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My name is Amber, and I'm 16 years old. I'm five foot, five and a half inches, and I'm going to be a senior in high school. My favorite classes are English (hence my writing obsession) and Science (when taught by a competent teacher). This past year I took two extra English classes, Mythology and Creative Writing, and I had a ball in them!Except that my Creative Writing teacher sucked at grading stuff...


I live with my mom (Cora), step-dad (Leslie), and sister (Samantha, 15) in Michigan. I have almost zero contact with my biological father, whom I detest. Through him (and his overactive sex life) I have two half brothers (Tim, 16; Erik, 8) and a half sister (Alyson, 1). Unfortunately I rarely ever get to see these three because they live throughout Michigan.I also have a dog, Sugar (Or, as my mom calls her Princess (this was her name when we adopted her as a pup) Brown Sugar Leibowitz... But then again my mom is weird).She is a mutt, but that makes her all the more unique.

I also consider myself to have a home away from home, The Funni Residence. I may spend more time there than I do at my house. To find out about that house, see BooBack's info.

Physical Discription:

I am about 5'5" or 6" (Brittany thinks I'm taller than her, but I'm not so sure... I wear heels a lot while she wears flat soled sandles...). However, wether I'm taller than Brittany or not doesn't matter because we both feel short by Dimitry, Paul, and whoever the third person was that she mentioned in her profile.I'll say Andrew... He's really tall. My favorite color is Blue, but for a list of my favorites, just see the bottom of this profile (well near the bottom, at least).

I love my eyes! If there is one part of my body that I feel completely at terms with, it is my eyes. You know how you read about people's whose eyes change with their emotions. Well, that is me! When I am really happy or excited they are a bright blue. When I an sad they get darker, and when I am angry, they turn grey! I love it when my eyes are grey.I think it is the coolest thing ever! Unfortunately, when they are grey, I am angry and most likely couldn't care less about it at the moment. I have blond hair... wiat, no I don't. I died it brown a while ago, but I keep thinking I'm a blond still.At heart, I guess I am. My hair is past my shoulders, right to the top of my chest, I suppose.


I am a music chameleon, I swear.I can listen to almost anything and like it. I love old stuff: The Beatles, Journey (are they considered old?), The Eagles; I love rap: Eminem, Eminem, ... okay, so I love Eminem. I also like that song I'm so lonely, although I don't know who sings it. I love country: name a song, name a singer and I like it.Sugar land is probably my favorite group, although I like Rascal Flatts, LoneStar, and others just the same. Cowboy Troy is AWESOME as well. I like other stuff too though. Good Charlotte, Simple Plan, Simle Empty Soul. The list is seriously infinate. OH! I won't say I'm in love from the Disney Hercules Movie. I LOVE THAT SONG!

Oh, Micheal Jackson's Thriller. My mom made me listen to it, and surprisingly, I'm glad I did.

Reading and Writing:

I love reading. I love writing, possibly more. Books: The Lovely Bones, The Harry Potter Series, Princess Nevermore, The Green Gables Series, His Dark Materials Trilogy. Genres: Fiction, Fantasy, Historical Romance, Romance, Horror. Authors: Heather Grahm, J.K. Rowling, Phillip Pullman, Stephan King.I am currently reading four books. I try to read a seperate genre for each book, such as now. One romance (The Cameron Series), one myth (The Arabian Nights), one classic (Anna Karenina), one sci-fi (Hitchiker's Guide To The Galaxy). Because of this system, I don't confuse plot-lines.

Moving on to writing... I am currently in the middle of a bunch of projects. I am writing The Pageant with Brittany, I am proofing The Engagement so that I may soon repost it (I was so unhappy with it before that I couldn't continue), I am writing a one-shot off of the song Bloody Valentine by Good Charlotte (Really Angsty, be prepared), I am revising Be Careful What You Bet On for Brittany so that she can change any mistakes or tie up any loose ends before she finishes thestory, and I am writing my own Non-Potter story. I'm extremely busy with all of this, but luckily I went on a 2-week vacation where I had over 60 hours in the car. 20 there, 20 back and then about 20 while we drove around everywhere.


The Aviator (I loved how it portrayed the internal conflict of OCD with Howard Hughes... Genius, thank you Martin!), Dogma (Alan Rickman), Harry Potter (Alan Rickman adn Emma Thompson), Love Actually, (Alan Rickman and Emma Thompson), Sense and Sensibility (Alan Rickman and Emma Thompson... again)... Actors: ALAN RICKMAN (shocking I know, I just fall apart at his voice, though), Hugh Grant, Tom Felton, any other hott English Actor I'm forgetting? Others... Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, George Clooney, Sean Connery, Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom. Actresses: Emma Thompson, Emma Watson, Julia Roberts, Kiera Knightly...


