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Author has written 2 stories for Gravitation.

12/17/06 In case anyone checks this just thought I'd let everyone know I hope to have Do I Have To? Updated before X-mas 2006. Sorry I've been gone so long but I do have some ideas for the story and a few new stories as well. I promise the first thing I'll do though is update Do I Have To. Don't hate me I spent 4 months without a computer!

The new Gravitation's coming out next year I'm so happy I could die. Somebody should do some fics with Riku in them. And I really wish someone would do a fic about the Panda Megamix, I want to read what other peoples ideas for what's going to happen there.

Love you all and missed you. Sigh It's good to be back.

I just realized that the profile thing was here so I guess I'll put something down.

I'm a huge Gravitation fan along with several others...

Descendants of Darkness
Tokyo Babylon
Angel Sanctuary
Love Mode
Fushigi Yugi
Fruits Basket
D N Angel (Not the anime)
The Get Backers (anime)
Dirty Pair
Cowboy Bebop
Level-C (Manga's better than the anime)
Howls Moving Castle (and anything else by Miyazaki)

and anything by CLAMP they're the greatest in the world. The list keeps going I'm to lazy to type it, that might be why I haven't finished my fic yet.

I spend at least an hour a day on this site just reading fics. I like writing but I only want to work on one at a time so it could be a while before I put out any other fics but I hope people like the one I'm currently writing.

I'm a liar I know now I'm working on two stories and want to tear my hair out because of it. Grrrrr, on a lighter note I'm getting a Kumagoro tatoo around the 15th of August 2005. I just haven't decided which pose I want him in. I love Mr. Bear! So cute! Anyway that's all I wanted to add.


Dear Diary ahem I mean readers. Well I just wanted to say that today I had a completely Shuichi Shindou moment. For anyone who is intrested in what kind of person I am continue reading.

It was about ten o'clock at night and me and my mom were watching Independence Day. I was playing Harvest Moon on my Game Boy when I noticed something move out of the corner of my eye. I looked to the side and a huge fcking spider was running across the back of the coach toward me. I screamed and tried to jump up and get away from it. Unfortunately there were some magazines lying on the floor and my foot nailed one. I went down like a pile of rocks fortunately the table next to the couch decided to use my left jaw and neck to break my fall. So now I’m sitting on the floor still trying to get away from the spider and crying my eyes out. I mean really I’m kind of like Yuki that way I don’t cry very often so it was like Shuichi crying. I scared the hell out of my poor mom I think she thinks I’m crazy cause she couldn't find the spider. Anyway when I got up the next day I couldn’t help but think I must have looked like such a spaz. To me it was a totally Shuichi thing to do but then again that could be my warped sense of reality. Just thought someone out there might like to have a good laugh at my expense, I know my mom sure did. I'm also now sporting a nice bruise on my jaw.

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