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Writing is my life. Where would I be without it? Probably rocking in my corner, listening to myself scream in my dark void.

Ooo... it echos...

Anou, where shall I start? Well, it all began when I was three years old... Naw, I'm just kidding! Konnichiwa! I am Darkfox, A.J., Aisuhana (Ice flower), Tokoyami, Yami, or Rachael. For now, I'll call myself AJ.

I am a certified lunatic. Yup yup, got the certificate right here, next to my sexy picture of chibified Kurama.

Maybe you want to know more about me. Good, because I'm going to. But not the way everyone else does. You know; "My fav. animes are... and I despise... blah blah blah."


Let me begin from the beginning. I'm a genetically engineered half human, half fox demon, made fourteen ningen years ago. I would've been full fox demon, but something went wrong, and the lab imploded. So I'm half and half.

I'm not pretty. That's for a fact. And I try not to make my own characters (oc's) perfect, either. But sometimes it can't be helped.

My best friend is in my imagination. His name is Blu, and he's my muse. He gives me inspiration! But he's very overprotective of me. Call him my boyfriend and get chopped into little pieces.

I live for music. And currently I love Evanescences' 'My Immortal'. /sighs/ If only I could find the cd sometime in the near future...

I'm escpically fond of Furuba mangas. And Yu Yu Hakusho. And Marmalade Boy. But that's it, I swear! (Blu- She's lying.)

Ok, let me get one thing straight. Blu is a very dark creature. He's like Hiei, for Kami's sake! He'll kill you if you look at me funny! Kami, I feel like Yukina here...

I bet you want to know what the hell I look like. Nyah, you'll never know! (Blu- She can't decide what color hair she should have.) BLU! How do you know these things! (I'm reading them on my computer in your head that's connected to your brain.) So that's why I keep having these headaches! Stop it! (Whatever, baka) See? What'd I tell you!

If there's one thing that I cannot stand, is plagarism. I bugs to no frickin' end! >:

Anou, I guess that's all I have to say. I hope you enjoyed reading about me! Oh, one last thing before you go: I am horrible at HTML. I hardly know how to operate Microsoft Word! So therefore, my fic's format might suck. I'm sorry, but I will try to get it fixed sooner or later, and try to update more often. I'm a very busy girl, what with homework, tests (She only just go finished with her... Taks test, was it?) Yes I did, Blu, and it was flippin' hard! And I still have exams come the end of May! Junior High sucks big time, I swear!

Recent fics of AJ's (By: Blu)

The notebook-YYH- on hiatus. AJ is in need of inspiration and needs to revise the first chapter.

Miss Wrong-YYH- to be deleated. AJ admits it was crappy. Sorry to all those who actually liked it.

Destiny-Furuba- one shot.

Another night without you-YYH- one shot songfic. Not very good, but what the hell.

+(bows) Thank you for reading this at all. if you have any questions, e-mail. (disappears) +Peace, love, and empathy, AJ the great half fox assassin/author

Oh, and if anyone would like to email me a 'What If' for something I'm doing for school, I'd
greatly appreciate it. I assure you, you will get credit for it! Ja ne! (ex: What if Botan's hair really was dyed blue?)

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