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Author has written 18 stories for Harry Potter, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Naruto.

Name: Hikari M

Age: 23

Location: Sydney, Australia

LJ: hikari_ishtar

Fandoms: Yugioh, Naruto, Dragon Age, Harry Potter, and as of July '13, Death Note!

Pairings: I'm very particular. In Harry Potter, I'm straight-up Lily/James. In Death Note, Light/L. In Dragon Age, F!Hawke/Fenris or F!Hawke/Anders, and angst only. In Yugioh, I'm straight-up yamis/hikaris, even though not all my stories reflect that. I have a big Marik/Bakura one, what the hell? I don't even like that pairing!

For Naruto... okay, there's a lot of characters to go through. Naruto/Sasuke, obviously. Neji/Gaara, Shikamaru/Temari, Sakura/Lee. I also don't mind Tenten/Lee. Ino/Chouji. Kiba can go with almost anyone, ladies' man (or man's man) that he is, but my current preference is Kiba/Kankuro. Also don't mind Kiba/Hinata, Kiba/Shino (though Shino is damn hard to write) or, weirdly, Kiba/Neji. And... who else is there? Oh! Kakashi/Iruka. Gah, there are so many goddamn characters!

Current favourite thing: Murder mystery parties and musicals. Because I do both.

Stories Listed alphabetically :

Anonymity -

Fun bit of yaoi. Did I really make Neji incestuous?! Wow.

Dogs Do the Silliest Things -

Er... my first yaoi fic. I'm kind of embarrassed by it, but just look at the number of reviews. How can I possibly take it down?

Guess Who -

Yami B 666's and my pride and joy. It's simple, perhaps not entirely accurate, but it's something everybody can understand. It still makes me blush a little bit when I get new reviews for it!

How to Disarrange a Marriage -

This is me writing what I know. I've gotten married, so I know wedding stuff. Also, I needed a big Gaara/Neji. I feel like it's a really popular pairing that just isn't expressed as often as people would like. Also, how hard is it to not be OOC with those two?!

I Love Her, I Hate Her -

Definitely not my first Harry Potter story, but my last finished. Could do with some serious editing and plot-shifting, which I'll get around to whenever possible.

I Thought I Knew You -

From back in the day before I discovered that fanfiction is primarily read, honestly, for pairings.

Lost In Translation -

I imagine that everyone who reads this wants to know, did Naruto know it was Sasuke or not? I never intended to give the answer, nor did I know what it was myself, but everyone else certainly has an opinion! Manuca has written this story from Naruto's point of view, so although I neither agree nor disagree with what she thinks the answer is, I recommend it. There's also a wonderful doujinshi of it:


Partnership -

All of a sudden I had an urge to see Kiba/Kankuro, to write it, to scour every bit of the manga and anime for a sign of it ... I don't know why. Just in the last week or two I've gotten addicted to it, even more than for Neji/Gaara, which I love. But Gaara's just so hard to write, I feel like it's easier to find decent Kiba/Kankuro out there. And I decided I'd like to add to it. I really wanted to write a oneshot with sex in it, because I adore sexual tension and build-up and I find that a lot of oneshots really struggle with that. And that's why this monster is over 7000 words. My neck hurts after sitting here typing it all up.

Stockholm Syndrome -

Wrote it in about two weeks while I was suffering from homesickness in Japan. I'd been desperate to write a Stockholm syndrome-based story regarding the yami/hikari relationship, because while I love YxY, BxR and MxM as pairings, realistically (following the canon), they don't make a huge amount of sense. Well, YxY may be a slight exception, but you know what I mean. So I wanted to make the transition gradual and painful, creating doubt that the relationships could actually be real. I wanted each pair to have their own issues (the Ishtars fighting for dominance, since that's essentially their relationship in canon, fighting over control of the one body; Yami not believing he should be alive, because if he did, then the canon ending would be a LOT different!). I wanted Ryou's issues to be most prominent because it's the one that, as a pairing, is the most difficult to portray properly. In my mind, there's no way Bakura would just hang around living with Ryou after getting his own body. That's just not him. So finding a way to put them back together needed heaps of exploration. Also, BxR is the relationship that best exemplifies Stockholm syndrome: I know I've always looked at the canon moment where Bakura defends Ryou from Slifer's attack to be a big moment for them, and really, it wasn't Bakura being nice; it was just the absence of cruelty. And one of the 'signs' of Stockholm syndrome is beginning to believe that a captor showing an absence of cruelty is the same as them showing affection. That definitely says Ryou and Bakura to me.

