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Hi. My name is Heather and I live in the United States. I am the oldest of five children which leaves me with three sisters and one brother. I am a college graduate and my goal is to attend law school in the future. My hobbies consist of reading, writing, drawing, and listening to my music. I love animals, especially my kitty cats, lol.

Okay, I've decided to edit my profile and add a brief summary to the story that will be third in my series and to revise the summary for my follow-up sequel to Revelations:

Disclaimer: Only because of the trouble I had recently, will I announce this. While I don't own Charmed and I borrow the use of themes/characters from the show, please do not steal my plot line ideas (characters) and pass them off in a story as your own. That includes the ideas I present in my summaries that I haven't developed yet. Thanks.

Charmed: My Ultimate Power series ...

This series will basically explore the journey of the four sisters as the Ultimate Power base.

1. Revelations of the Ultimate Kind: (In progress) First in the series.

While moving on with their lives in the wake of the Ultimate Battle, Piper, Phoebe, and Paige come to learn some shocking truths regarding their oldest sister and their destiny as the Charmed Ones. Billie struggles to overcome the loss of her parents and having to kill her sister but encounters some shocking discoveries about herself that connects her to the very people she betrayed during the Ultimate Battle, the Charmed Ones. In the wake of many secrets and revelations along the way, the sisters struggle to pursue their true calling as an unexpected evil, once thought to be dead, surfaces to eliminate the Charmed Ones and their progeny for good.

2. Ultimate Reprecussions: (TBA) Will be the second in the series.

This sequel will pick up in the wake of the first installment as the sisters encounter a new threat known as The Dark Order. The Dark Order, an internationally elite coven of warlocks and witches have awaited, within the shadows for centuries, the coming of the Ultimate Power. It is a secret order/society and, unlike their Underworld counterpart The Order (season 6) who were once a powerful clan of demons, The Dark Order is made up of magical mortals who chose the darkside over good magic. Their practice of dark magic is linked back to the Charmed Ones past and has propagated much of the evil found in the mortal realm. They also serve as a viable, mortal, underground-link for the Underworld.

The sisters and their children find themselves at the center of a more sinister plot that can spell trouble for the future.

3. Dark Future of Ultimate Deception: (TBA) Will be developed as third in series.

A next-generation centered fic but will include the sisters.

The Twice-Blessed Generation faces a devastating future as they find their powerbase split upon Wyatt's rise to power. It's a new race against time to discover the real source behind Evil Wyatt's turn to the darkside. A source that may be connected to the family's past.

Will Chris, Bianca, and his allied cousins be able to find the answers in time to save Wyatt and the succession of the Ultimate Power? Or will their premature deaths leave Chris doomed to repeat future history once again as he travels back in time only to meet his own end there? The sisters thought they had figured it out back then. But had they?

Another Charmed story I am currently working on is titled:

A Witch Lost in Time: Alternate Universe fic. This is set between the season 2 finale (Be Careful What You Witch For) and season 3, then will continue on into the future.

What if Piper hadn't returned back home from her trip with Leo after leaving Prue and Phoebe behind in the season 2 finale? When the Elders fail to come up with answers, the sisters struggle to uncover the truth behind Piper and Leo's disappearance along with maintaining the Power of Three after a fourth sister enters the picture.

One-Shot piece:

The Peaceful Ascension: A piece that I entered into a fanfiction contest earlier this year. The writing challenge was to present Prue and write about her own reflections surrounding her own death. It is written from the first-person perspective.


Favorite Television Shows :

Charmed, Roswell, Lost, Beverly Hills 90210

Favorite Couples/Pairing :

Prue/Andy (Charmed #1 favorite); Piper/Leo (Charmed); Phoebe/Cole (Charmed... although, I don't mind her with Coop); Paige/Henry (Charmed); Max/Liz (Roswell #1 Favorite in season one); Michael/Maria (Roswell); Alex/Isabel (Roswell); Sawyer/Kate (Lost); Jack/Ana (Lost); Jack/Juliet (Lost); Charlie/Claire (Lost); Brenda/Dylan (BH 90210)

Least Favorite Pairings

Prue AND Anybody Else but Andy! lol... (Charmed) But especially, Prue/Bane. I can tolerate some others. I thought Prue/Cole had chemistry.

Max/Tess (Dislike is too soft of a word ... I despise this pair and it ruined my enjoyment of Roswell for good)

Max/Liz (Season #3 only ... they were no longer the characters I loved from the first season, were kept apart in season 2, and ruined for season 3)

Jack/Kate (Lost ... I just think they make better friends rather than lovers ... they appear too forced when the writers try to place them together)

Dylan/Kelly (BH 90210 Gross ... just gross ... yeah, that says it all!)

Favorite Female Characters

Prue (#1 Favorite from Charmed); Piper (Charmed); Billie (Charmed); Liz (Roswell); Ana (Lost); Juliet (Lost); Claire (Lost); Brenda (BH 90210)

Favorite Male Characters

Andy (#1 Favorite from Charmed); Cole (Charmed); Leo (Charmed); Max (Roswell... season 1 and part of season 2); Sawyer (Lost); Desmond (Lost); Dylan (BH 90210)


Thanks for taking the time to read this. And now that I've shared a little bit about myself, I really hope that you decide to take a chance and read my stories. I appreciate all feedback. Oh, and for anyone interested, I also posted character pics with links to Revelations of the Ultimate Kind on my thread at Charmed-net. It was just easier for me to do it there, lol.

Happy reading. And writing for those of you who do. ;o)

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