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If you want to know about me... um... I am a crazy obsessed teen girl.;) That is all.

"The noblest art is that of making others happy"

P.T. Barrnum

The Convergence

--Surrounded by impossibly tall mountains and snow-covered land, hundreds of fictional characters struggle on in a world that constantly creates more mysteries than it solves. With home a lifetime away, but no new answers coming to light, they must start to wonder - is there really a reason why they're here? Multifandom RP, featuring SPN, HP, the MCU, Sherlock, DW, PJO, Vampire Diaries, THG, Merlin, OUAT, Divergent, Fox MCU, Star Trek, TMR, DC, Star Wars, LOTR and TMI.--

Stratis A City in Layers

This is no ordinary place. The quaint town of Wesston sits on the ground, but above it is the sky station, a small computer run city that sits among the cloud, and below it, the remains of a civilization that has long been dead, leaving only the ruins of structures and cave-dwelling bits of life in it's stead. Characters from different fandoms are thrown into this world, able to travel freely between the levels, but waiting for them on each level, is a variety of dangers to face that are ever changing.

Royalty and Ruin

Peace and contentment can only last so long, especially when royalty is involved. Three Kingdoms have held peace between each other for the last two hundred years, but unrest begins to brew when news breaks out that a rebellion is stirring. Who's side will you be on?

The Castle

*ACTIVE: March 5, 2018* Several characters from different universes (TV, Movies, and Books) have been picked up and sat down in a castle. The walls, windows and doors leading to the outside of the castle are indestructible to any of their advances, which means that whoever puts them there would like them to stay a while. TVD, OUAT, MCU, SPN, PJO, DC, DLA, TMI, SW, HP, Twilight, and Heroes.

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The life of Elizabeth: This is a story about Elizabeth, my Own Creation, from maze B, and it's about her struggles in life. This was written for the Creation week in the convergence. It's currently in progress, I have a few more chapters to do, and then I'll add her sheet at the end giving all the extra information, like her looks, personality, age, and all that jazz. :) Anyway I recommend you check it out. ;)

How Ivy made it: Another story about a Creation I made, it's about a girl who ends up in the Hunger games, and how she deals with everything and how she figures things out a lot quicker then most.

What I remember: and yet again another story about an OC of mine, and this is about Maze A and a young girl who has a voice in her head, she thinks she's going crazy and yeah!

Cynthia Orson one shots: What the title says.;)

Opening Credits: Greatest Show (opening theme for the Greatest showman ) Waking Up: Shake it off -Taylor Swift First Day At School: All Star -Smash Mouth Falling In Love: 2002 -Anne Marie Fight Song: Shape of you -Ed Sheeran Breaking up : Bellyache - Billie Ellish Prom Night: Ocean Eyes - Billie Ellish Life: Centuries - Fall Out Boy Breakdown: Clocks - Coldplay The Religious Song That Someone Always Hums: Heathens - Twenty One Pilots Driving: you should see me in a crown - Billie Ellish Flashback: I said Hi - Amy Shark Getting Back Together: Delicate - Taylor Swift Wedding: My Boy - Billie Ellish Birth of Child: Lush Life - Zara Larson Final Battle: A Million Dreams - Greatest Showman Funeral Song: Friends - Anne Marie Final Credits: idontwanttobeyouanymore - Billie Ellish
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