Strangers on a Training Ground -

It's been a while since I've gotten out a normal, light-hearted oneshot, so here one is! Very, very loosely based on the concept from Strangers on a Train, of two people plotting murders for each other to deflect suspicion from them. Only instead of murder, there's kissing. Also, hey, my first Neji/Gaara thing up here! Even if they're only the secondary couple.

The Bond -

Yeeeeeeeees, I finally got a chapter of Harry Potter out there! I know body-swaps are overdone to high heaven, but I really think I have some at least partially-new ideas to offer. I feel so comfortable in my anime fandoms, though, that being in HP sort of intimidates me. Like, because there are so many more fans, they're going to be way more critical.

The Break-Up -

This is completely planned out and will hopefully be completely posted within a short space of time, unlike everything else [Later edit: sorry. I'm such a big fat liar. It's nowhere near finished]. The idea of 'bonus points' is somewhat based on the NSW Educational Access Scheme, which doesn't actually give bonus points, but does allow for special compensation if you've experienced a traumatic event during year twelve so that the universities you apply to know your marks are usually better. The idea for this basically came from me and my boyfriend joking about how we should have staged a break-up this year to qualify for EAS. Considering the depressing nature of this story, I'm certainly glad we didn't!

[Later edit: that boyfriend is now my husband. Funny how these things work out!]

The Bright Young Things -

I started writing this when I was sixteen, then I left it for about five years. Then I mustered up all my strength and came up with an ending that I think worked way better than I could have predicted. Especially considering the ending that I planned in 2006 was something like, "And then they all had a huge orgy. The end."

The Most Frustrating Week of My Life -

It's difficult to write because with each chapter, I want to raise the ante just a little. Just enough to push them over the edge by the end of it. Very much still active. My main difficulty is figuring out how to differentiate the chapters so that it's not just the same stupid joke every chapter. It needs to be worth reading and not skipping from Chapter One to the end.

The Trial -

Yet another fun one, and one that's changed a lot since I first started writing it. That'd be because I write it so sporadically; sometimes within days, sometimes after several months [Later edit: or sometimes many, many years]. This one really shows me how my sense of humour has changed in my writing. Whilst not necessarily any good as a story, I find it interesting to read.

Usurper of the Throne -

My first and only vampire fic! I'm having such a kick writing it. Bitter Sasuke is a fun main character. This is entirely, thoroughly planned out, and the only thing standing in its way is the fact that I'm back at uni. I'm glad that it seems to have achieved what I wanted, which was to be a different kind of vampire story. I just love taking old ideas and putting a new spin on them. The hardest part about this was trying to fit romance into a story that's essentially Sasuke hating Naruto, and continuing to hate him more and more until... until events happen. I didn't want to put romance in just for the sake of it, so I had to tread carefully. But I think I've got it worked out nicely. [Later edit: I've completely re-written the whole second half of this. It's changed... a lot. Like, including who dies and everything.]

In the Future:

Extermination - Kiba's house needs to be fumigated, so he spends the next two weeks at Shino's house. Since Shino is the fumigator's son, Kiba assumes their house will be bug-free. Not only is he dead wrong, but there are a lot scarier things than bugs in this house. Adventure/Suspense (romance??)

Hydrophobia - Gaara diagnoses himself as hydrophobic: whenever he gets too near water, he faints, sometimes not waking up for hours. When he faces his phobia by going on a cruise ship, things start going very, very wrong, and he becomes uncertain as to whether he's actually 'fainting', or whether he has a hydrophilic, and very psychotic, second personality living inside him. Horror/Suspense

Another as-yet unnamed one is a beauty my husband suggested - a noir detective story about Shikamaru (the lazy, disillusioned detective) and Temari (part of the mafia family). Even thinking about it gets me excited. I've never written a straight Naruto pairing as the main couple before!

And something Malik/Marik and AU. I now have a plot for this and a tiny bit written! Malik gets disillusioned with ordinary high school life and decides the best way to make life more interesting is to have a fling with someone whose life is already crazy. Enter Marik. Enter a whole world of crazy. Romance/Suspense

I've also got a Hawke/Anders story for Dragon Age, but it's got a million flashbacks and I'm trying to decide the best way to structure that. Also, I'm a Fenris person, so it's hard sometimes to resist the urge to have Hawke just punch Anders. Or at least say, "All right, I'm going into the Fade and killing Justice to make you normal again!"

Oh, and also a Hawke/Fenris AU one about her going to Tevinter and killing Danarius and taking possession of Fenris. Which has been done a lot, but like with The Bond, I am not afraid to take a common idea and do my best with it.

And a Naruto truth or dare story! I've already got a chapter and a half of that one done. I love truth or dare stories, but... well, honestly, it's really hard to find a well-written one. I'm hoping people like it. In fact, maybe I'll post it RIGHT NOW.

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Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

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