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"... got these people just doing it for the clout
I'm just writing my darkest secrets like wait and just hear me out
Saying vegan food is delicious like wait and just hear me out." - Noname

For a long time, I thought the most important thing for a story was conflict. I still think that's an important aspect for many stories. Now, however, I believe the most important element is progression.

Current Reading List

Fantasy: American Gods by Neil Gaiman

Classic: Titus Groan by Mervyn Peake

Contemporary: The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin (mystery)

Fanfiction: Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Fractured Elements by cynsh

"I got my hand on an ounce so now I got money servin'
I just bought me a fifth and now I'm speedin', swervin'
I took an eighth of them shrooms and now I'm hearin' voices
I took like two of them pills, I can't remember nothing
I ain't under control, I'm losin' motor function
I need an intervention, I need an exorcism
I need a therapist, paranoia and drug addiction
It's very scary, my momma don't even recognise me
I'm goin' crazy, don't need nobody to say they love me
My acts of desperation, I'm on an empty stomach
So fuck the consequences, I ain't runnin' from them" - Ameer Vaan


Feedback is important. Writers thrive off feedback. It provides motivation, perspective, and improvement. However, criticism that isn't constructive often leads to loss of confidence and motivation. Fanfiction is an enjoyable hobby for many people, not a job, and you're a fellow user on the site, not their editor (unless you're their beta reader). I'm not saying don't be critical, but perhaps take a step back and empathize before ripping something someone worked on to pieces (I also recommend the opposite, looking for some sort of flaw for discussion even in a story you really like). I'd also suggest you take a moment to think about who the target audience of the story is, because they may not necessarily be writing for you and your specific tastes. Regardless, here are a couple of tips for more approachable and palatable criticism while still retaining core points:

Be specific. Use examples from the story to strengthen your argument. You can change out the 'www' for 'm' in the address bar on a computer, switching ffnet to mobile--this lets you copy/paste relevant passages for discussion. Don't be vague; sharpen and clarify your word usage as much as possible.

Be actionable. Criticism should offer alternate solutions and suggestions--avoid blanket statements. Show the author a clear way forward and enable them to take action on their own, rather than doing it for them.

Be contextual. Always keep in mind the goal the author is trying to achieve, how successful they are, and your own interpretations of the work. Discuss these things. Balance the micro and the macro. Yes, if they're making consistent grammar mistakes, correct them, but also discuss the actual events happening within the story. Don't ignore the abstract in favor of the concrete, because they're two sides of the same coin. I always look for at least one strength and one weakness in a story regardless of its overall quality, because it increases engagement with the author.

Engagement is important because if an author shuts down, you've essentially wasted your own time discussing or correcting their mistakes. If they don't hear you they won't listen. Again, I'm not saying sugarcoat things or lie about the quality of their work, all I'm saying is people will be more receptive if they feel you care about helping them improve rather than inflating your own ego by ripping apart their story. And even if they're good at handling criticism, authors appreciate when positive elements of their story are discussed in-depth (or at least mentioned). Not everyone has had the same opportunities or education as you. The best teachers I ever had were fair when it came to judging the quality of my work, sure, but above all else, they helped foster my love of writing and reading.

"Made me wanna go back to the city and tell the homies what I learned
The word was respect." - Kendrick Lamar

Respect your own time and efforts. If you genuinely feel someone has written a story with zero redeeming qualities, perhaps because they're lazy, or uneducated, or as a joke--don't waste your time on it (I would say the only exception would maybe be the uneducated reason, as it's born out of ignorance rather than spite). Value your criticism and your time. If the author feels no obligation to respect you, there's no reason to read their story. Just move on, because there are tons of authors out there dying for feedback of any sort.

"I put my pain in a cadence
Turn my brain up a wavelength
Now we're flowing the ceiling
So just go with the feeling
Baby soak up the vibe
Let's roll some dope up, get high
We gon' blow smoke in the sky
'Til we can't open our eyes" - Joey Bada$$

To any writers out there reading this. Accept criticism with grace but don't be beholden to it. It's your story, not theirs. Write what you love, not what someone else loves.

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