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ok this is chibikurohikistune and Nimeria's place. we are co-authoresses. now for info on us.

first up Nimeria:

Name: Ducttape(Don't ask)

Gender: female

Hair color: blond

Occupation: part time student, full time minion

Specialty: Sci-fi and LOTR fantasy type things and stuff that invovles real people and not cartoons.

next Chibikurohikitsune aka the one typing

Name: i don't know cuz i was in a random amnesia accident that involed me forgetting everything and being afraid of Orlando Bloom which made me mad when i got my memories back. but i still don't know my name

Gender: female

Hair: black but it is my life goal to make it blue and i am currently working on how to make it look perfect

Occupation: part time student, most of the time sub-minion but now i am an honoray minion but i will become a full time minion then a cohoret then the supreme overlord and take over the world. but first i need to survive a movie fest

Specialty: manga, anime, cartoons, some books,and pretty much everything else that pops into my head.

Ducttape(dt): you know you are really pathetic

Me(i will remain anonoumous tildt says my name and i can's spell): yes i know that but what do you mean in this case

dt: Glitter, you have never had amnesia and knowing you, never will but will say you did anyway plus you could have postponed your hair appointment and gone to the movie fest.

Glitter(g, also don't ask): like i really care now that it's over. anyway in our story we will refer to each other by our pen names

dt: why?


dt: you didn't have to yell and you have no real power since i'm a minion and you are still in a way a sub minion and i rule over you.

g: it's not my fualt it's the government's fault and they shouldn't raise taxes and kerry scares me, but bush also scares me, and i don't remember but clinton probably scared me too and...

dt: as you smart readers have probably figured out by now i'm the less insane one.glitter just has a few mental issues to work out and group therapy is helping somewhat(turns to g)

g: and then they cut my hair off. it took me three years to grow it out like that and they cut it and the worst part was that i didn't even know but that's not the worst of it they didn't give me any candy for being good...(keeps talking about stupid childhood events)

dt: ok maybe group therapy isn't helping that much but we can always wish the world was perfect but that ain't happening. well here are some pretty funny quotes. enjoy:

"What do you burn apart from witches?"
"MORE WITCHES!"-Monty Python and the Holy Grail

"You cheated."
"Pirate!"-Pirates of the Caribbean

"We liberated the anatomy skeleton from the blodge lab and put Fatty, as we call him, in science overalls. We sat him at the back in between me and Rosie. Herr Kamyer is so duff that he didn't even notice until the skeleton put his hand up to answer a question"- (omg I started cracking up so hard when i read this. oh yeah, book title) Away Laughing On A Fast Camel (pg 259)

"As much as I hate humans I think I loathe tourists even more."-Hiei (yyh)

"Winner; the dimwit"-genkai (yyh)

"Since all peices of Kuro Momotaro have been down for 10 seconds, Hiei is the winner!"- Juri (yyh)

"I, Misao Mikamachi, see no compelling reason to give my name to villains such as yourselves."-Misao (rurouni kenshin)

"Nerd violence..."-Kurama

"Ninja's are revolting. They stole my idea. I have to kill them now."-Hiei

"This just got chilly...oh no! NOT THE TICKLE FEELING!"-Kuwabara(YYH)

"Those who won please follow me. Those who lost please get lost." Genkai(YYH)

"HHAHA, I'm glad you're so enthused. The game will be more exciting this way." Hiei(YYH)

"All the while we were thinking you were a brilliant strategist, but really you're just a lucky fool." Kurama(YYH)

"My whole life has been borrowed time!" Yusuke(YYH)

"There isn't a person alive who doesn't carry scars on his heart. If there was he would be a shallow soul." Hiei (YYH 1st Movie.)

