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Damn, its been way too long since I've been on here and updated ANYTHING. I apologize from the bottom of my heart, you guys. I know I know I KNOW you're all problly dissapointed and frusterated with me, and thats okay= Cause Imma make it up to you all! How? I'll actually update=D Yeeey! Okay, and just so you know, I'll TRY to be better about updating things, but in all honesty life has gotten really troublesome and rough about the whole "having time to do shit" stuff, but I'll try to make time.

Once again, I apologize.


OK! If you have noticed, I've deleted several of my stories. That was because I have so much going on. I'm going to continue them and when they are finished with them completly, I shall have them re-posted. Please do not be angry. Its all under control. Thank ya - Angel


name : Michelle Angel Susan Miller. Planning on changing to "Angel Arianna Elizabeth Rose" In the near future.

Nicknames: Missy Sue, Prongs, Chell/e, and more commonly Lucky.

age : 15

eyes :Magenta shifty eyes ok ok ok! They're Blue! Ya happy?

hair color : Blondish Brown

hair length : Justbelow my shoulders.

likes : causing trouble, getting into mischeif, animals, reading, writing, boys, hangin with my buds, and Anime.

dislikes : Punishment, teachers, homework, sleep,being stuck inside on a mild Autum day, math, and being rejected. (only happend twice O.O)


color/s : black, blue, silver, red, magenta, lime green, and pink.

quote/s : "you just wait till i get out there.", "Do Not make me mad, Im running out of places to hide the dead bodies!", "Welcome to the dark side...we have cookies here", "when life gives u lemons, through them at your enimies", "Im in my own little world, its ok they know me here.","I know how u feel, i just dont care." and my favorite "Only one guy is worth your tears, thats the guy who will never make you cry." and then MY quote :
"I do NOT suffer from Insanity! ... I'm enjoying Every minute of it!"

Anime/manga: inuyasha, card captors sakura, digimon, rave master, code lyoko, Naruto, Vampire Knight, Fullmetal Alchemist/, Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch/, The Gentlemen's Allience, and others I can not think of at this current time..

Games : Zelda, FF9(IX) FF CC, animal crossing ; ) and soulcalibar!

Shows : Teen titans, spongebob, danny phantom, Punked, Boiling points, Wild boyz, and Brandy and Mr. wiskers! LOL J/K, i dont like that last one

Books Harry Potter (all), Singer of All Songs, and ...whoops, my brain went dead and I cant think of any more.


EMZIES: Emz has been a VERY important part of my life. I've known her for a HELL of a long time, and she's ME in another body and an ocean away. I swear--we're twins. We read each other's minds all the time and finish the other's sentences. She's my sister, and I love her with all my heart and soul. We've been through good times and bad and we'll be together forever. Its love. XD. Padfoot and Prongs, Together Live On.

MAT: (Aka. Mommy Mat) Mommy Mat has been there for me when I need someone to cry to about all the drama junk of being a teenager. She always seems to understand and has yet to fail me with the right thing to say. I love you, Mommy Mat. =

CAMI: Cami pulled me through some deep shit when me and another one of my CLOSEST friends got into a friendship-ending fight over something extremely retarded. She slapped some sense into me, and I owe her all the world. I love Cami, my HomeTown-Sister. Distance can never be too far for friendship. XD

SHELBY: Ah, Shelby. XD YOU my friend, are effin awesome. XDDD Shelby is my beloved RP buddy and she loves me as much as I love her, and I love her quite a lot, thank you. She's my adopted little sister and I would pretty much do anything for her.

and finally

CHEYNNE: My Sasuke-obsessed, anime loving, totally insane friend who can make me smile even /she/ doesn't wanna make me smile. We have the most interesting conversations and arguements. Its years of intertainment to come.

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