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Did you ever have a dream so real, that when you woke it was difficult to tell what was real or the dream. To remember texture, smells, taste? To have a sense of belonging so strong that you wondered if perhaps what you thought was reality was the dream?

I've got a livejournal now, one that i'll use to rant instead of doing it in author if you want to check it out.

Something disturbing is happening here on the site. They are supposedly cracking down on the content of stories in reference to the M rating as opposed to the MA rating. While I for one support this in it's broadest sense, I do not however, support it when it comes to deleting content without notice. Yes, there are some stories that are written that describe explicit sexual or violent situations, while others skirt the edge of that rating. My stories have sometimes contained violent descriptive situations and some 'lime' content that stays well clear of what would be considered MA content. I like to think of that type as 'Good Taste Fade to Black Moment'.

My concern is that all my hard work would be for nothing should someone come along and simply delete what I've done because they feel it's over that nebulous line. Even though they have stated what their standards are, the people that enforce those same standards will have differing opinions of what is or isn't over that line. Therein lay my concerns. While a story could pass the first hurdle and not be judged 'inappropriate', it could still be put back onto the chopping block should someone read it and then complain to the powers that be that it's too much and they're offended because it's, and remember here that it's all about OPINION, what they consider to be the ratings.

We all have opinions, view points and thoughts as to what is or isn't appropriate, and those will differ in some degree from the rest of the population, it's just the way the world is. So, rather than play the odds that someone will find some of my stories offensive, I'm simply going to remove them entirely. Thankfully, I've backed up my work so that it will not be lost; other authors haven't been so lucky. I apologize to my fans, you guys are truly the victims here. You, most likely as myself, come here to be amused and entertained, viewing familiar worlds in different ways from the 'canon', allowing us to explore the paths not taken.

Most of you probably didn't ask for this or even support the crackdown, but it's happening anyways. I'm not sure what the future will hold here for me, but I can not and will not spend hours on a story only to have it removed because someone, some where, finds it to be offensive. Forgive me for this, but my life is finite, as is my free time. I could alter my stories to make them fall within the guidelines, but that reeks to me of conformity, giving up the creative license of my imagination so that it fits what someone else it trying to force me to be.

There are other sites out there that don't have the same restrictions as FFdotNET, but I've found that those sites are lacking in, shall we say, quality of service as opposed to here. I've been coming here a long time, and posting stories here about the same amount. I'll be sad that I cannot submit any more of my more 'mature' stories out of fear that they'll simply get assassinated in the night. I'm leaving the stories that aren't as 'mature' here in the hopes that people will still find enjoyment from them.

For those of you that have supported me and my writings, I can't say enough about how much that means to me and how humbled I am that you find my work enjoyable. You guys made that hard work and sacrifice worth it. It's a rush to know that I have touched so many with my work and I sorely wish I could continue to do so here. I hope to one day return my stories here, assured in the knowledge that they'll not be put into jeopardy as soon as I post them. This may seem a bit over reactive on my part, and I'll fully admit that, but I refuse to be forced into altering my stories into something someone else will find as appropriate. As I stated before, we all have opinions on what is or isn't appropriate, so therefore such ratings are subjective to self same opinions that people will have when it comes down to the enforcement of the standards.

At any rate, I'm done with my little rant/explanation and once more apologize to those that loved, liked, hated, etc, my stories. I wish everyone that reads this well and that I hope your time here is enjoyable and well spent. There's many authors here that have put life and soul into their work and they'd love to hear what you think of it. Take the time to tell them, whether it's the good or the bad, for none of us can improve with out a critical mirror held up to our work. Thanks again to everyone that supported me, you guys are the best and my appreciation knows no bounds for the kind words and support you've sent.

Sunday, June 17th, the following stories will be removed:

The Cruelty of Hope


Never Negociate with the Ice Queen

Immortality Sucks


Nightmares Shadow

Blood to Answer Blood


Update: 6/20/12: Well, that's it for my 'questionable' stories here. To those that had favorite/reviewed/followed them, I truly apologize, this isn't something I do frivolously nor without much soul searching. FFdotNet makes the rules and chooses how and when to enforce them, I have to either comply with that or choose not to post my stories here. I'll leave the other stories up in the hopes you guys will enjoy them. I know many of you are questioning whether or not I'm going to finish The Cruelty of Hope, and the short answer is yes, but no. I do have it finished, albeit in a very rough form that is still needing tweaking and such, but I will not post it here. I'm not sure if I will in the future, or ever, as I find myself discouraged by the amount of oversight that's popped up. I'm not innocent nor do I write that way, but I'm most certainly not the worst here, so I question why the crackdowns have happened. The answer I've come up with disturbs and angers me, but I'm not going to rail at the 'establishment', but I'm going with the silent protest and choosing to not frequent or support this sight until such a time as they pull their collective heads from their fourth point of contact. (Airborne reference, I'm almost positive that wiki would have it if you're curious). I wish everyone well that reads this and I hope that you too will stand for what you believe when the time comes for you to face something that you consider wrong, morally or otherwise.

Keep your stick on the ice.

Nomadic One

And oftentimes, to win us to our harm,
The instruments of darkness tell us truths,
Win us with honest trifles, to betray's
In deepest consequence. William Shakespeare, "Macbeth", Act 1 scene 3

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