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Hi everyone! I'm TotallyNuts (I'm not that crazy!) and I'm here with some fanfiction for all you lovely people.

Name: Manda
Age: 17 (18 in summer)
Location: England! Weather sucks, but hey, we have good chocolate. :)

A bit about me- I'm a poor 17 year old student working hard in my final school year before university. Life sucks, the sky is blue and I'm still alive!

I'll mainly be doing Dynasty Warriors fanfiction as it's one of my favourite games (I also like Soul Calibur), and I love reading everyone elses (it's all good!). My favourite kingdom is Wu, so forgive my Wu bias but most of it'll be about them. My favourite characters in Wu are Sun Shang Xiang, Gan Ning and Sun Ce (my other favourite is Ma Chao, but he's in Shu- love him though!).

So let's see... I do have a muse... and guess who it is? Yep, Sun Shang Xiang. She's an independent womanand very head-strong... just like me, I hope. If I could be any DW character it would be her. She tries hard to be herself and doesn't let any man put her down and crush her spirit. SSX rocks! (I also use her name in message boards :P) If I was to have a non-DW muse it would be Seung Mina from Soul Calibur. She's very similar to SSX so that's why I look up to them. They both do their own thing and don't care what anyone says. I've yet to do a Soul Calibur fic...

Fanfiction- what I'm working on now...

DW- Crazy Days in Wu (PG-13)
This is just a random series of events in a story format of the goings on in Wu (all made up!). A bit of everything here- action, adventure, romance, humour- something for everyone! Pairings (for the romance)- SC/DQ, ZY/XQ, SSX/GN... by the way romance isn't my strong point, but it'll be interesting to see what everyone thinks!
UPDATE-Just done Chapter 14... more random plot loveliness! (plans Chapter 15) I can't believe I've done so many chapters now.

DW- Don't Let Go (PG-13)
This story will revolve around Gan Ning and Sun Shang Xiang. I'm hoping it will be a bit more serious than Crazy Days which is light hearted and humourous, and I've always fancied doing more action/adventure. Scenario so far... SSX has just left for Shu for her marriage to Liu Bei and Gan Ning is trying to stop her from leaving. The first chapter is up- second one soon! Also there will be Lu Xun/Xiao Qiao in here... they're so cute together and one of my message board buddies loves them! So that pairing is for her :)


NEWS- The stolen copy of my fanfic has been taken down! Thanks to everyone for their support, especially HarborRat and lacitar13, two absolutely amazing people who deserve medals for all the help they've given me and the time they've spent helping me deal with the case. Once again I thank them for they are truly great!

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