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UPDATE: ALERT: I'm back :)

Chapter 11 of NC is now out! (May 19, 2010) -- Not working on Chapter 12 yet!

Chapter 3 of CL is out! -- Working on Chap 4 (ETA: ??)

Hey all! I've been so out of it for two years?! Wow. To be honest, I'd sort of lost the creative juices and motivations to continue writing my stories. However, I don't like leaving things behind like that. I have come back and will try to finish the stories that I have posted so far. I can't guarantee any dates and frequent updates as life is just to unpredictable. Hopefully you'll still give it a chance and help motivate me through? anyways...

Now.. a bit about me...

AGE: 22


Ethnic: Indian

BIT ABOUT ME: I was born and raised in Canada. I now go to university, have a part-time job, not to mention family and friends that tend to take up most of my time. And let's add two kitty's too now! So much to do! Anyways, I still love fanfictions and always will! Although I'm currently in an Asian Drama phase... I will not give up on fanfics! :P

FAVOURITE ANIME: Yu-Gi-Oh, Naruto, Inuyasha, Ouran High School Host Club, Death Note, Gundam Seed, Gundam Seed Destiny. A new one that I've started and am COMPLETELY IN LOVE WITH is Skip Beat.

FAVOURITE MANGA: Vampire Knight, Hot Gimmick, Hana-kimi, Hana Yori Dango, Haou Airen, Skip Beat (All time favourite! If you haven't read it.. GO READ IT! :P), Honey Bitter, Ghost Hunt, The One.

My favourite couplings are:


Seto/Tea(my favourite pairing), Joey/Mai, Yami no Bakura/Tea, Malik/Tea, Marik (the yami version)/Tea...(Yes I Am pro-Tea), Mokuba/Serenity(it's such a cutee pairing!)

Note: Although I do not like Serenity myself, I will not be bashing her in my stories. In most cases, I try to keep all characters in light. But I'll try to keep all characters in a good position depending on the story :)


Sesshomaru/Kagome(luv this pairing!), Inuyasha/Kagome, Sango/Miroku.


Sasuke/Sakura (LUV THIS ONE), Itachi/Sakura (AND THIS ONE), Naruto/Hinata:P


1. Deadly Love (aka. love betrayal and deceptions)- Life can be a beautiful journey when ones in love, but what happens when the one you love betrays you? What happens when the only thing you can do is watch, as the one you love turns away? Now COMPLETE I want to thank everyone for their wonderful reviews! I luv ya all!

Current Stories: (In progress)

1. Nightmare City- My world ended on that very day, when a liar became a victor, when the saviour became the lost, the day the city turned to dust, and the day that my life became that of destruction. (official summary -- ) The world that they once knew exists no more. No more freedom, no more happiness, no more life. Everything changed after that one mistake. Whoever knew that trusting someone could cost the world its life? Who ever knew that one little mistake could separate friends, and bring destruction upon humanity? Who ever knew? SetoTea (Yu-Gi-Oh) This story is now in progress. It is set after battle city, and in a bit of a dark way. Chapter 11 is now up. Not Working on Chapter 12 (expected chapters: 18).

2. Chaos Lane-(AU) What do you get when you put one girl, 5 celebrities, and crazy fan girls together? Chaos. Life for Tea Gardner had been a blast before she moved to Japan. Now, as she says goodbye to her family in Canada, she's going to realize just how hard it is to live in the spot light. (Not the best of summaries yet!) Chapter 3 is now up. Working on Chapter 4 (expected chapters: 15)

Upcoming Stories:

1. (untitled)- Sequel to Deadly Love. Her life was starting to go down a beautiful path with her marriage to Seto. Everything seemed so perfect, but then how can a happy ending ever exist? Especially when old friends are waiting right around the corner. Waiting to end all happiness. (Not a good summary as of yet.) Currently not working on story, will give status update later... expected chapters 15-20. (yu-gi-oh)

ON Hiatus until further notice:

1.Night's Eye-The streets of Domino were always safe and quiet, especially at night. But then, mysterious murders began claiming the lives of many. Could there possibly be a killer on the loose?Discontinued until further notice.


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