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Author has written 2 stories for Harry Potter.

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A note:

I'm coming back to writing after several years, so my style isn't exactly the same. (the last time I wrote anything for the HP fandom, I was... 13?)


Thanks for all the reviews/favorites/story alerts, people. Honestly, I'm a little surprised. But I guess I shouldn't be, since ff.net HP fiction has a lot of DM/HP shippers... Despite the fact that there are other sites that are specific to the ship... Anyways, I've just submitted ch. 4 for Chronicles, and you should be expecting the next chapter between now and next Saturday.

Also- I just deleted my facebook, so my only other distraction is now nonexistent. So, maybe you can FINALLY expect me to update more often.


Well, the school year's beginning to let up a little (thank God).

So, I've decided to start working on the Malfoy piece again. I'm going to try to get more than one chapter written, though (probably three) before I publish anything. Anyways, anyone who's been wondering about the story, and where it's going, etc- I'd love it if you'd ask questions. That would help me out a bit...

Anyways... still not all that consistent here, and trying to get through this last year of mountains of schoolwork (ugh). But hopefully you'll start seeing more of me soon.


As you'll notice, all of my work is on hiatus except for The Awakening. I've had a lot of reviewers for Trial and Error, but after rereading it, I'm fairly happy with what I've set up except for the characters. So, I'm going into some background on Tom and trying to develop his character and then will continue on with Trial and Error. Because, after all, I am dealing with someone a bit different from J.K. Rowling's Tom.

Even though my other fics are on hiatus, I still appreciate reviews. However, they won't be updated till some time in August, so don't expect anything too soon.

...Forget it. I'll be working on various stuff. Probably weeks apart. Maybe months.

I'm not very consistent, you see. :P

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Indigo Autumn: A Novella by JayRain reviews
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The Malfoy Child: Changes reviews
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