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Hello, just so you know, this is angelinajfan322, new and revised. Spent like an assload of time on neopets roleplaying, and I come out renewed and revised. Got rid of most of my old stories mostly because I have grown to dislike them and partly because I got a new computer and lost all of them. So don't yell at the new me, I'm much better now!

I will not be getting rid of me poems since they have attacted themselves to my heart and I could bare to do it but I have more to add, not all will be related to Teen Titans. So learn that patience is a vertue! (I love that this is still up here after I already deleted my poems. Aw well, I think I will keep it for laughs.)

My personal info:

Name: You may call me Nikki

Gender: Yes I am a girl

Hobbies: I love to draw, write (obviously), roleplay (the kind where you basically write a story, not the website stuff. But I do like that too.), I love to develop my cartoons I have come up with, it really is fun. I am very fashionable, even if I probably can't spell.

Future job goal: Owning my own production company, producing my cartoons, which I just mentioned, possibly moving on to live action movies.

Favorite ships:

Actually I don't really have any 'ships' at this point. I am open for any pairing, as long as I like the story/plot.


I am a roleplaying freak after spending... I have no clue how long, roleplaying on neopets.
I'm really into drawing and thinking of cartoons, I want to be a cartoonist someday, so yeah.

I know that I don't update often, or I go some time writing then I suddenly stop. But my computer died, and I finally got it up, so please don't be mad, I really am trying.

TV Shows:

-America's Next Top Model

-Will and Grace

-What Not to Wear

-Little People big World

-Girls Next door


-Gossip Girls

-Ugly Betty

-The Office

-Teen Titans

-Avatar: The Last Airbender


-Legion of Superheroes

Our Favorite Quotes (and by our I mean mine):

(In a fried chicken place)
Me: I can smell the heart attack.
Friend: Yeah, he's standing there over the deep fryer.

(Just a random phrase I have coined.)
The pen is mighter than the sword, mostly because its pointy and can fit in your pocket.

Original Characters:


Powers: Can create and control fire, is strong, some powers are unknown at this point.

Age: 16 almost 17

Hair: Jet black, style changes often.

Eyes: Grey

Backround: Her biological parents died in a fire when she was a baby. It's not known at this point what happened to her foster parents but they are no longer around. She is a member of both the Order of Scath and the Order of Azare. She is currently living with her father, Slade.

Story/Stories: Histories, Infirmitas


Powers: Can create and control any form of water, she is also the Guardian of Atlantis, giving her powers she cannot summon on her own will, only when Atlantis is in danger.

Age: 16

Hair: Wavy blonde

Eyes: Sapphire blue

Backround: Athana is the princess and Guardian of Atlantis. After finding out about being the Guardian of Atlantis and that her parents blatenly lied to her, she ran away and went to land and met up with the Titans East and her childhood friend. It is believed that she is now dead.

Story/Stories: Heroes Don't Cry

Upcoming Projects: For all of you who follow my work, I have decided to let you in on some ideas of mine coming down the road. I have a couple I want to write now, but everytime I try to write two stories at a time, I end up quitting one. So you'll have to live with one story at a time. which means be patient.

Vengeance: As a strange blizard hits the city in the middle of July, the Titans are eager to figure out what has caused this. But when a strange girl comes seeking Robin with an even stranger past and story, will they still wish to learn of this mystery? What is this about a necklace? And how does Robin even know this girl?

S.S Disaster I will probably change the name. an old story of mine, I really want to redo it.
The Titans need a break, and luckily the city thinks so too! They are sent on a cruise in order to unwind, and end up stuck in the middle of a boat trip from hell. But what will happen if a familar face shows up to taunt them?

Another Secret Project: Gee I wonder if it has to do with the Laura Wilson storyline? Just maybe, but I'm not going into detail about it, just so I don't ruin the ending of Infirmitas. For arguments sake lets call it Daddys' Girls, nuf said.

My website:

You need no explaination, it is mine and you shall love it. (Technically its not mine, I'm just admin)

92 percent of the teenage population would die if Abercrombie and Fitch said that it wasn't cool to breathe anymore. Put this in your profile if you're part of the 8 percent that would be laughing your butt off.

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