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Author has written 4 stories for Wolf's Rain, SWAT Kats, Warriors, and +Anima.

Name: Heather

Age: My business...

Friends: Nii-san, Lee, Fonzie, and more!

Original Quote: "A liberal will try to change the world, a conservative will try to keep it the same way, and a cynic will bitch about the both of them and get more done than either put together."

Quotes: (quite a few actually. I'll just name them and who they're by and where they're from.)


"Freedom is the right of all sentient beings." -Optimus PrimeHe's just too cool. ;)

"I've never seen anything this beautiful in the entire galaxy - okay, give me the bomb." - Ultra Magus (I don't what that's from but it's funny as hell.)

"One shall stand, one shall fall." -Optimus, right before he kicks Megatron's 'aft'.

Wreck-Gar: Kemosabes Rodimus and Ultra Magnus, you are in danger of being cancelled or losing your time slot.
Ultra Magnus: What did he say?
Rodimus Prime: We're gonna get killed.


Greed: I'm sorry, but who the hell are you?
Izumi Curtis: I'm... PISSED OFF!

Edward Elric: When I was certain he was going to kill me, my mind went blank, and I didn't have any hope anymore. All I could do was scream my lungs out. I felt so helpless, I couldn't even bring myself to believe someone might save me. And then you showed up Al, and I realized that if we don't take care of each other then no one else will. So I'll do anything in my power to get our bodies back, even if it means being the militaries lap dog. And we'll just have to hope our powers are good enough to help us rise above our own limits. Because we're not Gods, we're humans, tiny insignificant humans. Who couldn't even save a little girl.

(Not much from anime honestly.)


"Ernest Hemingway once wrote, 'The world is a beautiful place and worth fighting for'. I agree with the second part." -William Somerset, Se7en

"Do not clutter up a clever scheme with morality." -Bowen, Dragonheart

"A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky dangerous animals and you know it. Fifteen hundred years ago everybody knew the Earth was the center of the universe. Five hundred years ago, everybody knew the Earth was flat, and fifteen minutes ago, you knew that humans were alone on this planet. Imagine what you'll know tomorrow." -Kay, Men In Black

Current Story Projects:


In Their Pawsteps- Two she-kats seek out the aid of the SWAT Kats, but who are they exactly?
A/N: This has been something I've been toying with. I had other SK fics, but none of them were good enough to me. I did some experimenting and came up with this. I decided to flow with this, see what became of what, and decide on future fics from there. So far, so good.
Updated: 8/21/08- 'New' Chapter Five: Eyes of a Ghost, rewritten and reposted.


Tinypaw, The Fullmetal Warrior

A/N: As guessed, this is my crossover series staring Edward Elric as the golden-furred pint-sized tom, Tinypaw. I've wanted to do a crossover for the longest time, but I haven't really got to work with them much. I didn't expect it to get much, and even what I've got on it now impresses me.

When We Were Just Apprentices- From kits to apprentices, it was meant to be the happiest time of their lives. But there are secrets in the clan, secrets not even Starclan knows. A terrible accident and an ominous warning from Starclan will change Tinypaw's destiny forever. It will take more than the courage of warrior to uncover a truth so terrible it would shake the clan to its very core. In-Progress.

Future Projects:

More from the Tinypaw Stories

Secret of Night- When Tinypaw discovers the truth behind a clanmate's origins, will he still accept her as his friend or cause her exile?

Forbidden Truths- Tinypaw and Yellowpaw care for each other deeply, but the warrior code keeps them apart. Medicine cats cannot fall in love. Can they?

Search for the Sun- The secret of Sunclan lies, not within it, but within a long forgotten part of the valley. Tinypaw must leave his home and clanmates to venture into grounds untouched by the paws of Sunclan.

Broken Moon- After moons of searching, Tinypaw knows Sunclan's most terrible secret. If he is to save his clan, he must break that which holds it together. (Meant to be my big finish. I hope everything works out the way I want it, too.)


