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Hey this is jena here...well i just want to let you all know a little about me...

First of all I live in Hawaii...

I'm going to turn 14 on august 28.

I am exactly 5 feet tall...I'm short...I know...Still waiting for those growth spurts to kick in...

My dream college is USC! (University of Southern California) Yes, I'm definitely smart enough... (I'm a straight A student)

Some of my favorites...

Books: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire...was the best out of the series...I especially like the end where Hermione gives Harry a kiss on the cheek...I'm going absolutely mad waiting for the movie to come out... I just finished the Order of the Phoenix... It was pretty good... I think J.K. is going to put Harry and Hermione together! I can so tell! LOL... Read that book and you'll se why. I mean it said that Harry doesn't thinkHermione is ugly... What else could have you thinking about the pair? Okay so I'm rambling but MM360 gave me the rambling disease. LOL, jus playing... She's the best for her long reviews...

Movies: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban but I bet the Goblet of Fire will beat that out as soon as it comes out... I also like A Cinderella Story (Hence the Fan Fic I wrote), White Chicks (That movie was so fricken hilarious!), 13 Going On 30 (So sute), the Notebook(I cried soooooooo badly while watching that flick... I think a fan fic about that would be cute, maybe I should write about it! good idea) and that's about it...I have a ton more but those are the only ones worth mentioning...

Actors: Daniel Radcliffe (HOTTIE), Chad Michael Murray (HOTTIE!), Ryan Gosling (from the Notebook, he's a HOTTIE!)

Actresses: Emma Watson, Hilary Duff (and Damn proud!), Lindsay Lohan (Damn proud too), Jessica Alba and umm lots more...

Singers: Jesse McCartney (HOTTIE), JoJo, Jennifer Lopez, Hilary Duff, Lindsay Lohan...

Bands: My Chemical Romance, Simple Plan, Greenday, Weezer... so on...

Fav Food: French Fries, Ice Cream, Cookies...all the good stuff...

Okay that's about it for here are some summaries in my fan fics...

My Happy Ending: I'm considering going on with it but it's all Harry and Hermione... Except the beginning but you'll see... Well they enter their last year at Hogwarts and Hermione is with someone else... Jealousy strikes Harry...Hermione begins to figure it out when she confronts Ron... Hermione ends up with Harry and they have many trials and tribulations ahead... A friend of mines submitted a few chapters to this one... Mostly all the chapters with the sex scenes... I just can't do those..H/Hr

A Cinderella Story: This is based on the movie and it's pretty much like it... It's way longer than my first fan fic... Hermione is an unpopular student at Hogwarts... She and Ron are best friends... Hermione comes across someone on the internet... They go to the same school but Hermione can't fiure out who it is. They keep in touch through text messaging and instant messages. Little do they know, they have some of the same classes together and even know eachother. When Hermione finds out her prince charming is really the most popular boy at school, how will she react? More ahead of the story...Hermione develops more problems throughout the remainding last year at Hogwarts...COMPLETED...H/Hr

The Wedding Date: I'm currently working on this fan fic and it's based on the movie...Hermione is 22 years old and she gets invited to Ginny's wedding. She can't show up date less so she hires a male escort... The guy she hires is none other than Harry Potter himself. She hasn't seen him in 5 years and now she's hiring him. She uses him as a jealousy factor to get Ron back after Ron dumped her for no reason and lef ther depressed and lonely. Feelings start to sprout between Harry and Hermione. COMPLETED BUT... Considering doing a call back to see how our favorite pair is doing 5-10 years later... Maybe... No promises... H/Hr

And the newest addition to the list, Once Loved :Still working on the second chapter at the moment.It's taking a while since there were so many delays.It's coming alonggreat.Here's a little summary. I'm not allowed to give out much but i can't help it. Well first off,Harrygets hit with the Avada Kedavra whilesaving Hermione from it. Hermione'slife isjust worthless without him. To worsen things out, Ron died beforeall this so now she is left with no best friends. An exchange student comes to Hogwartsand Hermione has to fulfill her duty as Head Girlby showing him around... That's all i can say for now. H/Hr.

(note: this story is written by two authors.)

Favorite Pairings:

Harry/ Hermione ALL THE WAY!

Lavender/ Ron (Even though I think Ron should be gay because I hate his guts... HBP showed a little romance for the two)

Ginny/ Draco: Cute... (bearable)

Ginny/Dean: They might be more realistic than Ginny and Draco. And they are together in HBP.

I also enjoy reading love triangles but NONE that have ANYTHING to do with Ron.

Harry/Hermione/Draco: Cute but just as long as Hermione and Harry get together at the end...Haha...

Pairings I hate: Ginny/ Harry (EW)

Ron/ Hermione (DOUBLE EW!)

Anything that isn't Harry and Hermione basicially...

Well if you want to know more about me...Email me to just talk and stuff... Only if you really want to.

Oh and one more thing...I'm considering taking my email off because anonymous people are adding me onto their MSN Messenger lists... It's kinda weird considering I have no clue who any of you are. I like making friends but this is too weird!


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