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Wait, you actually want to read a bio?? Ah...bleep... hurriedly conjures a moderately coherent document Will this suffice?

Boring factual stuff:
A Name: me Tisiphone. Age: I think I'll let you guess. Hobbies: Reading anything in the dark/urban fantasy genera or horror or fantasy or manga or metaphisics and magic (I don't practice, but I like to read about it .), occasionally watching movies and anime, drawing like a mad fiend and, when I'm totally fed up w/life, reading/writing fanfiction. Place of Residence: My "cave" in a wacky portion of Oregon.

I suppose if you want to see a list of favorites, I'll just show my favorite novels (I enjoy talking about them anyway):

1: Nightlife/Moonshine/Madhouse/Deathwish by Rob Thurman

2: Way of Shadows/Shadow's Edge/Beyond the Shadows by Brent Weeks

3: WebMage/Cybermancy/CodeSpell/MythOS by Kelly McCullough

4: Crystal Cave/Hollow Hills/Last Enchantment/Wicked Day by Mary Stewart

Hmm...should I include favorite manga...? What the heck:

1: Rurouni Kenshin

2: Black Cat

3: Godchild/Cain Saga

4: Project ARMS

I should probably note: I mostly read manga, and don't watch anime much unless one gets recommended to me by a friend or I've read the manga and want more. So most of what I write is going to be based off the manga and not the anime (presuming they have one).

For the most part, I do RK fics...granted, the only ones I've ever published are RK, but I have other bits and pieces from other stories lurking on my hard drive...most of which really should remain unheard of. I may eventually branch out one day, but for now, I'm happy to stay here. Though one I'm working on now crosses over w/"Black Cat" and an outside chance of "Godchild" later on. Not sure yet.

Oh, random thought on that subject, anyone ever notice the similarities between Train & Eve and Cain & Mary? It suddenly occurred to me the resemblance is a little uncanny. There's differences, yeah, but

The last few years I've mostly read fanfiction; haven't written much and published none. I've instead been devoting my creative energies to writing my own novels (no, I'm not published yet, but hopefully will be soon), and I've also got my own manga planned--we'll see how that goes. The only reason I'm back on here and publishing is because 1: This story's been banging around in my head for months and I'm finally breaking down and releasing it into the wild. 2: Sometimes it's nice to roam with characters I don't have to create. 3: I feel it has potential to be really exciting and I'm curious to see where it goes when let loose.

If any of you happen to be wondering when I'll finish the stories I started back in '05...I won't. Looking back at them now--ouch, man, they're so juvinel! Please, forget about them. And if you haven't read them and are curious about them, drop that thought right there and back away slowly. Trust me, they're best left unseen. My writing style's changed dramatically since then, and I'd hope it's gotten considerably better.

Um...Oh! If you're wondering about the avatar, yes, it's a screen capture from the CATS DVD. I've loved CATS since I was tiny, and Mistoffelees is my favorite cat on the show, so I got a pic. of him.

Umm...I'm out of ideas, outside listing all my favorite whatevers under the sun...which would bore me to tears, so I won't.

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Rurouni 12 reviews
Title should say it all! x Uh oh! What happens when the boys of the Kenshin-gumi find a 'Spring of Drowned Girl' behind Sano's house? (Rating for hentai baka tori atama)
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Kissed by an Angel reviews
Kenshin and Tomoe are Angels, and they're charged to help Kaoru out on Earth. One problem: the two Angels know nothing about human life. Romance later! Slight comedy(hopefully)!
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Seeking Vengence reviews
The Kenshin-gumi are out for Shishio's blood after he slaughtered their village. How will they pull off a six person assult against the king? Takes place in a fantasy worls, magic, Rating to be safe, romance hopefully later
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