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So, I just posted another story, and thought maybe I should also update my profile. Then I read it and...all of it is pretty much still true. All the fandoms I listed I still want to write for eventually. I can't guarantee when any will be up, since my inspiration is sporadic, but I still have plot bunnies for all my listed fandoms and more. Just letting you know I still haven't forgotten this site. I'm trying to navigate life after college and being a working actor without losing my sanity or humanity, so I'll show up when I can!

MY FANFICS UPDATE (i.e. fandoms I still intend to write for):

FILLMORE- I still intend to write stuff. I just have to sit down and do it. Not a priority, per se, but will definitely happen in the future. Ingrid/Fillmore love.
The honeymoon is kind of over for me and this show. Then again, I haven't watched in a while. Maybe I'll get inspired.
TAMORA PIERCE- I will always and forever love Tamora Pierce. Namely, her Tortall series. I definitely want to write for this, but since they're books, I don't feel a huge rush to do so. They will still be here.
Doctor Who- I got addicted to this show. Rose/Doctor forever and ever. These will be happening if I have anything to say about it.
In Plain Sight- Yay Marshall/Mary! The most developed of my new fanfics, for now. I've got stuff written and more ideas to come.
Avatar: The Last Airbender: I watch children's shows and write romantic fanfics. Deal with it.
iCarly: Ditto.
I know there are other shows, since I'm a TV addict, but that's all I've got for now.

E-mail me with questions, concerns, comments OR REQUESTS. I'd love to hear from you.

My Fanfiction Policies/Explanations:
-No matter what, I ALWAYS finish my stories that I post. The system is this: I write all my stories in a notebook. After they're COMPLETELY finished, they go into my computer to be edited and then posted. So nothing is EVER posted unless it will be finished. (This promise is null and void should I die, be captured, become extremely ill, move to a place where there is no internet, or any other extenuating circumstances.)
-Some of my fics may be slash fics. Love is love is love.
-Most of my fics will be from TV shows and a few from books. I could do others, but TV shows can always be continued (hence the term "series") and elaborated. I could do stories for books if I feel they need another character's perspective or if they need new romance scenes ;)
-My fics will generally be romance or friendship fics. I'm also a fan of romantic angst. And fluff, if it's well-done
-WARNING! Some of my stories will have sex scenes in them. I will rate them as "M", but be aware if you know you are too young to be reading that stuff.

a) People who write good reviews for people who don't even think enough to use spell-check on their fics and just generally can't write.

b) People who don't think to use spellcheck, betas, or just generally can't write or keep true to the characters ("Hi, did you ever actually WATCH this show before writing this?")

c) People who think that 3 lines of dialogue and then all they lyrics to a song count as a fic.

d)MARY SUES/almost all OCs. True, I have seen SOME fanfics that had OCs, and they were still wonderful stories. HOWEVER, the story was not good because ofthe OC. The OC was there for exposition/dramatic foil/funny sidenote, and that was fantastic. But if you put an OC in your story as a primary character (especially as a romantic interest), you better be the next J.K. Rowling for me to like/keep reading your fic. As for Mary Sues...I hate them all. Every. Last. One.

e) People who make their characters OOC. But even more so...people who ADMIT in their summary that their character "might be a little OOC." So, what you're telling me is that you KNOW your character is not behaving like themselves, but you aren't going to fix it anyway? I won't even try reading it. (Yes, sometimes the character goes through some experience, being drugged, beaten, etc., and then they act abnormally- that is not OOC, that's how the character would react in those circumstances.)

f) People who say "Sorry, I suck at summaries" or "Better than it/the summary sounds". If you can't even write a summary for your fic, your fic isn't even on my radar. Plus, you just wasted more summary space explaining why you can't give a good summary. Additionally, people who say in their summaries "A good fic, so check it out!", etc., and otherwise try and pimp their own story to you via THEIR judgment. If you do this: You are not an unbiased party. I assume you did not post this story thinking it was bad. If you did, you are an abomination to this site. Let your story speak for itself.

Love and God bless!

"Liberty is the right to do what the law permits."

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