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Author has written 9 stories for Pokémon, and Sabrina, the Teenage Witch.

Status/Entry as of January 09, 2013: Don't expect me to write fanfics anymore although I put some drabbles on my tumblr... even if I do write them, they're probably crossovers and hidden somewhere in NM's LJ... XD You may find me here though.

My Profile

Real Name: Avegaille...pronounced as Abigail, mind you...

Old Ffnet Name: Nicole May (so for those people who are wondering why my fanfic is made by/written under the name Nicole May, that's my old ffnet pen name but it is my current fictionpress pen name...) but a little explanation to old pen name is really simple. "Nicole" comes from a certain character named "Nicole" in the Sabrina animated movie, and "May" is from the Pokemon series.

Other A.K.As: I am sometimes known as bunnyp69, bunnyp90... depends on the forums I joined in... hmm, most of the forums I joined, I used or changed my user name to Avegaille... XD

About me: I work as a Directory Assistant... before. But I recently changed my job. I'm a CS now.

Description about me when it comes to fanfics: I like Humor in general. I never write or read a fanfic that never has funny stuff included in it. Sure, you make think I don't have a good sense of humor, but hey, that's what you get when you live here in our country. xD; And also, I never write a fanfic that does not have my name in it. Simple reason: it's because there are a lot of people who likes to steal and claim stuff as their own. Interesting, eh? Happened only once though, but yeah... better safe than sorry. Besides, my OC Avegaille is only half of me in real life, the other half goes to Nicole May.

And the most favorite thing I like to write about the most is the things going on in the Pokémon Academy in Rustboro City. Hence why it has it series, both hand-drawn comics, sprite comics and sometimes, even used for my other Pokémon fanfic references.

My Likes: Misaka Mikoto, Kuroko Shirai, Mii Konori from Toaru Majutsu no Index/Toaru Kagaku no Railgun, Pokemon and other anime series that I'm too lazy to list here.

My favorite Pokemon anime characters:
Solana/Hinata, May/Haruka, Sarina, Nicole/Noriko, Oralie/Otone, Roxanne/Tsutsuji, Rebecca/Hitomi, Zoey/Nozomi

Pokemon anime/game shippings I support/like:
Hoennshipping (May x Brendan)
Rangershipping (Solana x Lunick)
Cyberpunkshipping (Rebecca x Rafe)
Avegailleshipping (Solana x May)
Grandeurshipping (Sarina x Nicole)
Disciplinarianshipping (Roxanne x Solana)
Seductionshipping (Solana x Tiffany)
Appealshipping (Zoey x Dawn)
B-ButtonShipping (Oralie x Haley)
CognoscenteShipping (Sarina x Nicole x Roxanne)

Fan Fics Written Plus Projects?
This Unsure Feeling (An Appealshipping 1sentence challenge in LJ) - (slightly on hold for other sets)
Another Chance (Grandeurshipping - Sarina x Nicole) - (on hiatus)
Four Friends To A New Beginning (revised edition) Cancelled
Sabrina, The Series: Everything at Their Firsts! (on hiatus, might not continue it)
What Awaits Ahead... (cancelled? XP)

The Pokémon Academy Series:

The Pokémon Academy series is about... well, a student. ((gets stared at)) Man, I suck at introductions. Okay, to put it in simple terms, it's a rather humouros story about Avegaille Amethyst and her friend (and rival) Nicole May Rustford, who both study in the insititute called Pokémon Academy. Due to the fact that the traditional way of the institute does not appeal to both of them, they have learned to work together and change the perspective on how teachers handle their students... and generally, to make their teachers... more open to their students... XP

The Arrival of a Coordinator! - (Finished)
- Meet Zoey, one of the most famous coordinators of the Pokémon World, well actually, just the Sinnoh Region... and also has been tied to various rumours. Roxanne hears from her two mischevious students about Zoey and decides to talk to the Vice-Principal on inviting the coordinator to the Pokémon Academy of Rustboro.

Current Year of Avegaille and Nicole May in this fanfic: Third Year

Changing the Academical Mood - (coming soon by ??)
- Roxanne's been acting strangely ever since that day. What or who could be the cause of it... only Avegaille and Nicole May knows... XP

Current Year of Avegaille and Nicole May in this fanfic: Fourth Year

School Life As How I See It - (coming soon by ??)
- The Pokémon Academy has always been known for its high quality education for its students. Due to its restricted norms, it has also created a rather boring and dull atmosphere to the students. Meet Avegaille Amethyst, a rather naive but smart student who wishes to change the way teachers and the administration handle the institute.

Current Year of Avegaille and Nicole May in this fanfic: First Year

Avegaille's School Sessions - (Coming soon by ??)
- a novelization of the sprite comic, this fanfic will tell stories of random events in Rustboro's Pokémon Academy revolving around Avegaille, Nicole May and their favorite teacher, Roxanne.

Current Year of Avegaille and Nicole May in this fanfic: Second Year

Little Area for How I see Reviews/Criticism/Comments/Something:

It's been almost 5 fucking years for some of the stories in here, so yeah, I know my writing sucks from way back. Went on a hiatus, and I might not even write fanfiction anymore (I have this feeling that I end up making characters OOC, hence why I work with my own original characters, since I made them). Or it depends. So yeah, if you feel like reviewing my old crap, you're probably too late cause I've already realized what's wrong and what I should work on. XD (Believe me, up to today, I'm still editing my original story due to grammar and writing style).

You can leave random comments about the story's progress or the character's interactions if you want.

And there we have it... now, I leave, as I go back to my other tasks before writing again.



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