Possible Colleges: University of Michigan, Purdue, Northwestern. Possible Areas of Study: Creative Writing, Professional Writing, Secondary English Education, maybe Science too though... Before I Die: Go to England and Austraila, Write a book (Hopefully publish it), Get married and have at least two kids (adopted is fine, you know if my husband or I can't actually... you know, lol). When I Die: February 19, 2090. I will be 101 and seven days


Color: Blue
Food (over all): Kirkland (Cosco Brand) Trail Mix
Meat: Turkey Patrami
Cheese: Chedder and Motzerella (Chedderella)
Dairy: Cheese... Besides that, Chocolate Milk
Fruit: Kiwi
Veggie: Asparagus, Brussell Sprouts, and Spinach (I know, I'm weird)
Snack Food: Kirkland (Cosco Brand) Trail Mix
Grain: Ummm Does cereal count?
Actor: Alan Rickman (How can you not love that voice?)
Actress: Maggie Smith (I saw her in YaYa Sisterhood adn I couldn't stop laughing!)
Book: Most read book-Princess Nevermore... Favorite- Harry Potter and theHalf-Blood Prince
Posession: My Teddy Bear (Like Brittany, I can't sleep without it)
Place to visit: Florida
Scent at Bath and Body Works: Country Apple (DISCONTINUED!)
Scent besides B&BW: Gasoline (I totally agree with Britt!)
Non alcoholic Drink: Mountain Dew
Alcoholic Drink: Strawberry Daquari
Outfit: My super long jeans that require my four inch tan heels (then they still touch the ground), a tank top (Red or black... or white), and a jean jacket
Number: Eight
Condiment/Seasoning: Ranch
Type of Dog: Yellow Lab (here Odie!)
Water: Ice Mountain
Ice Cream: anything with chocolate! (I like the girl scout cookie flavors)
Brand of jeans: Glo
Song: I don't know the title...It's by eminem...Let me check google...Mosh, I believe... I just love the way he vents at Bush... "Weapon of mass destruction that we call our president..." It's great...
Singer: I consider him a singer... Cowboy Troy. Otherwise, Martina McBride
Group: Sugar Land
Pepsi or Coke: Coke
Boxers or Briefs: Boxers
School Subject: Mythology
Besides Mythology: English
Flower: Carnations, Pink in memory of my grandma
Candle Scent: Cinamon or Vanilla
Shampoo: Kiwi Lime
Shoes: WTF kind of question are these? My tan four inch stilleto heels. Sandle, stilleto heels.
Pasttime: Reading or writing
Pen: Blue and Silver gell Pens. Together
Store: Target. (10 discount!)
Car: One that works
Movie: Peter Pan, Finding Nemo, Any of the Harry Potter Films, Pirates of the Carribean... the list goes on
Restaruant: Olive Garden
Hobby: Writing
Website: my website
Machine at the gym: the pool? lol I don't go to the gym
Pool: Underground... 12 feet (my neighbors pool works nicely)
Window Brand: WTF? Pella because they did our windows.
Carpeting: Berber
Slogan from a Candy bar: I don't know.
Candy Bar: Heath
Tree: Ebony
Holiday: Halloween (I'm going to be Hermione!)
Cloud: Big white fluffy ones
Appliance: Fridge
Type of computer: One that works
Type of Paper plate: I'm not even going to answer that.
Type of Day: cool with a light rain falling as I walk on the beach with a boy... ahhh
Season: Winter
Percipitation:A Light Snow
Color of flames: Blue
Natural disaster: I don't like disaster
Utinsel: Do you have to ask? Chocolate Spoons, Vanilla Forks, and Butterscotch kinves. Oh, ane the newly initiated Strawberry Spork.
Radio Station: 99.5
Fossil Fuel: ummm Coal? That's the only one I know of.
State: Michigan, it's all I know.
Waterfall: Niagra Falls (the only one that comes to mind)
Kind of Mineral: Does Emerald count or is that just a gem?
Drug: Benidryl (that is so spelt wrong!)
Vehicle: plane
Video Game: Kingdom Hearts
Jewelry: Anything silver and sapphire
Place to live: Australia or England
Accent: English
Country: England and Greece
Greek God: Athena
Norse God: Thor (Sorry Brittany)
Egyptian God: Isis
Kind of book: Historical Romance
Battery: Kirkland (Cheap and effective)
Direction: North (I'm trying to get to the North Pole)
Parallel: 45th (sure...)
Interstate Highway: 696
Name for a girl: Tara
Name for a boy: Conner
Shoe size for men: 47 1/2
Children's book: The Velvetine Rabbit
Metal: Silver
Element: Uranium (Radioactive, baby)
Fungus: Foot... Foot Fungus
Type of cup: Goblet...Of fire
Tub: One that holds water
Sexual Fantasy: Brittany and Me. That's all I can say. Oh, Chelsea can come too... I've been told to say that Brittany is not gay. She doesn't want any rumors flying around... Neither am I. It's all a joke.
Creamer: Cinnimon Hazelnut
Emotion: Manic Depressive
Comedian: Dane Cook
Harry Potter character: Hermione Jane Malfoy
Least Favorite: Ronald Bilius Weasley (DIE!)
Harry Potter Book: Half-Blood Prince


