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Hey it’s Crystal Crest, here’s a few things I’d like you to know about me.

















Sex: Female

Fav. Subject: English, Art, Science, and History.

Least Fav. Subject: Just try to guess.

Fav. Food:Pizza, Chinese food (General Tso chicken especially), ice cream, spaghetti, watermelons, etc.

Fav. Hobbies:Talking with my friends on the phone, watching tv, playing video games, reading books & fan fiction, and writing fan fiction.

Fav. Video Games: Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy X & X-2, and Inuyasha: The Secret of the Cursed Mask.

Fav. Book: Harry Potter, Jane Eyre, and many others. I'm such a book worm. ^_^

Fav. Magna: Ranma, Marmalade Boy, Peach Girl, Dragon Ball, Fuishi Yuugi, Mars, and Inuyasha.

Fav. Anime: Inuyasha, Dragon Ball Z, Yu Yu Hakusho, Rurouni Kenshin, Card Captors, Tenchi Muyo, Sailor Moon, and Ranma.

Least Fav. Anime: Where do I even begin.

Fav. Anime Characters:

Inuyasha- Sango, Inuyasha, & Sesshormaru

Dragon Ball Z- Gohan, Goten, Vegeta, & Goku.

Yu Yu Hakusho- Kurama, Botan, Kurabara, & Yukina.

Rurouni Kenshin- Kenshin & Yahiko.

Card Captors- Sakura, Yue, Kero, Li, Madison, & Tori.

Tenchi Muyo- Ryoko, Sasami, & Mihoshi.

Sailor Moon-Ami, Lita, Chibi-Usa, Hotaru, & Haruko.

Ranma- Ranma, Ukyo, & Nabiki

Fav. Characters from other Animes:

Yugioh- Joey, Mia, & Serenity

Digimon- T.K., Kari, Patamon, & Gatomon.

Least Fav. Anime Characters:


Kikyo- Reason? She tried to steal Kagome’s soul and is also in the way of Inu and Kag getting together. Hate her!

Kouga- Same reason, except for the whole stealing Kagome’s heart scenario. But he’s okay in my book.

Naraku- Need I say more? As for Kagara and Kanna, I don’t hate them at all, I just feel sorry for them. Especially with Kagara, wanting nothing more than to be freed from Naraku’s grasp.

Kagome’s two friends (the two girls with the shortest hair)- They get on my damn nerves. They give Kagome bad advice, try to hook Kagome up with Hojo, and are always up in Kag’s business. The girl with the longest hair Ayume (I think), I like, and is about the only one out of the three I can stand.

Usarie- For bringing that walking corpse back to life.

& Various enemies-

Dragon Ball Z

Videl- I don’t really like her. You know how you have this one character you just don’t like for no apparent reason at all, well ya, it’s her for me. I think Gohan could’ve done better, oh well.

& Various enemies-

Yu Yu Hakusho

Keiko- Can’t stand her, gets on my nerves, and is annoying.

& Various Enemies-

Rouni Kenshin

Karou and other Various Enemies.

Card Captors

Meiling- Didn’t like her because of the way she treated Sakura.

& Various Enemies-

Sailor Moon

Rei- She’s really mean and bossy in my opinion. Not that I hate her or anything it’s just that she’s constantly on Serena case (Not that any of the others aren’t).

Menet….Memenet- Or whatever her name is, has problems, hallucinates when she thinks things that aren’t real, mainly when dealing with guys.

Various Enemies-


Shampoo- Crazy.

Kuno’s sister-Crazier, then again their pretty close.

Kuno- Stupido.


Tea- Don’t even get me started on her, That friendship stuff she was yacking on about was getting pretty annoying. I understand when Yugi talks about it, c’mon, he’s 4ft. tall and looks like he should be in middle school. As well as Yami, with all the shit that’s going on his life, he could use all the friends he can get. But Tea goes a little overboard, especially in the first or was it second episode when she drew on their hands with a marker a symbol that she said represented their friendship.

Weevle and Dino boy- Weird.


Davis- Needs to realize Kari doesn’t like him. I don’t like him because of the way he treats T.K., he’s obnoxious, fuul of himself, and thinks the world revolves around him.

Fav. Pairings for Inuyasha: Inu/Kag, Inu/San, Kag/Sess, Kag/Mir, San/Sess, & San/Mir. BUT I’LL ALWAYS BE FOR INUYASHA & KAGOME! FOR EVA!

Funny Thing:I was telling a friend of mine at school how Inuyasha and Kagome say each other’s names a lot. A few days later when I was watching Adult Swim, the commercial with Kag and Inu saying each other’s name repeatedly in different tones from various scenes came on. Funny thing ain’t it.

