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~~~~Ok, I'm sorry that I didnt update some of my fics in so long, and I mean like year long, sorry, but I've been having a terrible writer's block! Really, really bad! I'll be on hiatus for some time, but I'll alert you all when I have some new stories or updates! Thanks you guys for being so patient!~~~~

Hello! My name is Violet Aura! First of all, I would like to thank all my reviewers for any stories I've ever made!

Real Name: Sam

Age: It's a number between 1 and 1000- wanna guess?

Location: Earth...or Tamaran...or Azarath...

Height: Lets just say I'm tall...but, not extremely tall! Nope, sorta average height...

Weight: Like I'd tell you...

Facial Descriptions: I have shoulder length black/brown hair which has some natural really light brown hightlights in the front strands, my eyes are brown, once they were green, once they were silver, but everyone I told it too said it was impossible,blah,blah,blah...I used to wear glasses, but now I don't, only when I really,really,really,really need them, which most of the time I don't, I might have braces, but a long time from now...Well, that's me!

Fave Color: Pink and Silver!

Fave Singers and Bands(Followed by the songs I like, not in any order)-

Lindsay Lohan- Something I Never Had, Over, Disconnected, Symptoms of You, Teenage Drama Queen, Nobody Til You, Very Last Moment in Time and Rumors

Avril Lavigne-Things I'll never say,He Wasn't, Sk8er Boi, Fall to Pieces, Who Knows and Freak Out

Ashlee Simpson- Pieces of Me, Better Off and Shadow

JoJo-Not that Kind of Girl, Baby It' You, Weak and Secret Love

Simple Plan- Welcome to my Life, Shut Up, I'd do Anything, Don't wanna think about You and I'm justa Kid

Green Day- Boulevard of Broken Dreams. American Idiot and Holiday

Evanescence- Bring Me to Life and My Immortal

Destiny's Child- Lose my Breath, Soldier,Girl and Cater to You

And yes, I know that I don't just have one musical preference...

Fave TV Shows(their mostly cartoons, ok, fine, their ALL cartoons!):TEEN TIANS,TEEN TITANS,TEEN TITANS,TEEN TITANS!(cough cough),X-men Evo,Danny Phantom,Fairly Odd Parents,Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi Show,oh,but did I mention Teen Titans?

Likes: My Family, My Friends, Teen Titans, Xmen, Danny Phantom, Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi Show,FANFICTION.NET!(seriously, I can't live without the internet),CHOCOLATE!(But I usually get way too much sugar high),writing fanfiction, reading good reviews,songs,singing,getting good grades,TV, must I go on?

Dislikes:Boring TV shows,Flames,Vegetables,Getting Low Grades,Mean People,KITTEN!(please someone kill her?),When the internet breaks or when someone bugs me while I'm on the computer,getting tons of homework,goes on and on about a billion more things...

Fave Characters in Teen Titans top ten:

#1-Blackfire-she may not be a Titan but she's totally cool!

#2-Starfire-I love how confused she can get, and ofcourse, she's PERFECT with Robin(sheiks at STRANDED!)...

#3-Raven-I like her dark personality!

#4-Robin-he's really cute!(cartoon wise ,that is), and ofcourse, he looks SO SUPER AMWESOME with Starfire(shreiks at STRANDED!)

#5-Bee-She's cool!

#6-Beast Boy-he really brings in the humor in the show!

#7-Terra-well,she did save the city,but I'm not her #1 fan or anything...

#8-Speedy-he's cute too!


#10- Menos- CUTE TOO!

I do not like Cyborg...(no offense to anybody who does!)

Carachters I depise:


#2:Gizmo- Dunno why, I just do...

#3:Mammoth- I just dont know why...

OK chrachters:

Jinx- what?

Aqualad- I dont hate him, dont like him either

Madame Rouge- I dont have any clue how she got here

Fave Episodes:

Date with Destiny-Ehem, ROBSTAR!

Sisters-(sighs at Ferris Wheel moment)


Bethrothed-(jumps around happily)

Every Dog Has his Day- So Funny!


Red X- So cool!

Don't Touch that Dial(forgot the new name)- SOO FUNNY!

Birthmark-Oooh! Cool!

