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Hello there!

I'm BackForBreakfast (if you're a Red Dwarf fan, you'll get the significance of the name!)

I'm just a regular person who loves to write and draw! I love films and books alike, and enjoy the LoTR trilogy, the BttF trilogy and the Indiana Jones trilogy. As you can see I am into trilogies! Of course, I also love Red Dwarf, and my favourite character is Rimmer. Although if you want the full order, it'd go Rimmer, Lister, Holly, Cat, and Kryten.

In Friends, my favourite character is Chandler (yes, I know that's a common opinion!) I am not a Mondler fan (I think he is much funnier before he got together with Monica), but I do think that some Mondler moments are sweet. The most important relationship in the show for me is Joey and Chandler's friendship. I have so many Friends plotbunnies I want to explore, so if you have anything you'd like me to write, send a note my way!

In Wreck-It Ralph, my favourite characters (and canon pairing) are Fix-It Felix, Jr. and Sergeant Calhoun. Such an awesome couple. If you haven't seen this movie, go and watch it right now - it's one of the best animated films I have ever seen!

My favourite genres are supernatural, slight angst/hurt/comfort and friendship/reunion fics. I do occasionally write comic/humorous fics though. I especially enjoy it when people write things that would never happen in fandom canon, as I love reading the reactions of the characters.

So what fics do I have up here on

My first attempt at Red Dwarf fanfiction! This one is currently on hold (basically because I screwed up the planning and can't think of a decent ending!) But I shall definitely finish it someday. This fic is set during series III (my favourite series), and details Rimmer's spotting of an alien craft, which isn't quite what it seems to be...for we all know that in the Red Dwarf universe, there are no aliens!

Thoughts of a Forgotten Night
My first Red Dwarf drabblet, this was a piece I'd always wanted to write since I saw Thanks for the Memory, one of my favourite episodes. In this fic, I try to explore Rimmer's thoughts during one of the nights on which he was still carrying around those months of Lister's memory.

This is the First Day of the Rest of Your Death
I'd have to say that this is probably one of my fave fics I've written here! The gap in the books really intrigued me - just how did Rimmer react when he got the same news Lister did in The End? It was very interesting exploring this from another character's point of view - especially since there's another (rather big) bombshell to drop in regards to that!

Conversations from The Dwarf
This fic is basically a compliation of little drabblets and excerpts from imagined conversations between Lister and Rimmer, mainly set in their bunkroom, but also venturing into other places! I love using these disconnected chapters as character pieces. With this fic I try to go for something slightly different every chapter - if you have any suggestions they're always welcome! This will be a constantly ongoing work!

Christmas with the Dwarfers
Ah, this has to be a tie with This is the First Day of the Rest of Your Death for my fave of my fics! I had so much fun writing this! This fic is set on Christmas Day, and details the reaction of all the crew to that fact. Because it's a Christmas fic it does have the tendency to creep into fluff at times, but hey, it's Christmas! This was also the first fanfiction I'd ever fully completed that wasn't a drabblet!

Quite A Caper
I've always wanted to write a Rimmer-comes-back fanfic after seeing him leave in Stoke Me A Clipper. I feel the dynamic of the crew is really messed up without him there and loved thinking of a way to write him back into the story! This is an Alternate Universe fic and takes place sometime after Ouroboros but before Epideme.

A Friends body swap fanfic. I've always found this device to be incredibly interesting in exploring characters - and yes, it's partly inspired by Red Dwarf! Focusing on Joey and Chandler's friendship, and also Chandler and Monica's developing relationship, the characters learn something about themselves whilst coping with this rather unusual situation.

When I was feeling a little down, I wrote this fic, which details what happens three hundred years after the remaining crew of the Dwarf are wiped out. Only Rimmer is left, being a hologram, so this explores his internal thoughts and how he goes about his day to day life - plus somebody's plan to make his "life" a little brighter.

Game Over
OK, I have to admit it - I adore Hero's Cuties (for those not familiar with the term, that's Felix and Calhoun from Wreck-It Ralph). Such a wonderful Disney couple. So I had to write some fluff about them! I find the world of Wreck-It Ralph to be very interesting and almost poignant in a lot of ways, so it's the perfect setting for some hurt/comfort/angsty stuff! In this fic, Calhoun dies in her game for the first time, and Felix sees it from his game.

The Return of General Lockload
Credit goes to my friend Helenna for the idea for this one! General Lockload is a character who was written out of the first film so I have re-introduced him here. He's Calhoun's boss and he's very protocol-driven and strict. He doesn't take too kindly to the meek and shy Felix, but maybe they can convince him that love can be found in the strangest of places - you'll have to read to find out!

I love reading your reviews, so any comments are appreciated! I always reply to comments in the next chapter of my fics!

See you around, and I hope you enjoy reading my fics!


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