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Names: Shorty, Kitten, Bear, Red
Hair: Red! Rawr!
Eyes:Green as the Emerald Isle
Height: 5' flat, even or odd
Weight: 100 lbs


I like anime, music, manga, comics, and general house-wifery. Really, I'm an excellent cook in terms of creating original recipes and following old-fashioned ones. I actually enjoy cleaning-- except for dishes, but that's a story... I rock the punk lifestyle. Did I mention I can't keep myself in the present? Yeah, see, I'm no skater punk, but that isn't really important. I pass the time, when I have the money for the materials, creating lovely EGL dresses. My recent ones are actually quite warm for winter...


I'm currently living in Texas, which ROCKS. I friggin love Texas.One day, I'll settle down and have a humongous ranch where I can do whatever I want... Probably not, but n_n it's a thought. I'm young; there's plenty I can try before I settle. Before YOU get old, go visit Texas, any part, it's all wonderul. Who knows? You may end up wanting to live there, too...


I'm currently just working on a couple of Teen Titan fanfics. They are Raven-centric, and romancey, but I'm open to suggestion.

A quick note: I only write or read fanfics when I feel there is something greatly lacking in the show, book, comic, whatever. The cartoon version of Teen Titans has left a lot to be desired in terms of character developement. I know it's a kid's show, much of Raven's history... and they seem to be letting on too much of a Robin and Starfire relationship. Nevermind the fact that Raven fell in love with Dick Greyson and Starfire had a political marriage as well as a few others, in the comics. Never have they explained how Starfire gained such immense power in comparison to her planet's people. But now I'm just being a butthead :P Anyway, I just like to explore people's speculations and do a little myself.

Oh, and Terra really is a deceitful psychotic, and I think the cartoon did not portay it rightly. I would have much preferred to see her go full on dark side rather than one last shot at redemption...


"And like a butterfly, I too was trapped. But instead of a net, I was caught by a crazy girl wiping her nose on me." My Name Is Earl

"I like kissing you on my lawn, especially at noon." My Non-boyfriend

"'...and I have herpes.' Well, she had to find out some time. But it's cool, cause she has herpes, too. Well, now she does..." Steven Lynch

"I have a zero tolerance policy for shenanigans." Me

"You're drinking the fruit dip?" "The waiter took my fork..." Sister and me

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"It's in the rules, you have say something, give her the chance to make the choice: in the mouth or, um, on the face?" Me

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"He's cuter than a monkey holding a puppy." Bones

"Yeah, these are totally implants, seeing as how they're so soft and squishy and not hard like rocks... had a great surgeon, put jello in instead of silicone. Ha, just imagine if that's what fakes were really filled with. Then, if they sprung a leak, it wouldn't be a tragedy, it would be a party!" (after the laughter subsides) "OK, you are not funny enough to have come up with that on your own..." Me then my non-boyfriend. (And yes I am, I'm freaking hilarious.)

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"Just that I love you?"
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