"What we must decide is how to use the time we are given." Gandalf(LOTR)

"By my life or death if I can protect you, I will." Aragorn(LOTR)

"Gee Kuwabara, and your speech was so dramatic." Yusuke(YYH)

"That's Hiei. He faints but he still makes time for threats." Yusuke (YYH)

"Certainty of death, small chance of success. What are we waiting for?" Gimli (LOTR)

"I give you the Monster-Beast-Doughnut!" Kuwabara
"What a stupid name." Hiei
"Monster-Beast-DOughnut seems like the perfect name to me." Kurama
"Hey, mister, I don't like this one! You got chocolate with sprinkles?" Yusuke (YYH)

"Test? Come back to life? What are you talking about? Yusuke
"Hmm, How should I put it? Maybe this way: you're death was unexspected, down in the undreworld. So there's no place for you yet, in hell or in heaven." Botan
"No frickin' place for me! You're sayin' my dyin' to save that kid wasn't on your schedule?" -
"Well, I wasn't going to tell you this, since it would only bum you oout, but that kid was supposed to get run over, yet miraculously escape without a scratch!"-
"Huh? Without a scratch?"-
"Yeah, the ball was to act as a cushion. so, much as I hate to say this, your death was totally pointless!"-
"Yeah, I'd feel pretty terrible about it too, haha. Instead of no one getting hurt, the kid gets a few scratches and you die! Nice work, moron!"- (YYH manga version)

"The house is on fire" Sayaka

"Should I describe it to you, or would you like me to find you a box?" Legolas (LOTR)

"Really, Yusuke. Why would you send a blast that big know it would kill everyone, including Kuwabara?" -Kurama.
"Urgh, I was mad!" - Yusuke (YYH)

"Help me, Urameshi! I'm in a truck full of physic cannabils!" -Kuwabara (YYH)

"Tell me, what's it like living in a perpetual haze of stupidity?" -Hiei speaking to Kuwabara (YYH)

Yuusuke: "Tell you what: Give up now, and I'll only rip out ONE of your lungs."
Suzaku: "And if I refuse?"
Yuusuke: "Then hold your stinkin' breath."
(during the Saint Beasts episodes, YYH)

"What IS that ridiculous appendage growing out of your head?" -Hiei to Yuusuke when Puu is sitting on Yuusuke's head (YYH)

Yuusuke: "Hey, no hugging!"
Kuwabara: "I wasn't hugging you, you weirdo! I was trying to squeeze you to death!"
During Genkai's tournament (YYH)

"You're a team-player, a save-the-day superhero . . . I hate people like you." -Hiei to Yuusuke (YYH)

"Do you know why I chose him as my partner? So I wouldn't have to fight him myself. He's more cutthroat than I am in battle, and utterly ruthless." -Hiei to Yuusuke about Kurama (YYH)

"Kurama’s rose whip must be ten feet long. Where does he stash it? All the ways I can think of sound kind of painful . . ." -Kuwabara to Hiei about Kurama (YYH)

"I thought I was crazy, Urameshi, but ye take th' cake fer tha'! Ye don' make bombs go BOOM in yer face!" -Jin to Yuusuke, after Yuusuke's semi-kamikaze exploding Rei-gun attack during the Dark Tournament (YYH)

"I know you need to fight, but . . . If you die, I swear I'll kill you. Bang." -Keiko to Yuusuke. (YYH) Awww!

"Darn it! Don't DO that! We're still not used to you being at eye-level!" -Yuusuke to Koenma-in-teenager-form after Koenma sneaks up on him. (YYH)

Botan: (about Puu, who is sitting on Yuusuke's head) "Look, Yuusuke, he's got your hair!"
Yuusuke: "I'll say he's got my hair! He's got it right between his stinkin' toes and he ain't lettin' go!"