Sirius/Hermione (I once read a decent one of these. Time-Turner involved. I really liked it.)

Slash or Threesomes:

Draco/Hermione/Blaise (As long as Draco winds up with her :) )
Draco/Hermione/Harry (As long as Draco winds up with her :) )

Ships I Ablsolutly Abhor:

Ron/Anyone besides Death
Draco/Ginny (Sorry, but there is no connection there for them to even relate to each other)

Some Trends In My Writing:

Ginny facing a love triangle. She's married or dating one person and falls for another.
Hermione and Draco hooking up. (duh)
Random swearing and pointless plot lines.

My Stories:

Because of the sixth Harry Potter Book, these stories all seem to no longer fit. I'm instead going to write a different story.

Hermione Malfoy Trilogy:
The Engagement: Due to unfortunate events, Hermione is forced to leave Hogwarts a month before school is out. Fortunately, her fiance is able to come with her. They travel to America and are forced to make a new life. When a few unexpected events happen, what is the ardent couple to do? This is the first of a trilogy covering from the end of seventh year to the last spell of the Final Battle. Chapter One Nine!
Their Married Life: Hermione spends months helping with the healing of the survivors of the Final Battle.An extravagent marriage and extrodinary honeymoon follow. Then, with their first child on the way, Hermione and Draco make a new life in the only place they find they belong: Wizarding England. This is the second of a trilogy covering from the aftermath of the Final Battle to the raising of the little Malfoys. I have yet to develop the real plot line.
Their Legacy: Focusing on the young Malfoy children and their parents, this story plotline is still in the making. This is the third, and final instalment, of a trilogy covering from the first day of the youngest Malfoy child's schooling at Hogwarts to when I feel it is best stopped. I have yet to develp the real plot line.

Wandless Magic and Animagi: Hermione knows one skill and Draco knows another. They decided to give each other lessons in their art, and in the time frame of a few short months a friendship is born. Possibly a prequal to the Hermione Malfoy Trilogy. Unsure as of yet.

Bloody Valentine: One-Shot based off of the song by Good Charlotte. Hermione and Blaise are an item, but then on their first Valentine's Day, Hermione gets a threatning phone call from a stranger. Hermione tries to seperate his lies from truth, but in the process she discovers his identity and is startled by the recognigtion. Will his confessions of love spurr anything in her, or will he have to resort to force to get what he wants? COMPLETE

Memory Modifications: One-Shot where Hermione is Minister of Magic and she is in charge of one mans fate. Draco Malfoy. He makes his wishes clearly known, but since when has the headstrong Gryffindor ever listened to what others really want? (Need I mention House Elves?) COMPLETE


I do believe that this is the end... Not much more to say, so if you have a question, please feel free to e-mail me! Oh, before I go, I LOVE YOU ANDY! (We've actually exchanged the three binding words!) (And Dan, I'm sorry Britt broke up with you, but I hope we can still hang out sometime!)

Chocolate Spoons, Vanilla Forks, Butterscotch Knives, and Strawberry Sporks to you all!


You know what, Amber, you aren't as smart as you think you are. So, here is the same thing you said to me. "Hahahahahahaha I broke into Amber's account!" And now I am going to change my password so that you cannot breach my security anymore. Muahahah. Just Kidding, I really don't care. As long as you don't go delete a story or something, I might have to murder you...

Do you know anyone who would help me with murder? Maybe I can get Dimirty and the Russian Mafia to kill you off...yes, that might work...

Ellipses are so's, I want's so...BIG! (LOL) (inside joke for all you confused people)

Well, have fun rewriting your stories...AGAIN!


Brittany, you are such a dork.

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