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Author has written 2 stories for CSI, and High School Musical.

Some facts about me:

Name: Rachel

Age: 19

Birthday: 2nd January 1988

Where am I in the world? Croydon (The home town of Chavs) in England.

Fav movies: PoTC (both), High School Musical, A Cinderella Story, Prince and Me and any other movies that contain fluff.

Fav TV programmes: CSI, CSI: NY, Ugly Betty, Neighbours, Home and Away, ER, The OC, One Tree Hill

Other things you should know: Okay, I know I said that HSM is one of my fav movies but at times it can get annoying. I mean I have watched way too many times but the songs are just too catchy. Sitting in an A-Level maths exam and all you can think about is parts of your fav songs. I mean, how can singing "Bop, Bop, Bop, Bop to the top" help you pass an exam (and I have just realised how many time I have typed I mean!).

A/N: I managed to pass my maths exam while singing this song so it must of helped in a werid, unconventional way!

The other bug-bear I have is some of the stories that are written. I like the character stories i.e. troyella but Zanessa...these are REAL PEOPLE with FEELINGS and maybe boyfriends/girlfriends. How would you feel if you read someone writing about 2 people (one your boyfriend and the other a co-star/good friend) in a romantic way? I assume the answer is pissed off. So my advice DON'T MESS WITH THE LIVES OF REAL PEOPLE!!!!!!! Also how do you know that Zac Efron is really like Troy, we know Troy (the character) not Zac (the movie star).

A/N: okay maybe the zanessa fans were right, zac and vanessa could be going out but again I stick by my laurels...they are two people with feelings so be nice people!!

Okay, now I have that off my chest I feel a whole lot better. And I am sorry to all Zanessa fans but that is how I feel.

At this time I have one story that I had co-written with a friend, but it has reached a stage where I don't know what to write so I have given up. Sorry.

Found this on xOx cUp-cAkE xOx and thought it was good so here it is...

Your One and Only Wish
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