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OMG I UPDATED! it's a miricale, i hope you like it even though it was written pretty fast and literally right off of the top of my head. It is liable to change (HAHAHAHAHA- clears throat ah..hehehe, you know I'm too lazy/busy todo that)

Ok...well. My name is Helen Michelle(last name? I think not. Find a different site)

For anyone who has a weird urge to get in touch with me (you probably should see a doctor if you do) CONTACT INFO!

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Oh cra-...there would be that last name you had to "Find a different site" for...whatever...

I love exotic animals(I have a ferret, Named Ekko) and if it isn't a dog or cat, i will take it in. I'm addicted to the internet and I'm a total book worm- I love to read, so i usually find sites like this where authors just post stuff. I also love Instant Messenger. I YIM and AIM usually on alot.

Im really interested in culture and stuff like that. I haven't been able to travel much(Yeah being 14 kinda keeps you stuck in one place) But I have family all over the world. I only speak american engish but I'm trying to learn french. It's taking a while. I also love the preforming arts. I can't play any insturments, But I sing(Alto 1) and act. I try to get out some, but i really prefer relaxing with friends.

these are a few of my Favorite things

movie: a toss up between Euro-trip and A Walk To Remeber

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Word: INTERNET (the second is connection, but you get the idea)

Book: Blood and Chocolate

Teacher: Ms. Faulk

Subject: English Lit. (although why we need 14 yrs of studying the language we speak i don't know)

TV show: House

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Person: Maranda

Family member: My Mom (god everyone else drives me up the wall)

Beverage: water

Quotes, Quotes and, Even more quotes! (i know i need a life, ok- just leave me alone)

"Never fall into love- you must take it at a running jump." -My grandmother said that!

"It has potential..." Julia Robert

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"Strength is the capacity to break a chocolate bar into four pieces with your bare hands - and then eat just one of the pieces"
--Judith Viorst

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their passions a quotation"
- Oscar Wilde

"It's not that chocolates are a substitute for love. Love is a substitute for chocolate. Chocolate is, let's face it, far more reliable than a man."
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--Ambrose Bierce

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(I like this one better) "A great friend will come and bail you out of jail at 3am- but a true friend will be sitting right next to you in a police blanket cause you lost you clothes saying, 'That was fucking awsome! But next time you don't throw shit at the dog.'" --Unknown

"Life is like a box of chocolates .. full of nuts!"
--bumper sticker

"Nine out of ten people like chocolate. The tenth person always lies.."
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The Fallen One: Currently being constructed. I have the ending complete...what a pity that i'm planning for 50 chapters.

Kagome spends 500 yrs as a slave to some of the best and worst master. A not so clear past is shoved aside when she is purchased by Sesshomaru Tashio, now a Multi-Billionaire and head of some of the most powerful cooperations and Industries in the world. But running into people and problems from can stir up trouble. And even with a new family and bright future, things can still fall apart. Does love endure all? And how much can a single soul take before it breaks,every piece laying shattered on the floor...

:Here Is A Clip:

He was wonderful. He was gorgeous, had fiery red hair, an incredible build…and he treated me like a person. He bonded me to him with his blood, over time, my blood had so much Youkai I became a hanyou. I stayed with Katio for 58 years, working with him and being his lover. We never mated, I guess it was just for pleasure, and I really didn’t fall in love…I just…missed him when he was gone.

"Katio was a skilled assassin, I just got his information, and was killed out of revenge. We knew it was a dangerous job, and accepted that. Katio had told me to run as far as I could if anything ever happened to him, so I wouldn’t be hurt, but I ignored him. I sat there crying as he bled to death in my arms, for I hadn’t enough training to heal him. Someone knew I was there and captured me, instead of just executing me though…they sold me…again.

"I haven’t really paid attention to the past 400 years, I was to engrossed in the past, Ekko. I forgave them, both of them in that time. I just want to move on, but everywhere I turn, I see…Inuyasha’s betrayal. I never blamed him, nor anyone else for my enslavement, save myself. I could have stayed, simply turned the other way while he went off with Kikyou, I choose to leave. In leaving, I choose this fate. In the early years, with Madam Ayumi, I could have fallen on a knife, but I didn’t. I have lived- to only expect death, for nothing else is guaranteed. Each day I pray for a better tomorrow, for if you are alive, there is always a sliver of hope that things get better. I’ve needed to survive to see that day."

~:Tears of The Sun:~

I haven't even started this yet, and i won't till im done with TFO. Sorry, but i want to finish that.

