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I haven't posted anything in several years. I started writing Faye again because I needed some creative outlet. I hope you enjoy it.


Posted Chapter 14 of Faye.


This was the straw that broke the Raichu’s back for my parents. I haven’t spoken to them in three years. I guess it’s not that surprising since I spent the last five avoiding Johto. I have spent the last year of my life in Orre, exploring ruins and researching legends with some of my closest friends. Last month I left them behind and returned to Johto in order to embark on a quest I’ve been planning since I was a child. I want to be the ultimate water Pokemon trainer, and in order to do that I need to find one of the ultimate water Pokemon. -Catching the North Wind

Aiya lay on the mattress for another hour or so, tossing and turning but not able to get back to sleep. Not only was the dream plaguing her mind, but she was becoming more and more aware of how stiff and sore her muscles were. Every position she tried lie in hurt in one way or another. This was not all together a bad thing as it helped to distract her from the image of the face she had seen in her dream. Every time she thought about it her insides curled up and her heart started to race. More to stop her mind from dwelling on those images than anything else, Aiya turned her thoughts to the training she would be receiving later that day. Her muscles ached at the idea of doing any kind of exercise. -New Recruit

The night before I had been tired and drunk on praise so I was perfectly prepared to believe this. Now, in the morning as the warm water splashed over my face, I felt that there was something wrong with the picture. I had had the feeling there was something I wasn’t being told before and it was stronger now. After all, if I, a fifteen year old kid from another world, could fix this world’s problems in a couple of days then why hadn’t the people who lived in this world been able to do anything? Faye

Jacob was unable to leave his bed for three days after being attacked. The whole time he demanded information on his Pokemon and on Aiya’s whereabouts but no good news came about either. The only thing the police could tell him was that the thefts had probably been committed by Team Rocket, the largest and most famous gang of Pokemon thieves in the Kanto region, and that the kidnapper might be them as well. There had been no video cameras in the alley where they were attacked and none nearby. No cameras elsewhere had caught sight of the kidnapper. My Cause

It had been only a week since she had woken up in the middle of that forest. Such a small amount of time that, before the strange events, she wouldn’t have noticed unless something big happened. Well, this was certainly something big. She was still incredibly confused about things. Who wouldn’t be? Apart from suddenly waking up in the middle of a forest with no idea how she had gotten there, she had discovered that there was a huge gap in her memory. Two months were missing from her life. Mysterious Memories

It takes only a moment for your life to change forever. He was my best friend and he was so much more... What Hurts the Most

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