"I can't believe I said all that touchy-feely stuff for nothing!" -Yuusuke (YYH)

"Kurama, don't make me rip out your precious voice-box." -Hiei (YYH)

"'Youko has returned,' they cry." -Youko Kurama (YYH)

"Gah! He really is a fox-thing! . . . and to think I let him near my kitten . . ." -Kuwabara about Youko Kurama (YYH)

"Clearly, he must face his own demons before he faces us." -Kurama (YYH)

"You're like an ugly singer with a good voice: best for backup!" -Yuusuke to Kuwabara, (YYH)

"Sneezy, sneezy, ah-CHOO! Somebody special's thinking about you!" -Botan (YYH)

"Just because I don't like to fight doesn't mean I can't kick butt!" -Shun, Knights of the Zodiac

"I don't do fear." -Raven, Teen Titans

"Aw, man! Death and Poverty like me so much they brought friends!" -Vash, Trigun

"Hey! All demons are NOT created equal, y'know!" -Shippo, Inuyasha

"Will you please shut that hole under your nose?" -Richard, Case Closed

"Is anyone here NOT trying to kill me?" -Lupin, Lupin III

"Oh, mommy! Oh, geeze! OH, CRAP!" -Lupin, Lupin III

"Robin! You are unwrinkled!" -Starfire, Teen Titans

"Why do I get the feeling that one day I'll be describing this to a psychiatrist?" -Lisa, The Simpsons

"Hey! I just had a great idea!"
"Yeah, the first one's always exciting, isn't it?"

"TV is the petri dish that the world uses to grow its idiots." -Becker

"Lord . . . what the hell am I doing here?" -Wolfwood, Trigun

"This isn't some fairytale, when I kiss you, you don't wake up from a deep sleep and live happliy ever after...," "No, when you kiss me I want to die." - Angel Buffy

"I'm sorry but there are no killer rock throwing dwarfs on Long Island!" -Mickey

"You fear my touch but maybe you also want to know it." - Karasu (very creepy but still cool)

"You should know better then to corner an animal like a fox, karasu, we have a tendence to show our teeth."- Kurama

"Hn. The ninja's are revolting" - Hiei

"You better come up with a smart way to kill it or else... bang!" (love the look on his face) - Kurama

"Yeah I heard ya I'm just stupid" -Yusuke (Yu Yu Hakusho)

"Wow, Joey that dream was almost as touching as the one where you were making vanilla pudding with the monkeys!" - Tristin (Yu-Gi-Oh)

"If life gives you lemons make lemonaid, if gives you lemons... o_O " -Kera Sheden

"Random is good, Random will rule the universe with me and Shiny. Fluffy(from Inu-Yasha) can rule Pluto, and Fluff will rule Venus." me from my journal. dt: yup that really is in there. g: who said you could read my journal? dt: you did -;; g: oh yeah. on with the quotes

"Well, I had hoped to kinda like, be promoted from like, Random Surfer Dude to Radical Surfer Dude, but we'll have to see how the like, waves of fate crash on the great sandy beach of reality."( random surfer dude from shadow jaganshi's story "interviews")

"ignorance is bliss" i don't kno who said it but it's true

"Like i always say, 'honesty is the lamest policy.' Now for my fail safe method, lying blindly through your teeth without any remorse." Angelica from "All grown up"

"Go to Hell and get raped by Satan you coward!” i read it somewhere

some of my fav stories aren't on this site but you can find them at:

also check out this site:

it's a major crossover doujinshi

i should get money for the free advertising plus we're plotting to take over Russia but they did introduce me to fanfics so i'll let it slide.

more quotes:

"Commit suicide with you, i'd rather die" Akito from Kodocha: Sana's stage volume 8

"actually im still justa friar i can curse all i want. Dammit" Carl (Van Helsing)

"The stupidity of the human race amuses me." me, dt, after watching my brother attempt to turn on a batteryless flashlight for 15 minutes

"But why is the rum gone?" Jack Sparrow (POTC)

"Game over" Legolas (LOTR)

"I'm Lost!" Glitter after well pretty much all the time really.

"Imitation is the sincerest form of copyright infringement." Anonymous

HISTORY, n. An account, mostly false, of events, mostly unimportant, which are brought about by rulers, mostly knaves, and soldiers, mostly fools. -Ambrose Bierce

"What is an 'Oprah'?"~ Teal'c. Stargate SG-1, "Emancipation".

"You ended your sentence with a preposistion. Bastard!" Jack ONeill, "The Other Guys".

"It took us 15 years and 3 super computers to 'MacGyver' a system for the gate on Earth!"~ Samantha Carter, "Children of the Gods".

