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Author has written 3 stories for Weiss Kreuz, and Three Delivery.

Hi! I just wanted to take a minute to introduce myself after all this time.

I'm Tsuki no Kurai, female and I'm 28 and I live in the US.

Hobbies of mine are writing (of course or I wouldn't be here), reading (currently I'm reading Stephine Meyer), Ball Jointed Dolls (BJD's)

Series and character pairings that i like and dislike:

Inuyasha/Kagome (though most of the time i dislike Kagome becasue i think shes selfish and treats Inuyasha horriable there are fics where some people just write them both so well that i have to like it)
Inuyasha/Kikyo (becasue they were sweet on eachother and could have been something so much more if they were not tricked)

Sesshomaru/Inuyasha (brothers for goodness sake, brothers! eww)
Sesshomaru/Rin (shes like his pet or child or something. Hes to fond of her for that i think)
Naraku/anyone (to groos to think about. Who would what that messed in the head headcase?)
Kagome/Sango, Sango/Kagome (i just don't see where people get this one)

Gundam Wing:
Heero/Duo, Duo/Heero

Heero/Relena (most of the time shes a annorying stalker. I will admit there are good stoires out there with them as the star couple but for the most part shes an annoying stalker.
Trowa/Catherine (she treats him as she would her missing loved little brother and in many circles it is said that he should be him)

Sailor Moon: (Manga not anime, Bunny is much better in the Manga and not as ditzy and Rei does not need to be bitchsmacked)
Neflite/Molly (that whole thing was just too cute)

Darien/other characters (Rini, especially Rini, he's her father and shes a peverted child)

Dee/JJ (there are a few great fics that i have found where something happens and Dee decisdes to move on becasue either he got tired of waiting/getting shot down/fed up with Ryo denying his feeling for him that he goes to JJ, and Dee finds out that there is way more to JJ then his endless supply of energy)


Weiss Kruez:
Crawford/Aya (Ran)
Schuldich/Aya (Ran)
Yohji/Aya (Ran) (not my favorite pairing but there are some good fics out there with them that are well done that i have enjoyed)
Yohji/Omi, Ken/Omi, Aya/Omi (while i enjoy these pairings they can some times come across as not fitting at all. Many times i just see Ken and Omi as the best of friends and almost brother like. Sometimes i see Yohji see Omi as to young to be his partner or something like that. But i will admit that i have read many of these pairing and there have been great stories where my issues with the couple do not come up and the author has made a really good fic out of them)

Kakashi/Iruka (common who doesnt love a good love hate realtionship? The fact that Iruka stood up to a scary he-could-kill-me-with-out-even-trying-ninja becasue he cared that the students that he entrusted to the care of the older jonin.
Naruto/Hinita (especially when she's not a stuttering mess)
Zabuza/Haku (they were a sad tragic pair)

Kakashi/any of the kids
Iruka/any of the kids

Kyo Kara Maoh:
Yuri/Wolfrum (ok at times Yuri is stupid becasue many fics startout 'many years after Yuri has come to be the king and he's still engaged to Wolf wondering when Wolf is going to realize that he wants out of the engagement but is secretly denying his feeling for the poor prince who gets into some peril and Yuri suddenly realizes that he love Wolf' and Yuri tends to ignore that Wolf cannot break the engagement becasue ater the fight in the first day it was cemented that Yuri would not take the engagement back (i think.. will have to check that out again...) and thus Wolf is stuck waiting forever for his loved one to realize that he loves him and wil wait for him.)
Shori/Wolfrum (because i would love to see them together. Yuri is stupid and insensitive at times about how serious Wolf is with him and i think that Shori wuld take Wolf seriously and treat him well)
Gwendal/Günter (they're just cute)
Yozak/Conrad (debatable at times how i like them)

Conrad/Yuri (most of the time Wolf is never mentioned or he's left out and i just dont like this pairing)

Ok that for now is my like and dislike list. I will have more as time goes on. I do have to put in that i love work done by Clamp and I just got Tsubasa and am eager to watch it.

I've published 2 stories so far on FF.net and while one is done the other is not yet near (not abandoned!! I promise!) I have many others in the thought stages."Conflicting Interests:" is not abandoned, I dont plan on abonding it its just taking a very long vacation...

I have about 5 Gumdam Wing Fics that are being written and played with to see if anything will come from them. One is a Sailor Moon crossing that i hope to make work and the others include OC's that hopefully bring something to the other characters.

I have about 3 Inuyasha fics that have promise and that so far have Inuyasha and Kouga ending up together. (Maybe)

There is the first fan fic that i started writing years ago that is a Sailor Moon that I'm going to dig up and see if it's salvagable.

Things that tend to annoy me:

Rude customers (I say this because I work in retail and boy are there a lot of them... Think that they know all and that it has to be the way that they said because they are always right.. Man Some days i wish that i could really tell one of them off without getting in to trouble.

Authors that write 'I suck at summaries just read'. Please you just wrote the darn thing and you cant write a short sentence or two about it?

Incomplete work. I'll include myself in that category because I totally have issues finishing things.

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