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About the Author Formerly Known as the Trickster:

"May you live in interesting times." --Ancient Chinese curse

"There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy." Hamlet, Shakespeare's Hamlet

The Master Planner: Philosopher Queen of DeviantArt

Above is a link to the comic adaptation of my most popular fanfic, "Quirk of Fate, Part One: Enter the Octopus!" Full disclosure: I paid artists more talented than I to illustrate. An online friend volunteered her services to color and letter. Enjoy!

Here follows the direct link to my deviantart-exclusive fanfic "The Unauthorized Autobiography of Otto Octavius." Warning: If this had been posted on, it would have rated M. Heavy use of foul language, mild sexual content, references to alcohol, adult themes. You will need to be a member of deviantart (and who wouldn't want to anyway?) and be 18 or older.

Quirk of Fate, Part 5: The Master Planner Returns is officially in progress! Everything you expect in a Master Planner masterpiece! Bizarre love triangles! Action! Character reboots and more!

Chapter 7: Per Ardua et Astra. Spidey steps out from the frying pan into the fire as she battles the sinister Scorpion!

Coming Soon:

Three Quirk of Fate short stories: "The Madness of Mysterio," "High Voltage," and "The Hunter and the Hunted."

Chapter 1 of High Voltage: Twenty First Century Breakdown. Meet Maxwell Dillon--Spider-Woman's biggest her great chagrin!

Quirk of Fate, Part 6: The Sinister Six Assembles! The title is self-explanatory.

Question: What is an ottophile?

"What a childhood you must have had, to become attached to Otto Octavius." --Doc Ock, Spider-Man/Doctor Octopus: Year One

The word ottophile comes from the given first name of Doctor Octopus and the Greek root philos, which means love. So, being an ottophile simply means you love Otto. Ottophiles are usually heterosexual, teenage girls with above average intelligence. Symptoms of ottophilia include a desire to watch Spider-man 2 over and over again, writing Doctor Octopus fanfiction, excessive knowledge of and fantasies about Doc Ock and or Alfred Molina, and membership in the Yahoo Doctor Octopus group, the fanthreads of the Sony Pictures Spider-Man Forums and the SuperHero Hype Forums, and/or the new Pier 56 message board. Agent Silver, Lady Kayoss, and The Chosen Shadow can be found on their favorite authors list, while LadyKayoss' "How Do I Love Thee?", Bakudon's "A New Dawn," and Santanico's "Freak Like Me" are on their favorite stories lists. No cure has yet been found. For more information on ottophilia, please consult Agent Silver's "Octopus Jokes," in the favorite stories section of my profile.

Question: Who is the Master Planner?

Age: 23

Appearance: Brunette, brown-eyed, average height, athletic build, wears glasses

Occupation: Psychology major at small state college, job hunter, aspiring writer, proud member of deviantArt, the Superhero Hype boards, of the Sony Pictures Spider-Man site, of the Yahoo! Doctor Octopus webgroup, and of (username The Master Planner)

Likes (in no particular order): Doctor Octopus, Light Yagami, Shakespeare and other literature written by dead white guys, Linkin Park, My Chemical Romance, Mad Magazine, a good dirty joke, Jerry Springer, kicking ass and taking names, rebelling against the establishment, chocolate

Dislikes (in no particular order): political correctness, bad music, bad movies, reality television, exercise (but does it anyway), healthy food (but eats it anyway), pompous hippies

Question: What is your most popular story?

"Quirk of Fate Part 1" has the highest amount of hits, with over 5100 (I love you guys!). "Just a Second Chance" has the highest amount of reviews, with 71.

Question: So what are your stories about, anyway?

Love, mostly. Motherly love, fatherly love, friendship love, romantic love, unrequited love, twisted love, crush love, every form of love.

Besides love, it's the dark side of human nature that intrigues me most. My stories are often dark, dark humored. There are two endings to the Austin series; in one, the hero and his wife dies; in the other, the villainess wins. In the Octavia series, the government clones someone to use as a human weapon for their own sinister purposes. In Just a Second Chance, the ethical teacher hero hides a dark past as a super-criminal, the coach inflates his athlete's grades, the principal wants teachers to teach to the standardized tests so he can get his funding, the football players take steroids, and the girl students show more skin than Janet Jackson at a Super Bowl halftime show. Quirk of Fate demonstrated that not everyone's superhero material; the superheroine quits and throws her suit away after her boyfriend is killed by a supervillain, while the recent "Star Crossed Lover" featured a man who might be pursuing a woman with purehearted romantic devotion or just trying to get his hands on her uranium mine. But there is always hope. least for a sequel.

Question: Tell us about your body of work, briefly.

The Octavii Legacy: My very first collection of stories, still held in high esteem by ottophiles everywhere, featuring the next generation of superheroes and supervillains, where “ancient grudge breaks to new mutiny.”

