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Konnechiwa Minna-chan! I guess this annoying profile is like a year out of date, so I better update it, huh? Just, I spose, if you were by any chance reading my book, and wanted to know more about the mental writer! THAT'S ME!

Sailor Moon was my first love for anime, and I love Sailor Moon Stars way more. Anyone who like sailor moon but hasn't seen sailor moon stars, HAS TOO! it's brilliant, brilliant! ok ok i'll stop scaring you guys.

Lets see, I will list all the anime I have watched/ am watching. OH, and cartoon network sucks becuase they took toonami off the weekdays and put on STUPID KIDDY SHOWS! Why did they destroy the anime? that's wrong! There should be a protest!

-Naruto, sailor moon, yu yu hakusho, dragon ball z (all of them), gundam wing, tenchi muyo (the new one sucks, very sorry), inuyasha, rurouni kenshin (drools over kenny), chobits, card captor sakura, ai yori aoshi, ah! my goddess, a.i.r., and I watched the first few epidsodes of battle athletes.

Ok, as if anyone's interested, here is a bit about me.

I finally have my own horse, and he's a black and white paint, and he's GORGEOUS. and i love him :D

And anime, I guess I kind of went over. I love to draw anime, and not many people understand why I do. I guess it’s because of their emotions. They're sometimes so it’s different, and cool.

Also, if you've read my book, you can tell I love foreshadowing and unanswered questions. I promise, everything makes sense slowly, but you just have to wait.

Sometimes, I think I have these different people inside me. When I write my books, I go back over them, and wonder who wrote them. Oh, I guess I could add...

I am a teenager who lives in Texas. I hate people who judge me on where I live, because I’m not like that. Lots of people I’ve met are very sterio-type, because I'm English. As in, I’m not faking an English accent, I AM ACTUALLY FROM ENGLAND. that drives me nuts. people are always trying to use me to fulfill their sick fantasies about how a snob of a brit could act. I'm going to tell you right now, we don't actually say most of what you think we do. the reason why I’m so mad, is that all over America people have been doing this to me. I've lived in three different states in a little over five years. If you live in Texas, you should know, because some people have accents, and people bug them too about saying things.

Well...I guess that's over with. I hatewriting about myself. It always turns out wrong. But, I forgot to mention that I love reading people's reviews. No lie. It’s better than a lot of junk mail I get. Well thanks for reading! please give me lots of reviews!

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