Homecoming 1- I so loved it, though I was MEGA SCARED BB would go back to the Doom Patrol! But he didn't, so I'm good!

Homecoming 2- Never knew that was comin, did yah!

Snowblind- For some reason, I just like it!

Fave couples:

ROBSTAR-I mean almost every episode has a hint of this couple!

BBRAE-she hugged him in Spellbound!alright?

CYBEE-they look good together!

TERRASPEEDY-maybe this should couple be called Teddy or something...(breaks out of thinking)...okay...they're cute together too!

BBTerra is good sometimes...horrible sometimes...

Couples I dislike:

RobRae(no offense to anyone who like them together!) I actually just saw this couple together in Birthmark and The Beast Within...but that's all...

TerraRobin(O.o has anyone actually made this couple yet?...they're just...EWWWW!)

Any Slash(Super EWWWW!)

StarBB(I don't like them together, I just don't..)

CyRae(Um,this couple is one I can handle...but I like her to be with BB more)

CyStar(O.o ...)

Terra/anybody but Speedy or BB(I just don't see her with anyone else...)

Favorite quotes:

"I did happen and we cannot change the truth no matter how much we dislike it"-Raven, Teen Titans( Final Exam)

"You are a Clorbag Varblernelk!"-Starfire, Teen Titans(Forces of Nature),I usually say this to people who annoy me...

"Sayin I told you so is beneath my dignity so I'll just say nyah, nyah, nyah"-Rogue, Xmen comics

"Curse my morbid sense of curiousity"

"One more, one more" -one hour later- "One more nothing...SCREW YOU!"- Me(while downloading something, this event actually happened)

"Robin. Loves. Starfire. And to anyone who disagrees with that will suffer the wrath of...(pulls out first thing at her back, which is a stuffed bunny) "Huh, Oh well, beggars cant be choosers, the wrath of my stuffed bunny!Mwahahahhah!"-Me(on sugar high)

"The day I will not like Teen Titans is the day my insanity wears away"-Me

"I love fluff, fluff is good...FLUFF SHOULD RULE THE WORLD!"-Me

"I have a brain, I just don't use it much"- Beast Boy, Teen Titans(Mad Mod)

"Just when I thought you couldn't get more pathetic"- Rogue, Xmen Evolution(Spyke Cam)

"She can read his mind! Why can't I read peoples mind!huh,huh,WHY-Me(right after watching Haunted)

"Are you done cutting out half of my magazine yet?" Me(when Nikkkki and Kylie were cutting out almost all the pictures of the Teen
Titans form my Teen Titans GO! magazine)

"So! Lets talk about Teen Titans-silence- I like Teen Titans... " Nikkkki(don't ask why there's 4 k's)

"This is strange, there are ants in my wallet(which happens to be true)" -Nikkkki

"There's a nail in my shoe(which is also true)"- Me! It was scary cuz this happened the day after Nikkkki's ant incident...

"What do chipmunks do for a living?"-Me(which was comepletely random, since my frinds were talking about glasses)

"Starfire totally goes with Robin!" "No, (you don't wanna know) does!" "Starfire!" "(You don't wanna know)!" -looks for nearest and person and asks- "Who goes better with Robin, Starfire or (you don't wanna know)?" "(You don't wanna know)" "Hah!" I begin to throw a MEGA TANRUM (By the way, You-don't-wanna-know ISN'T Raven)-Me,Kylie,Me again,Kylie,Kylie,nearest person to Kylie,Kylie again

One last thing...

If you have ever pushed on a door that said pull copy this into your profile

If you have ever fallen up the stairs copy this into your profile

If you have ever been so obsessed with something that now everyone is scared of you because of its effects copy this into your profile

If you have ever repeatedly ran into a glass door copy this into your profile


Even when you cant see him GOD is there! if you belive in GOD put this in your profile

This too...

Weird is good, strange is bad, and odd is when you don't know which to call someone. Weird is the same as different, which is the same as unique, than weird is good. If you are weird and proud of it, copy this onto your profile!

If you are obsessed with Starfire/Robin copy this in your profile

If you think Beastboy and Raven BELONG together copy this in your profile

If you think those kids should just give the Rabbit his damn cereal put this in your profile!

See ya when I see yah!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Violet Aura~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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