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~K E E P_ Y O U R_C O M M E N T S _TO_ YO U R S E L F~

AbOuT Me;

Name: Call me either Kelly, Kanata, or Chopsticks.
Occupation: THINKER.
Age: ...
Gender: ...I wish I was a it.
Location: Lost in my mind
Personal Opinion Quote: Huh...?
Personal 'Disclaimer': I...don't know.


Binded Kiss
Series: DearS
Couple: Natsuki Ikuhara x Khi
About: One Shot? Natsuki Ikuhara and Khi are friends (which we should all know). Even though Khi likes his host family, he’d like to spend a lot more time with Natsuki. One day, he says he wants to be Natsuki’s slave, and seals it with the sacred kiss. What will Natsuki think about it?
Other: The idea for them as a couple came out of the sixth volume. It kind of just randomly popped in my head, so I decided to support them together. I mean, Khi seems to be the only DearS that Natsuki likes.

About: Three oneshots. Centers around the three main couples.
Couples: Ichikawa Gaku x Nagase Kai, Fujimori Sunao x Hashiba Sora, Nanami Kai x Minato Shinichirou
Rated: 13+ (IchikawaxNagase)/16+
My Comments: Okay, the main reason why I decided to write this was because of my mad obsession of Ichikawa and Nagase together. My mind was pratically torchering me to write a fanfiction for them, so I came up with a one shot. Of course, I like the two other main couples in the story, so I'm like "Lemme just do one shots for the main three couples". Who knows; if I'm in the mood, I'll mix up the couples a bit. Like, have ShinichirouxSora and that. Well, I hope you enjoy these oneshots anyway!

Kinomoto Sakura x Sora
About: A Cardcaptor Sakura and Kingdom Hearts crossover. Sakura devolps a crush on Sora. Enough Said.
Couple(s): Kinomoto Sakura x Sora
Rated: 10+
My Comments: ShugoTenshi Sakura wrote her own SakuraxSora fanfiction (in fact, she's the one who came up with the idea). And then I told her I just had to write my own. She said it was fine. So, here you guys go! Hope you enjoy it!

About: Cloud and Sephiroth are fighting once again. But what happens when Cloud accidently cuts Sephiroth's hair?
Rated: Teen
My Comments: I just watched Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children yesterday (November 10, 2006), and I was watching those two battle. Sephiroth's hair is so long...I'm suprised it HASN'T been cut off by a sword yet. XP

Kelly Journey: Pokémon With A Twist - Kanto
Pokémon (No, duh!)
Age Rating: Youth (10+)
Well...none in this first season
About: Kelly is a new Pokémon trainer. While getting her Pokémon, she meets a boy named Ash Ketchum and ends up traveling with him. A re-write of the anime (yes, from the FIRST episode), with an OC overdose.
My Comments: I love Kelly. And other than that...there is seriously an OC overdose in this. There's like...OCs coming, everywhere (well, not really). This is about the seventh REWRITE of the story.
Disclaimer: OC Overdose Warning! Please do not read if you hate/don't like anything that has to do with OCs (such as OCxCannon-ness). DO NOT COMPLAIN ABOUT THE OC OVERDOSE OR ANY OCxCANNON! Sakura (Kiara) and Yuki (Lenn) (c) to Shugotenshi Sakura. Used with permission. I also don't own the Pokémon anime. Only DVDs. I'm just a fanatic!

Kairi's Internet Business
Kingdom Hearts
Age Rating: Mature (16+)
Akuroku, Soriku...and a bit of other different Sora/Riku/Axel/Roxas/Kairi/Naminé combinations.
About: One day, Kairi goes onto a message board and reads post bashing her. She decides to change her personality in order to keep those people happy. Also, in order to win the hearts of those people, she begins up an internet business.
My Comments: Slightly based on an MSN roleplay I was in. Other than's my original (?) idea. Written in first person.

sToRiEs On HoLd;

Mew Project 2- Ryou and Retasu's son, Yugi, one night he hears his mom say something about a bad feeling and being a Mew Mew. Yugi didn't believe the mew mews existed until he and his two friends, Riley and Kelly, broke into an old Café...Café Mew Mew.
Reason for Putting On Hold: I don't really like Tokyo Mew Mew anymore. .-.; I mean, I like it, but it's not worthy of my top 10 anymore...o_o; And no, it's not number 11. -_- It's more like...50 on my top 100 list. o.o

Strange Encounters- This includes Mew Satou!~nya! Since she is one of my online friends...anyway, Both of us end up meeting in there, along with other online friends. It's a cross over to tons of anime. O.o And the girls fall in love with some of the guys in there.
Reason for Putting On Hold: Actually, I might redo this one. Most of these people I don't really even talk to anymore.

Sailor Moon R: The R stands for Revenge: Um...It's the return of Sailor Moon? ha ha ha... .-.;;;
Reason for Putting on Hold: I need to think up more ideas...o.o

A New Melody-I really like Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch (Pure) It's so awesome! This is going to be about my MMPPP OC, Satoumidori...Sugar Green. XD There is gonna be a see, she was never allowed in the water. She's been living on land all her life. One day, she finds out that she is a mermaid when she goes into the sea. And guess who she meets first...the villians! She is holder of the Black Pearl. O.o (Even though I think Sara already has a black pearl...but I could be wrong. o.o)
Reason for Putting on Hold: I need to like, re-read, maybe re-write and watch more Mermaid Melody. XD

Hoshino's Story : SHAMAN KING! XD Just my OC... And she becomes a Shaman. (And now I need to get more SHAMAN KING manga and stuffies to finish this. XD)
Reason for Putting on Hold: I need to learn even more about Shaman King before I start this. O_o; And The fact that a lot of people hate when I throw my OCs into the stories...

