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Hi there.

I used to have this space filled with a bunch of those BS faux-personal questions (I actually referred to them as such), like "Favourite Movie" and "Pet Peeves", but it was really more of a thinly veiled attempt to get some laughs with my quasi-clever responses than a way of summarizing what I'm actually like. As much as I like getting laughs, I've had the same jokes up ever since I started on FanFiction, and they were starting to get really old, so I just scrapped the whole thing and replaced it with this, which may or may not be any better.

Anyway, I'll come right out and say it: I'm here to have fun. I do not claim to have any expert knowledge about good writing, although I am of course willing to review any stories brought to my attention (but not proofreading--I don't really have enough free time to regularly do anything more in-depth than give general reviews). I also do not claim to be an authority on any of the characters I write about--everything I write is my personal take on things, so if you don't like my characterization of, I don't know, Robin or someone, don't worry about it. That said, I don't take kindly to flames telling me how my personal take on things is wrong. If you think so, that's none of my business, but similarly what I think isn't any of your business. I am open to reasonable discussion, but not to flaming, nor to demands that I change what I have written.

Reading over this past paragraph, it's starting to look like I'm contradicting my statement that I'm here to have fun, but while it is true that I take some aspects of my writing seriously (such as actively trying to improve, responding to flames, and so on), having fun is still the reason I'm doing this. I genuinely like the stuff I'm writing about, and I want to try my hand at telling the stories that I would like to tell about these characters and settings that I find so fascinating. It's kind of like therapy, letting me share my ideas with people, while at the same time being practice to help me write better. What it comes down to, really, is that while I want to have fun and tell some (hopefully) good stories, I also want to tell them well, so to a certain extent I have to take my writing seriously.

Moving on to the stuff I'm working on now: I've finally finished 'Split' and 'Watched', and am now moving on to another serious Teen Titans story, 'Sulphur and Brimstone', which will be dealing primarily with Starfire. She isn't my favourite character in the show, but I still find her mix of wide-eyed innocence and ferocious warrior instincts interesting. In the cartoon, the focus is squarely on the innocence part, but in the comics it's actually quite surprising sometimes just how fierce and aggressive she can be, almost to the point of savagery at times. Her body type is also significantly different--she is taller than Robin in the cartoon, but in the comics she's something like six foot four, a far-cry from the lanky, awkward-looking girl that appears in the TV show. In more ways that one, too, a point that her rather skimpier outfit drives home without even an ounce of subtlety. And her boobs, man...ahem. But enough about that. I hope to touch on the paradox of the warrior's code of honour at least a little bit in the story, although I think it will mostly have Starfire facing her darker side.

I will also be working on a much less serious Titans series in which I spoof, lampoon, and generally just make fun of some of the stranger features of fan fiction, as well as just some stuff I find funny about the show and comics themselves. I hasten to point out that while I will be making fun of certain common patterns that appear in many pieces of fan fiction that I find to be absolutely absurd, none of it is intended to hurt anyone's feelings. I will simply be expressing my opinions through satire, and everyone is of course free to disagree. For those of you who read my 'Silly Villainy' series before it got taken down, expect a similar brand of humour, although of course not in script format.

Anyway, have fun.

Quote of the Day/Week/Month/Indeterminate Span of Time: "How about we seal you up in your big flying metal head and send you back into space?" -Jade, from 'Outsiders' issue 25.

Embarrassing Hormone-Induced Comic Book Nerd Quote: "Holy crap! Look at the tits on Spider-Woman!" -Me. (Is it my imagination, or are female superhero body types just getting more and more unreasonable as time goes on?)

(Quick note: For those of you who have seen reference to either Silly Villainy or my spoof of the ending to Apprentice Pt. 1 but can't find it in my profile, that's because neither of them are posted anymore. Silly Villainy was banned because it was in script format, and since the Apprentice spoof was also in script format I took it down on my own so FanFiction wouldn't smack me with a rolled-up newspaper or something. If you would like to see either of these stories, I will gladly email copies to anyone who asks for them.)

(Another quick note: Is it just me, or does this profile edit box just randomly get rid of the spaces between words sometimes? I swear, it was right when I typed it.)

EDIT: In case the massive gulf of time that has opened up since my last update on Fanfiction wasn't enough of a clue, my fanfic writing is currently on an indefinite and, quite frankly, probably permanent hiatus. I apologize if this disappoints anyone.

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