Includes in order: The Octopus' Spawn, My Only Love and Only Hate, The Children of Six, All in the Family

Protagonist: Austin Smith

Antagonist: Noreen Osborn

The Nature Versus Nurture Trilogy: A science fiction thriller examining the nature of free will and destiny, set in a world peopled by teenagers more and less than human, megalomaniacal villains, fallen superheroes, and creators of dangerous scientific experiments.

Includes in order: Part 1: Project Octopus, Part 2: Operation Apollo, Part 3: Project Scorpion

Protagonist: Octavia Jones

Antagonists: Agent Carlyle, Agent Cypher, Dr. Nancy Melitta, and their Director

The Quirk of Fate Saga: A colorful alternate reality centered on an unlikely heroine, where one twist of fate leads to darkly interesting places.

Includes in order: Part 1: The Octopus Strikes, Part 2: Night of the Goblin, Part 3: The Shadow Spider, Part 4: Menace of the Master Planner, Part 5: The Master Planner Returns, Part 6: The Sinister Six Assembles (forthcoming)

Protagonist: Mary Jane Watson, alias Spider-Woman

Antagonists: Alternate reality versions of Doctor Octopus, Green Goblin, and Venom...and more!

The Anthology of an Honorable Villain: Interconnected stories exploring the mindset of a much-maligned, multi-armed mad scientist.

Includes in order: Just a Second Chance, Star-Crossed Lover, Misadventured Overthrows, The Unauthorized Autobiography of Otto Octavius

Protagonist: Dr. Otto Octavius

Antagonists: Everyone on his rather lengthy shitlist, from that meddling bug on down

Question: Tell us about your original characters.

Austin Octavius Smith

First appearance: OS chapter 2

Died in: AITF chapter 13, murdered by Noreen Osborn (see below)

Six-foot-three height, weighs 170 lbs plus 65 pounds of metal tentacles similar to those of his father, Doctor Octopus. Brown hair, brown eyes. Married to May Parker, Spider-man's daughter. Austin was a heroic everyman with superpowers; throughout the series he was tempted into sin. The tempters here are the evil Girl Goblin (see below), and to a certain extent, his father the villainous Dr. Octopus. On the other side are the inspiring figures of his beloved May Parker and her father, the great Spider-Man. But in the end, like Hamlet, Austin was ultimately too paralyzed by his emotions to decide until it is too late to save himself and his wife.

Noreen Harriet Osborn

First appearance: MOLMOH ch 3

Died in: AITF chapter 13, killed by Doc Ock

The original character all my readers love to hate, and for good reason. Agent Silver said she'd run from her. LadyKayoss and Crys Skywalker wanted her dead. Five-foot-eleven height, weighs 150 lbs. Auburn hair, blue eyes. Grandfather is Norman Osborn, the Green Goblin, father is Harry Osborn. Powers include superhuman strength and speed, as well as an accelerated healing ability. Wears an armored costume and carries an array of weapons along with a vertical thrust glider.

Octavia Mary Jones

First appearance: NVN ch 2

Died in: NVN3 ch 16

Five-foot-nine, weighs 130 lbs. Brown hair, brown eyes. Cloned from Doctor Octopus, she also wears robotic tentacles. She also has a small, octopus-shaped birthmark on her right shoulder. Has superhuman strength, due to an injection of the Green Goblin Formula in NVN2 ch 14. Octavia is only a hero if you stick “anti” to the front of it. She constantly crosses the line between good and evil. She ultimately defeats her enemies and destroys their research; but she also treated her friends like crap, blew up a skyscraper, robbed a scientific convention, murdered half a dozen people and maimed two before that! Like Macbeth, she starts off a good (make that fairly decent) person and falls from there. A shot of the Oz formula and madness inherited from her father only exacerbated matters.

Virginia Shelley

First appearance: AOO ch 1

Five-foot-seven, weighs 125 lbs. Strawberry blonde, blue eyes. She is a writer whose previous novels have failed to sell well, and gambles on a high-stakes plot to write the unauthorized biography of a supervillain. When her fraud came to light, she fell prey to said supervillain's manipulations, and saw everything she held dear destroyed as events quickly spun out of control...

Mary Jane Watson (Alternate Reality)

First appearance: QoF ch 1

Five-foot-eight, weighs around 135 lbs, red hair, green eyes. In the Quirk of Fate alternate reality, it is Mary Jane, not Peter, who is bitten by that radioactive spider. Therefore, she has all the powers of the regular reality Spider-Man: superhuman strength, speed, agility, and endurance; the ability to spin organic webbing from her wrists; and a form of mild precognition commonly called "spidey-sense." If you want more, quit looking at my stupid profile and go read my stories, will ya already?

Okay, end of the bleeping question and answer period!

The last word: "Perhaps the greater disservice of Hollywood movies is their cartoonish villains. In real life, I promise you, the devil will look more like Julia Roberts than Snidely Whiplash." --Ann Coulter, How to Talk to a Liberal (If You Must)

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