Assignation attempts and murder. Do I have you attention yet? Maybe the promise of war and death could hook you? Defiling sacred artifacts, and accosting helpless Maidens. Ripping apart families and combining enemies. Still not there yet? Well how does forbidden love on the frontline sound? With the General? Midnight kidnappings and dancing in the rain has to peak your interest! Well, I tried… One last thing though. SessXKag pairing? Ahh… I knew that would get you.

This is what happens when Kagome isn't from the modern times. The Shikon is a SACRED jewel to all races so when Naraku trys to steal it, he pisses everyone off. Kagome is sent away to be protected by Sesshomaru, but not before several assasination attempts.

:Porcelain Doll: Sequel to The Fallen One, romance/drama:

Not quite so happy at the begining, but it does have a good ending. All of those who hate it when the good guy dies, this is the fic for you. If you think that happy ends are no good, scroll down a bit, i have something for you. After pain- physical and emotional, Kagome is still not on her feet.5 years after being left in NY, she still crys every night. Living in the gutters with Ekko, and going back to old habits she doesn't want Seshomaru to ever find her. She has sworn off men, and stayed away for5 years. With a new family and a different kind of home, why would she take back back Sesshomaru. Because she loves him? Well time doesn't heal all wounds, and love doesn't just make them dissapear.

TheRed Rose OnYour Grave: This will be an alternate sequel to The Fallen One. This will be where Kagome does not forgive Sesshomaru. WARNING: WILL NOT HAVE A HAPPY ENDING:WARNING this will be severe angst/drama. you want romance, go check out Porcelain Doll. Again I will alternate chapters for these two since they will kind of be coresponding.

: Clip :

She tripped again, stumbling on the too long kimono. Throwing off the useless wooden sandals, she bent down, grabbing a fistful of the cumbersome kimono. Ripping a jagged strip from the bottom, she released it to the wind, cursing it as she watched the quick departure. Standing again she continued running, a faster pace was set to make up for the hindering clothing she wore. Bare feet sank into the wet, cold mud, the sensation of goo squishing between her toes made her want to puke. Each footfall splattered her already tattered form. Putting down her left foot, she feet it sink too far, knowing what would happen next. The ground rushed toward her, everything seemed in slow motion as she saw the mud fly up to greet her as her hands met the ground. Kagome's face was embedded in the dirt. Jerking her head up she gasped for air, viciously wiping at her face to rid herself of the muck. Tears flowed freely down her cheeks. Resting on her hands and knees, Kagome desperately tried to catch her breath. cracking open her eyes, she came face to face with what had to be the only clear puddle on this road, all others were cloudy with dirt. Staring at her were those eyes. Those god forsaken orbs of gold stared at her, mocking her. Bringing her tiny fist down into the puddle, Kagome let out an agonized cry, something expected of a wounded animal. Audibly sobbing now, she crawled away from her tormentors. They followed her, everywhere. The two things she cared for unconditionally, no matter what her brain said, would always be by her side, tormenting her, haunting her, and reminding her. Reminding her of that tragic, heartbreaking past. Thanks to those damned eyes, she couldn't even stand alone. Everytime she looked in the mirror, Kagome saw... them...

Ok here are some of my Favorite authors. I know they have that whole list thingy, but i put you in there if I read your story (no offense meant)the actually i-wait-for-each-update-checking-several-times-daily favorite authors are here. (in no particular order)



Mewl Neko

Nostawen Allesiel

Striking Falcon

Infinity Moon

And the Favorite agian-i-check-several-times-even-though-i-have-email-alerts stories (in order)

The Days I Left Behind

To Wash It All Away

Laying Amongst Dokatsu (ok what happened to this? it was so good and now it's gone!)

Love in the Corporate Ladder

Online Drama

Rude Awakenings

Just a Mistake

His Little Girl

OH OH OH OH! look here! #grabs flashing 'nudes' sign# ...lol, suckers no but seriously:

In your opinion for an AU Kag/Sess fic which would be better:

Horibble car crash- Kagome and Sesshomaru together, both end up in a coma!

Kagome or Sesshomaru- Who do you want to survive?

(lol- this gives a whole new mean to that show) If you email me saying both i'm going to- to- I'm going to- #Deanne walks up# Deanne: You can't threaten them Helen...

Me:but- but-

Deanne: Sorry- ok girls and boy- oh who am I kidding, just girls, Email Helen your vote and start looking for a new series.

Me: I KNOW! I'll T-

Deanne: No #sweatdrop# Close this curtain! #Drags me off stage#

:~~ So Long and Goodnight ~~:

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Inuyasha - Rated: M - English - Romance - Chapters: 30 - Words: 127,152 - Reviews: 1307 - Favs: 675 - Follows: 301 - Updated: 10/22/2006 - Published: 11/5/2003 - Sesshōmaru, Kagome H.
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