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Hey... Chapter 7 is up! Hope you enjoy... Meanwhile, if you'd like to help me out:

Happy Chapter Ten!
Well, I need some help with chapter ten. I’m going to need……………..I don’t know, quite a few newspaper articles…and some scenes from a dream. I only have several preferences:

For the dream:
Sirius must be present during sometime of the dream! The scene must have happened, somewhere in the past.
Other characters, such as Lily, James, Remus, Harry, or any others, may be present!
Voldemort cannot be present. (So, it can’t be Harry’s dream about his parent’s dieing, with Sirius turning up at the very end)
Please make it as original as possible!
Sirius must do something odd, or out of character. Basically, something that will make the dreaming character wonder when she/he wakes up.
I have chosen the character already; you just have to do the dream!

Does that make sense?

For the Daily Prophet Newspaper Article:
Feel free to go wild!
It has to have some reference to either the Dark Angels, a recent Voldemort attack, the Order of the Phoenix, problems at/with the M.O.M., Harry Potter, or, uh, any other thing! I mean, I don’t want an article about the latest Fred and George invention (although an advertisement about the, “Grammar Correct Pill” would be funny. Sorry, that’s a stupid idea. I was just thinking about the We/Us argument), though the article may have advertisements, but more along the lines of something a tad bit more serious.
It can either be truthful, or a big slab of baloney by Rita Skeeter.

Both entries must be within reasonable size. Nothing over 1,000 words…nothing over a page, actually! Less than 500 would be preferred. Ginny will have a series of short clips of dreams; so more than one entry will be selected for that. There can only be one news article, though if you have a catchy advertisement or title, it may be included somehow. PLEASE, ONLY ONE SUBMISSION PER TOPIC (so at maximum two submissions per reviewer) I may just take a bit of your article, so please do not be upset if the entire thing is not on the page.

Uh, I hope that covers everything!

More questions, comments, or your entries may be sent to:
Please do not include your entry in a review, but questions/comments can be posted there. Please include your email with your article, so I will have some way to contact you.


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