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Hiya! Erm...welcome to my userlookup thingy?


About Moi
First off, I'm a Hollywood girl. I grew up in and around Hollywood and the rest of LA. That reminds me; thank you to all the people who write Rush Hour fanfics. My dad created Rush Hour and wrote the screenplay for the first movie. So, thank you! Its really cool that there are fans of my dad's movie who write fanfiction about it. Anyway, while I'm a TOTAL nerd, I also really love fashion and makeup and all of those happy things. So I guess I would describe myself as, "a nerdy fangirl with preppy undertones."

My Policies
Other People's Fanfiction
A. I will always assume that you put some time and effort into your writing. Unless it is blatantly obvious that you did otherwise.
B. I will never, ever, EVER flame. Ever.
C. I will never completely bash someone's story (see point A.) If I have some criticism (which I often do) I will tell you. HOWEVER, I will ALWAYS tell you about an aspect of your story that I liked. Why? Because I'm nice like that.
D. I will not condemn your story because of slightly bad grammar. I realize that many of you writers ARE only 13. I had TERRIBLE grammar when I was 13. Hell, it still ain't perfect. However, I will get slightly annoyed if everything is glomped together with no punctuation whatsoever.
E. If the occasion arrises where I find a story that I absolutely HATE and can find absolutely nothing about it that I like, I will not review at all. As I have already said, I don't believe in insulting other people's work.

My Fanfiction/Everything else that has to do with me
A. I strongly believe in quality over quantity. I won't write anything really fast and pay absolutely no attention for the sake of updating quickly. In other words, it may take me a long time to update, but what you get will be tons better than anything I do in ten minutes.
B. I will take EVERY review I get into consideration. Well...except flames. But they don't really count, do they? Anyhoo, even if what I think your review is completely rude and uncalled for (but not necessarily a flame) I will still take it seriously and see what I can do to change your mind.
C. If you threaten me, you will be blocked. Simple as that. Even if it is supposed to 'funny.' Once again, I know many of ya'll are only thirteen and do not realize that what you say can come across as...well, creepy, especially on the internet. For example: "dat chapter SUXED! chagne it or i will MURDER U!111" I realize that you PROBABLY weren't serious, but hey, better to be safe than sorry.
D. I try to use good grammar in my writing. However, I can not promise that it will be perfect.
E. I respond to each and every review I get.

My Favorite Things
I love STAR WARS (Hayden, Han Solo... me and Amy's Star Wars man hos (pronounced "hass")), Harry Potter (HBP WAS AWESOME!), Inu-Yasha (gotta love the fuzzy ears), Slayers, Cardcaptor Sakura, a lot of other anime and manga, HAYDEN CHRISTENSEN (as seen above), Heath, Brad Pitt, Fashion (favorite designers: Miu Miu, Prada, Tracy Reese, Rozae Nichols, multiple others), Final Fantasy, Soul Caliber, Super Smash Bros., various other video games, a very wide variety of books, erm...there's probably more, but I can't think of them right now. So, if you share an interest for any of these things, feel free to e-mail me.

My Various Screen Names
I also use lots of websites that some of ya'll might use. So...
Neopets (shadowthehedgehog32): Normally you can find me hanging out like a loser in the Fan Clubs chat.
Gun Bound (DarthPuddn): Normally in one of the beginner zones bothering hopeless people who take the game WAY too seriously.
Deviant Art (DarthPuddin): I only have one drawing up right now...and it's a scrap. But if you want, feel free to check it out.

Title: Totally Titans
Genre: Romance, Humor (action as well)
Show: Both Teen Titans and Totally Spies (as you can see). However it will probably be listed under Teen Titans cuz more people read those. Starting to see my genius, eh?
Plot: No, I couldn't come up with a better title. Anyway, this is a Teen Titans and Totally Spies crossover. This fanfic is another one of my parodies, this time with Cartoon Network's two most popular anime-rip-off shows. The girls of Totally Spies and the Teen Titans are pairing up to stop crime in the ghetto-fabulous Gotham City (hahahahaha). Will they learn to set apart their differences? Who will end up with who? Read and find out!
Pairs: The pairs in this one are pretty hilarious, if I do say so myself. You'll find out as the story goes along.
Time of release: This should also be up pretty soon. I actually started this story a while ago, but my computer lost the document... So I restarted it last week.

Title: Reincarnation is SO Unfair
Anime: Inu-Yasha
Genre: Action/Adventure, Romance (probably some comedy thrown in)
Plot: (SPOILER ALERT FOR THOSE WHO LIKE CCS) Remember how in Cardcaptor Sakura, Clow was reincarnated into two different people? What if Kikyo was also reincarnated into two different people? Namely, Kagome and her classmate Kyoko. Now, instead of a love triangle, there is a love RECTANGLE (BWANANA). Who will Inu-Yasha choose?
Pairs: Miroku/Sango, Sesshomaru/Kagura (don't ask), Rin/Kohaku (maybe), Koga/Ayame, and who Inu-Yasha gets with is basically the whole can't really tell you that.
Time of Release: NO IDEA

Soo, anyhoo, I hope you people enjoy my stories. And please, for the love of God, REVIEW! Otherwise, how am I supposed to know what people think? Hell, flame me. Although I don't know whether you'll like my reaction. xD

Well, I'm done. Go and read my stories now. Go on! Shoo!

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