In collaboration with BlueMoon Goddess...

Crystal Moon Crest


December 13, 2010

I know, I know, I'm late. I've been busy... despising computers, school, and my laziness is a lot of work. But in any case , I've finally gathered the will power to rewrite the new chapter for LDCST finally (no big deal, its just the third time around really ), and it will be posted, and I have taken necessary measures to ensure that it does. (All of which will be listed in due time via LJ). After exams and a quick look-thru the chapter, I'll post it, followed later by another story I have in mind...

In the mean time, I've joined forces with a friend of mine, and we are writing Inuyasha fanfiction under the name Crystal Moon Crest , please check out the two fics we have out, which will be updated during Christmas break/holiday.

On another note, I've discovered the wonderful world of livejournal, and from here out will be giving updates and whatnots on my journal rather than here. Of course I'll still leave snippets of info on my profile, but not these elaborate essays you see here (I like to exaggerate every now and then). I've heard of livejournal many a time, through authors of here and fictionpress, and finally decided to activate an account, and I gotta say...


All that can be done and said!!! The communities are awesome (thinking of starting one myself in the near, heck, maybe distant future--depending on how things go with my fanfiction maintenance, don't want to take on too much of a load). So, please do check out my journal, if you'd like to be informed with my updates, join in on the fun, and friend me! If you're into prompts, (writing on a basis of a word, phrase, etc.) there are contest dedicated to them. Into icon/image making of your favorite characters? Well, there are communities dedicated to that as well! And if you're into more than just Inuyasha, that's all dandy, for their are several other communities and journals of interest that it's mind bobbling.

Also, I noticed many people don't really pay much attention to profiles (myself, equally as guilty of, at times) and just scroll down to the bottom of the page to look at the list of works, not giving an unintentional-damn about what is said in the authors profile. (LOL) And why do we do this? Who knows, laziness perhaps? Or maybe because we already know what is said, because it supposedly the same as it was three weeks ago? What ever the reason, it happens, so I decided to use my journal to do all this and more.

So checkout my homepage, as noted on top, and friend me, and if you really don't want to join in on the livejouranl fun, leave a comment on any of my post, although I would prefer if you'd join so I could put a face to a name, so to speak. I love interacting with my readers, and fellow authors.

I've said more than intended, so check out my journal which will have most of my drabbles and oneshots posted for contest, image work for my stores, and much more.

See you on the other side, aka LiveJournal! ^_^

~Crystal Crest


July 02, 2010

Hey lovelies. Well, I just thought I'd inform you that my life currently sucks. The computer which holds the mostly-finished chapters for Love Does Cost Some Things and A Pirates Life, is acting up...a freakin' gen, and I can not get a hold of the files (which sucks, hence my life following suit) so to keep myself busy, I'll have to settle for working on the new stories highlighted in my June updateas well as Summer Rekindled under Crystal Moon Crest, a collaboration between Blue Moon Goddess and myself. I am so sorry for the hold up, but as soon as I can fix my other computer, I'll post the new chapters as soon as I can. Till next time, hopefully soon

~Crystal Crest


June 26, 2010

Current Stories

A Pirates Life: I love this story due to the fact that it is my first try at a fiction that is not based in the feudal era, or modern for that matter. It is a fan fiction

...describing a world where aristocracy is surrounded my lowly commoners, piracy, and demons alike. Where a girl must do all she can to save here brother, at all cost, even amongst the very beings who have brought her through hell and back...

I also think I like this fan fiction because it is on a pairing not usually written on, which is Sango and Inuyasha. I am a die hard Kagome and Inuyasha fan, but I still love to read other pairings with the Inuyasha and Sango, and like the fact that both of them have their similarities. The story starts out slow, like most do, in order to allow the reader to know Sango's background and a bit of her life's story. So for those of you who are strictly Inu/Kag pairing readers, try broadening your horizons and read other pairings. I did so five years ago and am now a reader of many pairings, some of which have gained popularity over the years such as Kag/Sess. In any case, I will be updating this in the next two weeks.

Love Does Cost Some Things: I truly LOVE this story to the max because of all the support and love I get from my readers as well as reviewers.

A college student gets a position as a assistant at a day care and she is quite fond of a certain four year old, if only those sentiments translated over to the girls father...

It is a Kag/Inu fic that I will be updating in the next two to three weeks. The chapter is half way done, like Pirates Life, but need to be reedited so they will be posted shortly within the next three weeks.

Finding New Love: My first attempt at a modern time story. About...

...a girl who loses everything she's ever cared for and in the process, loses herself. But the most unlikely of people helps here gain all that she's lost, herself, and maybe, just maybe, a bit more...