(no title yet)- When a new kat moves into town, Jake befriends her and helps welcome her into the Megakat City life. Mutual friendship turns to unexpected love, but his work as a SWAT Kat and his desire to protect her threatens their relationship. Whatever is a kat to do? (I know, it's an overdone idea with an overused plot-line, but people will still post their stories anyway. In any case, I have to tell the story of Jacquelyn and Evelyn Clawson's mother. Title is still work-in-progress.)

Thicker Than Water-The Metallikats have everything they could ever want: immortal bodies, ruthless ambition, and total disregard for the law. Until dreams of the past begin to haunt the two, of a life before the mob. A young she-kat who is hauntingly familiar shows up into their lives. Her exsistence is one they thought they'd forgot. ( I kinda wanted to explore the earlier part of the Metallikats' lives, before they were in a mob. Questions plagued my mind: where did they come from? What were their lives like? Did they have kids? How did they come into the mob? Eventually it led to this.)

Wolf's Rain

Flight to Paradise- Okay, this has been up as long as I've been a member of FF.net. I got a lot of views for it and plenty of reviews. However, I recently reread the fic, and I can honestly say I am embarrassed of the writing style I used back then. There were so many grammar errors, punctuation mistakes, and let's not forget the crappy sentence structure. My writing has improved since then so I will be taking it down, rewritting, and reposting. Until then, I will leave the current story up.

I am also rewatching the series on Youtube to kind of get a feel of the canon characters. You know, get a good grip on their personalities and such so I can better write how they would act in a situation such as Kiyoi's.

Road Less Traveled- (ONESHOT) For the first time, Kiyoi ponders her old life and wonders how things could've been different if she'd met Kiba and the others another way.

Trapped- (Sequel to Flight to Paradise) While resting in a small town, the pack comes across a mysterious gravekeeper. To the people, he's the creepy undertaker with an oddly devoted feline. To them, he's just another wolf. However, he's hiding a dark past and harboring an obsession with the newly freed Kiyoi. Tsume must keep her safe from the older wolf who wants someone to be his mate.

Favorites (Gotta love these):


Warriors-all series (Favorite out of the series so far is Darkest Hour and Firestar's Quest)

The Dream Thief

Stephen King books

The Vampire's Secret

The Dragonkeeper series

Earth's Children series

Harry Potter

Want to read: Twilight series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows


Transformers ('80s only)

SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron

Full Metal Alchemist


Rurouni Kenshin

Yu Yu Hakusho


Wolf's Rain

Drake & Josh

iCarly (They're all right; really the only thing I watch on Nick.)

Family Guy

American Dad



Black Cat


Pairings (whether they're already together or ones I'd like to see):






Al/Winry (I've seen some that are pretty good)

Jake Clawson/Callie Briggs

Chance Furlong/Felina Feral

Chance Furlong/Callie Briggs

Jake Clawson/Felina Feral



Husky/Nana (from the +Anima series)

Senri/Rose (from the +Anime series. Does anyone know what that is?)

Character Info:

For those of you reading my fics, I thought I'd take some time to type up a little info for each character. Mind you, for characters whose names have not been revealed yet, don't expect everything to be revealed here. I'm hoping in the future to make a website that will hold all my info for my fics, but for now that's just a dream. So, here you go. Take some time and get to know that characters in the fics.

Jacquelyn Clawson
Age: 21
Eyes: jade green
Hair: short chesnut brown, cut in a downward slant from the back of her head
Fur color: ivory white, black ears, multi-colored (white, black, and ginger) tail
Relationships: Evelyn Clawson (sister), Jake Clawson (future father), Chance Furlong (referred to as 'Uncle'), (mother's name not yet revealed.)
Story: First appears in 'In Their Pawsteps' fic. Came back in time to stop Metallikats' take-over. Is extremely easy to offend and quick-tempered. Defensive of sister, mother, and dead father and uncle (remember they died in 'Bright and Shiny Future').
Likes: aireal combat, fighting, and hearing old stories
Dislikes: Metallikats, Feral, snakes, and robots
Love Interests: (no boyfriend as of yet. In the future, who knows?)
Interesting Fact: A second-generation SWAT Kat pilot, calls herself 'T-Bone' in honor of her 'uncle' Chance. Despite her reckless nature, she's a very intelligent kat. Though she's made some bad decisions that will affect her in later chapters of the story. >>;

