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Well, about me. I’m in my twenties (for the moment) and sometimes I’m in the U.S, sometimes not(currently not). I normally write plays (comedies) and sketches, but I hadn’t had any ideas for a while so I thought I’d try something a little different. Like most of you, I enjoyed the Silent Hill series of games and I thought Silent Hill 2, in particular, had one of the best plotlines of any video game I've ever seen. Scratch that, actually—it had one of the best plotlines I've seen, period. Since horror was something new for me, and since I was reasonably familiar with the storyline, I settled on trying to novelize it. The next paragraph is sort of an expanded history of the project and if you’re not really interested in hearing me ramble on for four-hundred words or so, you can just skip it.

I was getting ready to go abroad, and I played through the game one last time, taking as many notes as I could (not enough as it turned out). When I looked them over, I felt a standard third person would be a little boring and the James I was envisioning wasn’t really articulate enough on a conscious level to make an interesting first person narrative. I actually toyed with the idea of doing a second person narrative just because it’s done so rarely, but writing a few paragraphs in second person made me realize why it gets done so rarely. But my narrator had essentially been some dark spirit in Silent Hill and that’s when the idea of a first person from Samael’s point of view came to me. It took me a few revisions to get him talking the way I liked (including one after I posted the prologue and the first chapter. In fact, if you want a completely useless tidbit of information: The former title of the story was leftover from when I had Samael never referring to himself as “I”, only as “the town” or “Silent Hill” and since I’m horrid at coming up with titles, it took me a long time to change it.) I realized that writing in his viewpoint would require me to take some liberties with the story, which didn't bother me too much when I started. The writing process had been slow at first because I had to transcribe all my written stuff onto computers at internet cafés, where I’d make revisions, paying by the hour and I was madly looking around for work. When I looked over my notes shortly after I started writing chapter 2, I found I’d left a lot of things out and I had to start improvising. At this point, I decided it would be better not to approach this as a true-to-game fiction. I finally landed a regular job, but it had me working longer hours and I didn’t write as much. Around the same time, my wrists started bothering me while I typed and I had to get braces for them, which, unfortunately, I would frequently misplace or forget. All-in-all, it took me seven months to write chapter 2. After so much time though, I was thinking of just dropping the whole idea, but as I was starting chapter 3 and outlining a few later chapters, I found that some of the characters were starting to do things on their own (no matter how I write this sentence it always sounds pretentious to me, sorry if it bothers anyone else) so I decided to keep going with the story and just see what happened with it.

If for some reason you want to contact me outside of a review, I can usually be reached by e-mail, though I think my spam filters are getting tighter and they occasional tag e-mails sent from people I haven't heard from before.

And obviously, this being my first foray into the genre, constructive criticism will always be greatly appreciated.

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