"Ow, ow, ow, fuck you, ow" Pippin (check out our homepage for that) playing with a squishy ball in the back practise room during band

"how 'bout we bring our bouncy balls to school" -duct tape/nim
"Yeah and we can play during band" -pippin
"Ok, 1. no guys, 2. no throwing, 3. NO PEOPLE!" - bane

"where's your trumpet?"
"I, um, uh, took it home to practise"
"Yeah right. you don't ever PLAY!" -glare-
"I'll, uh, look in the back maybe it'll turn up" band instrutor and incompetant trumpet player who's nice when you get to know him

"and the stoners that sit behind me were talking during class and they said 'you horny bastard, you're always masturbating, even during calculus.' and the other one said, "calculus?...calculus...calculus...CALCULUS...calculus(sigh)' it was really wrong." -bane (known as bann on

"I don't get it, they teach us the spanish word for 'avocado' but not 'where's the nearest airport?' so when we want to find the airport we just jump up and down and scream 'aguacate, aguacate'" -pippin again

"Are you selling him on the internet to pay the bills again?" -me(glitter)
"Yeah you caught me." -friend
"How come I didn't know I was being sold as a man whore." -boy toy
"It wasn't important, honey" -friend
"If you're lucky you'll get the rabi." -pippin
"If you're really lucky you'll get the pope" -me(Glitter)

"What is he doing?" -me(glitter)
"Just ignore him he's being wierd again." -my mom talking about my brother

"She didn't know this place burned down." -friend from tennis
-points to me and dt-
"which one?" -another friend from tennis
"...uh..." -1st friend
"Doesn't matter they're practically the same person anyway." 2nd friend

"There's three of us. we're like the trinity. I wanna be the holy spirit."
"I wanna be the father"
"You can be the son"
"But I don't wanna be the son"
"Too bad" pippin and two of our friends(the one that's forced to be the son is the same one that tried to sell her boyfriend in an earlier quote) during english

"What are you guys doing in the dark in the back practise room?" -pippin
"Spanish" -me (glitter)
-holds up book, notebook, colored pencils, and study guide-
"Riiiiight" -pippin

"Ask him if he has rippling abs and a shimmering butt"
"Ok" -puts phone up to ear- "Do you have rippling abs and a shimmering butt" -pause- "He doesn't know what they are and he doesn't wanna know"
"well he should know. doesn't he have a mirror?"
"I can't believe we're discussing my boyfriend's rippling abs and shimmering butt" Bane and Bow visit our page for some original stories and poems

"... the batman, which is a ride," pause"where you sit down in ... seats" pause "and you fly... like a batman"- a boy who will remain nameless in our speech class. giving his impromptu speech on theme parks

"and i went.. with my grandma" pippin, who has been trying hard not to laughs snorts and tries to turn it into a cough, i lose it at the funny sound so glitter starts laughing, and like a domino effect pretty soon the whole class has their heads between their knees trying not to actually make noise. accoring to glitter the best part was watching the entire class just slump down to that posistion from their attentive up right ones. oh yeah same kid same speech as above

"but there are also bad kinds of magazines like magazines that sell... drugs" alright so that was me (dt). i couldnt help it. it was my impromptu speech on magazines and i needed something bad for them to sell and the first thing that came to mind was drugs. i about lost it then too

"i don't really like sitcoms" glitter during her impromptu on sitcoms

"everybody likes sitcoms." our speech teacher on glitter's rubric for that speech

"press A! press A!" our friend widget trying to get her partner to press A on the controller whilst playing mario party. and two seconds later.."stop pressing A! stop pressing A!"