Evelyn Clawson
Age: 21
Eyes: amber
Hair: Short, midnight black. constantly looks as if she just got up.
Fur color: orangish/chocolate color with white tail, ears, and muzzle
Relationships: Jacquelyn Clawson (sister) Jake Clawson (future father), Chance Furlong, (again, uncle), (mother's name not yet revealed.)
Story: First appears in 'In Their Pawsteps' with Jacquelyn. Wants more than anything to stop the Metallikats'. Extremely intelligent, willing to do anything to help her family and friends. After father's death, built up a 'wall' around herself and hid her emotions to stay strong in the eyes of the other kats.
Likes: whatever technology she can get her paws on, combat training, making gadgets
Dislikes: Metallikats, Feral, robots, and anyone who disrespects her father
Love Interests: (no boyfriend to speak of)
Interesting Fact: Second-generation SWAT Kat, she is an excellent marksman, like her father before her, and took up his alias, 'Razor' as her way of honoring his memory. Often has dreams of her dead father, and is very hyper-sensitive where he's involved. The first time she meets Jake after twenty years, she breaks down and shuts herself off from the group for awhile. It isn't until Jake comforts her that she realizes it doesn't matter what time period he's from, he's still her father.

Mrs. Clawson (First name and maiden name not yet revealed. I don't like to spoil things. This is more or less the bio for the version you see in 'In Their Pawsteps')
Age: (In Their Pawsteps) 47, (when she first meets Jake) 21 (you'll see more fics later. First, finish this one)
Eyes: emerald green
Hair: jet black, curled, cut to shoulders
Fur color: creamy white, black tail and ears
Relationships: Jacquelyn and Evelyn Clawson (twin daughters), Jake Clawson (boyfriend/husband), Chance Furlong (good friend), Callie Briggs (best friend)
Story: From what's been written, she cared deeply for her mate and when he died, she tried her best to raise their two kits without him. At first, defends her daughters with a very fierce nature and didn't care much for Feral's idea of dealing with problems. In her later years, she began to let others tell her what to do.
Likes: (none so far)
Dislikes: fears being left alone with no one
Love Interests: Jake Clawson
Interesting Fact: (Other than the fact she obviously knows that Jake is a SWAT Kat, none yet)

Age: 3 1/2(human years), 24(wolf years)
Eyes: pale crimson (both forms)
Hair (human form): Black, down to her waist
Fur (wolf form, obviously): Black and white. Black starts at her nose on top of muzzle running along the top to the face where it spreads out covering her face and head. Forms a sort of mask, the black ending in the middle of her cheeks. Back and sides of neck, back, part of her shoulders and sides, and tail covered in black fur. The rest is white.
Relationships: Kiba (pack leader, friend), Tsume (beta, mate), Toboe (friend), Hige (friend), Blue (friend), and Cheza (flower maiden)
Story: Six months old when her mother and siblings died, Kiyoi fended for herself for the next two years. But being on her own left her vunerable to other animals and humans. After being severly wounded in a fight, she was found by another wolf by the name of Gentaru and his pack. They took her in, nursed her back to health, and got her on her paws again. However, when she tried to leave, they trapped and beat her. For the next year and a half, she was beaten and abused to the point of death. Several times, she had tried to escape but to no avail. A small wolf pack traveling through the city found her one day and offered their help. After awhile she accepted it. When Gentaru learned of her deal, he had tried to kill her but was stopped by Kiba and his pack. She now travels with them and has fallen head over paws for Tsume.
Likes: Tsume, freedom, deer, snow, and singing
Dislikes: being caged, bad memories
Love Interests: Tsume

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