Impossible Love- It's my PaixSatoshi fanfiction~ Nothing I can really say except...PAIxSATOSHI ROCKS! -gets hit by an empty pizza box-
Reason for Putting on Hold: o_o I NEED this to get written. ;_; It's gonna be awesome~

Sailor MoonxTokyo Mew Mew- Another crossover story! Which I recently just found while searching through my files. o.o
Reason for Putting on Hold: o_o Do I even know how to do this one?

.hack//Birthday Suprise
Series: .hack
Rated: Teen
About: Serena tears open the wrapping paper only to see something she didn't want; The World. Her parents encourage to try it, so she does so. As soon as she enters, she makes a new friend. A few hours later...well, let's just say Histroy repeats itself, even if it's not in the same country.
Other: Your typical .hack story. It's mostly OC filled, but whatever. I started to write this when I read .hack//AI Buster.

Don't Tell
About: Riku and Sora made a promise to keep their relationship secret. They try their hardest to keep it a secret. What happens though when they have Kairi hanging out with them and popping in at the wrong times, almost getting caught?
Couple: RikuxSora
Series: Kingdom Hearts
Rated: 13+ (?)
My Comments: My prediction; this is going to be popular with my friends. My Cannot Be Denied fanfiction is - my friends tend to demand more when they like it a lot - and this is one. Two of my friends already like it. (The first chapter is all finish; just needs to be revised and posted up, okay?) This is also my first Kingdom Hearts fanfiction. Suspect two others to follow this one. And my friend told me what happens to Hollow Bastion in the game. I don't care. This is my KH world, not yours or the games. Well, sorta...o.o

Yamibuki Convention!
Series: Pokémon Pocket Monsters Advanced Generation
Rated: Youth, 10+
About: Satoshi-tachi just arrived in a new town. There is a Pokémon Contest going on, so Haruka decides to enter. Three of her rivals are there (Shuu, Harley, and Kanata), so of course she’ll join! When they mention it, Satoshi starts to freak out, grabs Pikachu and they run away. Satoshi mentions to Pikachu that he’s going to enter the Pokémon Contest…as a girl!
Other: Many people like this so far. Don’t worry, I didn’t give up! I just need to re-check a few things before continuing! Thank you so much for liking it!

Cannot Be Denied
Series: Gravitation
Rated: Older Teen, 16+
About: After Shindou Shuichi is kicked out of Yuki Eiri's apartment again; he and his sister hang out more. Due to this, Maiko (Shuichi's sister) gets to meet (the hot and sexy) Yuki Eiri. Maiko ends up getting into a fight with Yuki, claiming he doesn't spend enough time with Shuichi. Yuki finally says those three little words Shuichi has always wanted to hear him say, but does Yuki really mean it, or no?
Other: Those who have read it tend to say I sound like a professional. They also want to read more. I highly recommend reading; only if you’re not a homophobic though!

UpCoMiNg StOrIeS;

Age Rating: Teen (?)
Couple(s): YuikoxRitsuka
About: Yuiko is suddenly kidnapped by Septimal Moon. Both furious and curious (I didn't mean to rhyme), Ritsuka sets out to resuce his friend. When he arrives, he's about to find out something very shocking!
My Comments: Well, I'm a YuikoxRitsuka supporter (and a SoubixRitsuka supporter) and thought about writing a fanfiction with them. This fanfiction is based off some "what if" that keeps haunting me. If I tell you, it'll spoil the fanfiction. Even though you probably already have a clue anyway. Wanna know? Really, really, REALLY wanna know? If so...PM me. X3 Of course, it's nothing too special.

? (Title Currently Unknown)
Series: Loveless
Age Rating: Older Teen
Couple(s): SoubixRitsuka
About: One day, Ritsuka's insane mother goes out of control and almost kills Ritsuka. Who is Ritsuka to turn to? Simple; Soubi. After Ritsuka explains the situation to his 'temporay' Sentouki, Soubi offers to let Ritsuka stay with him. Does Ritsuka reject or does he go? Read to know.
My Comments: Dude, I already started to write this! All I need to do is...type this and finish it. And decide on a title.

? (Title Currently Unknown)
Series: Sukisyo
Age Rating: Older Teen
Couple(s): IchikawaxNagase
About: I have no clue yet. XD;
My Comments: All I know right now is...that it's going to be six chapters long. I'm hopping some inspiration will come to me soon so I can get working on it. The only thing I can figure out so far is the romance scenes (like...kissing...and stuff...'n'...stuff). For the story itself...abosolutly NO clue.

? (Title Currently Unknown)
Series: Kingdom Hearts & Cardcaptor Sakura
Age Rating: Youth (10+)?
Couple(s): I dunno yet.
About: Odd events have been happening in Sakura's hometown. Unforutnaly, nobody can figure out what the cause of the events are; since they were obviously not caused by Clow Cards. One night, she notices an odd looking creature outside her window, walking around the yard. What is this strange creature? Where did it come from?

Sora and his friends have had an uneasy feeling for the past few weeks. The feeling of Heartless and Nobodies have been haunting them where ever they went. Naminé - speaking through Kairi - tells the three friends that an alternate world is in danger. A world that is farther away than the worlds they had visited; it's in a completely different area of space. What is this place? And how would they get there?
My Comments: Darn you Shugotenshi Sakura! Darn you for making me want to do KH & CCS crossovers! Oh well, it's cool. X3 I'm thinking that I'll alternate between Narrator views. One view of the Narrator will follow Sakura and her friends and the other will follow Sora and his friends. Why? 'cause I feel like it. No freakin' way am I writing in first person though. Okay? Okay.

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