

Oh, look! I can write about myself!

Name: Agustina

You may call me: Milady Prettyhair, Supreme Leader of the Universe, Piscis Albafica's Lover, Queen of the legion of the big boobs, Sesshomaru-sama's puppymaker... or, ya know, Kazuyo, Kaz, or simply Agu or Gus. I'm fine with either, although I prefer the first handful of options.

Age: 24

Gender: Female. *Discretely peeks under panties* Yep. Female.

Birthday: Dec 21st (all gifts are not only accepted, but encouraged)

Race: Latina, with a sexy dash of Mediterranean.

Nationality: Argentinean-Spanish (double passport ftw)

Sexuality: Bisexual. Nobody's safe. Everyone's prey. * raptor noises *

Emotional Status: Oh, wow, that's awkward, I'm changing this in January when she broke up with me in August. Weird. So, emotional status? Falling for fictional characters who would be way out of my league if they were real.

Speaks fluently: Spanish, English, Jeringoso Cordobés

Speaks like a 4 years old, not even a smart one, the kind that eats glue: Brazilean Portuguese, Japanese.

Likes: fresh sheets, chocolate, drawing, videogames, writing, tacos ay ay ay.

Loves: out-of-place sexual jokes, reviews, Deadpool's butt, my pets.

Hates: sand, mosquitoes, stepping on a puddle wearing socks, Kylo Ren's guts, useless or hateful reviews.

Fears: lamp shops, chimps secretly planning mankind's downfall, the ocean, Trump winning the presidential elections in USA 2016, sunfish.

Works at: Sinfin Winery, as the cutest tour guide in history.

Ships: give me the right setting and I'll ship the shit out of anything.

Five stars cruises: SessKag, InuKag, SesSang, KorrAsami, Borra, HanxLeia, StormPilot, ReyxFinn, Reylo (yeah, though I hate him), CharonxLoneWanderer, A3-21/HarknessxLoneWanderer, HancockxSS, Jelsa, PortiaxNadia, Zutara, IncestuousAndWrongThisIsActuallyNotWhatYouThinkICanExplain!BookerBeth... and we could go on forever.

To feel better she: cries herself until becoming pudding, donates blood, eats supermarket sushi in a parking lot.

Cries because of: E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G.

Goals in life: to travel, going to Disney, kicking a child molester in the nuts, making a reader cry, making a reader actually laugh loudly, to not die for a while?

About my writing style:

Leaving aside the fact that English isn't my native language, and that I mostly write while sleep deprived, my style, I like to believe, is realistic. I hate happy endings, because they're not endings at all. Life is an ocean of shit, fear, sadness, and solitude with bright islands of happiness; these are the moments that keep us alive, and the challenge of life is to defy that storm and find the next port. A happy ending is a lie, it's a hiatus, because an ending cannot be happy, or sad. It's just an ending.

That's why I do open endings, so the characters may live in your mind, so you can be as much of an author to these stories as I am.

Also, I love plot-twists... no philosophical reason, I just want to fuck up your mind.


The Storyteller: [Canon Universe] [SessxKag, InuxKag] [PG-18] Right after the series ending. Kagome leaves forever to be with Inuyasha. Devastated, her family has to live with nothing but her memory... Or so they thought. An inu-hanyou comes to them to tell the story of the Shikon Miko and finally bring their families together. Meanwhile in feudal Japan, Kagome learns her happily ever after isn't even close. She discovers there are things worse than death that will keep her from the boy she loved... Sesshomaru reluctantly agrees to help, only to realize he sees more than just a pack-mate in her. The Fall: [Alternative Reality] [InuxKag] [PG-16]. She never fell down the Well, she never freed him. At 16 years old Kagome Higurashi already knows exactly what life will be to her and she wants more... A mysterious dog-eared boy who pushes her buttons offers an alternative to boredom. Strictly Business: [Alternative Universe] [SessxKag] [PG-18]. Dr. in biochemistry Sesshomaru Taisho has no time for or interest in seducing women. Being a practical taiyoukai, he decides to skip the initial steps hiring an escort, who ends up being exactly what his life was missing. Only Kagome Higurashi, petit fantasy-fulfiller at night and bankrupt student by day, can provide him with what he needs... And also, maybe, offer a solution for the demanding investigation that keeps the demon working restlessly.



Dear Mama, Gramps, and Souta: [Canon Universe] [InuxKag, SessxRin] [PG-9]. Kagome's family has tried to move on, but the empty sit in their table reminds them Kagome is gone, and this time it's forever. Years after her daughter's departure, however, Mrs. Higurashi stumbles across a chest that has something far more valuable than a treasure inside. Letter after letter, the family will discover what it was of their sweet Kagome, written and explained by her own hand.


Chapter One: [Alternative Reality] [ONE-SHOT] [InuxKag] [PG-12] Written on October the 21st 201, paying homenage to the movie Back To The Future II. Topic: Alternative Timelines. Inuyasha is dead and nothing can bring him back. Kagome closes the Well and returns to her time, where she must try to survive an empty life without her beloved hanyou... Except that maybe... She doesn't have to.
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