I know what I want to write for this piece, I have three other chapters already written for that matter, but rereading the chapters that I wrote years ago, only made me grimace. Its not up to my current standards and I just don't have the drive for that story, like I do for my others, so I think I will be leaving this story alone for the mean time. So until further notice, on hiatus. :(C


New/Soon To be Posted Stories

Betting on Love: Another modern era story...

...The title is self explanatory it seems, portraying how the drama all began with a bet, and how it all ends with love. But truly, its all that happens in between that is a cause of interest for the birds?

Excited for this story, it will more than likely be a Kag/Inu pairing, likely to change though. I will be posting the first chapter after I post a couple of chapters on Love Does Cost Some Things and A Pirates Life because some of my characters in this story are in both of the others, and I don't want to mix them up in a sense, or take on too many stories at a time for that matter.

The Human World: Title is a working progress...

...A hanyou leaves home due to circumstances beyond his control, but in that of his father's, and bargains his way out of one situation, for another one, of a caliber beyond-his-world; quite literally so...

I know its a bit vague, as the other stories small description of sorts is, but I do so in order to prevent any possible taking of an idea that I have not been able to finish writing and post. This story of course, is about Inuyasha and is inspired by something I watched, which upon my posting will be revealed. I will have this posted by the beginning of August.

Ball and Chain: I am siked for this particular piece, as it is my first Drama/Romance piece...

If it's not the chain that holds a marriage together, then what does? This story follows the life of friends and the difficulties they face in their marriages. It's easy to remember that it takes two to make a marriage a success, but easily forgotten it takes just one to bring it to possible ruin...

So this will follow the lives of a few pairings, but it will be mainly focused on Kagome and Inuyasha. I usually do Humor/Romance pieces, so I decided to stray from there, and write a more serious piece, which also rose from inspiration, like The Human World. Should be out by the end of July as well.

What a Hanyou Wants: Another inspired piece...

...A Hanyou always yearned for something more, felt like a part of him was missing. So he leaves his mother in the States to Japan to find that mssing part of him he's longed to know...but of course knowing him he'd never admit it. The apple certainly doesn't fall far from the tree...

This one is based off the movie "What a Girl Wants" which I love to pieces. Not sure when I'll post this. But as soon as I'm able, I will.

Sorry to all my reader and reviewers who have told me their thoughts and their encouragement. Thanks a lot for the support and unlike the last time, the updates will be up in due time, so please do put me on alerts or favorites so you can be notified when I update.

~Crystal Crest~

*NOTICE*--> A friend friend and I, BlueMoon Goddess decided to collaborate under the name of Crystal Moon Crest, we have one story started, and would appreciate if you would read it and tells us what you think, all thoughts welcomed. ^_^


May 29, 2009

Wow, it has been quite a while. Was I missed? Well I'd like to apologize for my absence, it's been quite a while since I have updated, let alone visited the site. Due to school, writers block, computer trouble, and so on, I have not been able to update. During my absence, a varied amount of fics that I had in mind or started (that are not posted on I no longer have interest in continuing. The fics "Finding New Love", a "Pirates Life", and my beloved "Love Does Cost Some Things" will not cease to exist. The last two will definitely get an update sometime within the next coming month (June). "Finding New Love" is the first fanfiction I've ever written taking place in the modern era, but one I still cannot get to in a sense due to writers block. I know what I want to happen in the fic, so I know that eventually, I will get to it. As for the "Betting on Love", I've decided to hold off on it until I've written a considerable amount of chapters for "Love Does Cost Some Things", because some characters in this fic have a place in my new fic, and for my sake and my readers, I don't want to dabble in more than three fics at a time so I can update more frequently; especially during the summer.

In any case, bear with me, I am trying to update as soon as possible. I would also like to thank all of my readers and reviewers, you all, as cheesy as this may sound, make my day. Furthermore, I will update as soon as I can, and thanks for the support and patience.

~Crystal Crest~


Old Update

Well I updated Love Does Cost Some Things, so please read and review. I had quite a lot of hits on A Pirate’s Life, but only a few reviewed so please, just review to tell me what you think. A Pirates Life will be updated soon as well as a new chapter for Finding New Love. I’m still thinking on whether I should post my newest fic Betting on Love, which is a Inu/Kag pairing. I think juggling three of these fics will be hard enough, but knowing me I probably will. I just want my fics to have three or four chapters before I post it. Well either way, R&R, and thanks to everyone who reviewed. I really appreciated it, they made my day.

~Crystal Crest~

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Inuyasha - Rated: M - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 4,883 - Reviews: 16 - Favs: 5 - Follows: 2 - Published: 7/8/2005 - Inuyasha, Sango
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