"the puffs will protect me!" me, dt, id had a bit too much sugar and pizza and i was gonna walk outside with only a bag of cheetoo puffs

"...and then things will go to you-know-what." pause "I can't say 'hell' can I?" -speech teacher
"you just did" -fuzzy

"Shut your pie hole" -pippin
"I don't eat pie" -widget
"That's right cuz you're a vegetarian" -pippin
"Pies don't have meat" -widget
"Yes they do. you know like the baby tigers, they're call 'tiger pies' " -pippin

"A good friendship is based on hatred, angry, and despair" -pippin
"But you always beat widget up" -me (glitter)
"exactly" -pippin

"We first met in art class. We bonded over paint fumes" widget at lunch

"TIGER PIE!" -pippin
"KUMQUAT!" - widget, don't ask

"I don't get it, we learn how to say 'underwear' but not 'where's the airport?' " -pippin

the following quotes are from when Nim/Duct tape and our oldest little brother stayed up til two in the morning in his room trying to make a lego bomb. i was asleep.

"Princess Bride sucked." -oldest little brother
"Princess Bride kicked Tallodega Night's butt." -Nim
"Tallodega NIghts doesn't have a butt." -oldest little brother

"Shiny Muk" -Nim
"what!?" - oldest little brother
"A shiny Muk" -Nim
"What? oh, the card. Sweet baby Jesus that was wierd. I thought there was some kind of shiny muck oozing through my walls or something." -oldest lil bro

"Here's some more PokeMon cards. I knew they were somewhere I just didn't expect them to be in my sock drawer." -oldest lil bro

"Somewhere over the ocean, something, somthing, something." -oldest lil bro
"It's rainbow you moron." -Nim
"Oh" -oldest lil bro
-Nim laughs-
"Shut up" -oldest lil bro

-oldest lil bro yells in German-
-Nim laughing-
"What?" -oldest lil bro
"I can't be sure, but I'm pretty positive you just said 'stop the please now quickly' laughs " -Nim
"Shut up" -oldest lil bro
"But it's funny" -Nim
-oldest lil bro throw a pillow-
"Oh. Oww, my poor side. Why can't I stop laughing?" -Nim

"It's flowery, you girly girl!" -oldest lil bro
"Mom gave it to me for Christmas" -Nim
"Girly Girl" -old lil bro
"She gave you one too." -Nim
"We're all girly- wait... what!!?" - old lil bro

And that's the end of that. There's more but i'm too lazy to type their odd bonding moments. on to other quotes from the infamous Quote Book, dun...dun...dun...

quotes from:

theology class:

"What do you guys think of when you hear 'Athens'?" -Sister
"Spartans" -one of the guys
"Good, what else?" -Sister
"Vikings." -another guy
"You think the vikings came from Greece?!" -Sister

"They moved on into a seaport town. What do you have in seaport towns?" -Sister
"Pirates." -1st guy from above quote
"Well, yes but-" -Sister
"Skanks" -same guy
"You mean prostitutes. And yes to some degree, but what I was looking for was criminals" -Sister
"Isn't that what I said?" -same guy

"It wasn't a commercial it's out of...Canada. No, wait it's from the U.K." -same guy as above

"...Bars, brothels-" -Sister
"What are brothels?" -Goose
"Prostitutes" -Sister
"What are prostitutes?" -Goose

I didn't mean to trigger something about Bill Clinton, we're talking about the Pope!" -Sister

"Yeah, Goose."- 2nd guy from first quote
"Well, at least I know the Resurrection was important" -Goose

"I'm sure glad i got new eyeballs over the summer." -Sister, talking to me(glitter/chibi)

"Sister, I heard you got implants over the summer!" -one of the guys, first thing he said one the first day


"That was an awfully guilty admitance of innocence." -Band director

"What I need you to do is be a basson at 25" -Band director
"So I'm a basson at 25?" -boy toy
"Yes" -band director

"Everybody noticed, right guys?" -band director
"Suuure" me(glitter) and a trombone player
"What are we noticing?" -same trombone player
"I'll tell you later. It isn't convincing if I tell you while he's here." -band director

"Sorry, but I'm going to have to hate you now." -band director talking to above trombonist

"Is it my fault I'm lazy?" -me (glitter)
"Actually, yes" -bow
"That was a rhetorical question!!" -me

"I thought the wheel of doom was a person of doom." -widget


"Alex, are you frickin' retarded!?!" -Alex's mom, that made us laugh

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