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Hi, my name is Softcookiedough and here is somethings about me:

Hobbies: Drawing, writing, playing video games and reading.

How did I get into Yaoi/ Shounen-ai: I think this is a familar to some people. I got started around 5 and a half years ago with a little anime called 'Gundam Wing/AC' At the time, I didn't know what anime was or for that matter, what kind of a cool show this is. So, I went and ventured on the internet and see what kind of information I can pull up about the show. When I read something about it, I was like "Wait, this isn't right." so I read another one. As I was reading, I felt confused and tried to find something else. Then I came upon a Heero x Duo site (that was neatly design) withDuo kissing Heero. Of course I said something really dumb like "Oh, okay they are doing that because they are friends." How wrong I was. Anyway, I kept on browsing through the site and view the artwork. Then they had an info page about everything. And within 3 days, I was hooked on fanfiction (mainly Trowa x Quatre) I was still new at it, so I tried to read as much as I can before I couldn't take it. Everyday, when I my computer time, I read the fanfictions, Heck, I even showed my brother a story that was on a site that had all the pairings you can think of, luckily there wasn't any pairings in that story. And here I am, 5 years later loving this thing to death. But it seems now that I can't read, watch or play video game without a possible yaoi or slash couple (because my brain likes to wonder about like that XD)

Why do I like Yaoi/ Shounen-ai: Well, believe it or not, yaoi cured my homophobia that I had. It was really bad. I couldn't stand it when two guys was with eachother (kissing, hugging, etc.). When I read fanfictions and didn't know what it was, it grew on me nicely. So why like Yaoi? What's there not to like? There's nothing more pleasing than to watch two hot anime guys go at it like bunnies. Not the mention the possiblities!

DoI draw Yaoi/Shounen-ai: At times, but I have to keep them on top of my closet away from family. Its amazing after all these years and my family still doesn't know about this. Well, except for my mom who browse through my FAKE manga after the anime convention about1 year ago.

Favorite Anime/ Video Game: Oh boy where to begin? Anime: Naruto, Spriggan, Akria, Orphan, Samurai Champloo, Prince of Tennis, Bleach, Gundam series, Fist of the North Star, Tokyo Baylon, X/1999, Fruits Basket, Saiyuki, GTO, Tenchi, Ronin Warriors and finally Dragon Ball Z (at one time XD) Video Game: Final Fantasy VII, VIII, IV, X, X-2 (and soon to be XII), Kingdom Hearts, Zelda, Kings of Fighters, Dead or Alive, Soul Cailbur series, Xenosaga, Devil May Cry series, Metal GearSolid series, Zone of Endersand Dance Dance Revolution.

Favorite Couples: OI! The list goes on my friend! But my current fave right now is Neji x Shika and Mugan x Jin 3

Current Stories:

Dreaming of a Silver Feather (Done)

Dreaming of a White Cloud (Pending)

Barely Breathing (Pending)

Neji x Shika Short Stories Drabbles 20! (In Progress- Track 6)

Cruentus, Libidinosus, Nefastus (Blood, Lust, Sin) (In Progress- Chap. II)

Hot Fudge Sundae (Done)

That's it for now, check here for updates 3

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