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Author has written 3 stories for RuneScape, Star Wars, and Kingdom Hearts.

Hello I am Yugijo. I am the little brother of Superguy. I have finally matured and have gotten rid of my Yugioh story. My Boba Fett Aliance story may change because I have no idea what to do next in it. My Runescape story has come top a dead halt, and may have a sequel that has to do with the future. I have added a Kingdome Hearts III story and it OK, but the computer is being weird so its all sloppy. Man I hate computers and their typing problems.

I am in the process of writing another Star Wars story. It will be a long time before I put it up. After reading the comic Jango Fett Open Seasons, I have decided to write a story around that time period. It will be based on a girl who's family is killed by a mercenary group, she later joins the Mandalorians and becomes very close friends with Jango Fett. I'm writing this story on paper first, then I'm typing it and am going to have many people read it and help me edit it before I put it up. My past stories will not be finished since I don't have time to correct or finish them. Pluse I'm also out of ideas for them.

For now I think I'll sit back and read other peoples stories before I write my stories.

Thank you for reading,


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