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Hey, all, the name's JaidynReiman, formerly known as UltimaHedgie. I'm 26, I'm a web programmer and developer, and I'm married to the most beautiful woman in the world. No, I'm not biased. *shot*

The Legend of Zelda: The Demon Within, as of Friday April 19th, 2013, 4 years after I first started, has officially come to an end. I also put an end to the entire series I was working on with the final chapters here, as I simply cannot keep up with Fanfiction anymore. This profile will remain open as an archive, but I won't be updating much, I really just wanted to finish The Demon Within.

Small update here. I still don't have any plans for fanfiction, but I'm finally getting ready to try starting up my original fiction for a change. Rather than going with the idea of making a game as that's taking way too much effort, I'm going to go back to chapter-by-chapter online (as long as I have a full outline first). I'm also changing things up heavily in my storyline, too, while keeping the most important themes and all characters (for one example, I'm pushing back the main events of the series so that Relm will be older during it).

I might do a one-shot fanfiction idea about Saria being in Hyrule Warriors still just so there's a proper update here on my followers who might be interested in seeing my original works once I have them ready (hopefully by the end of the month, but definitely end of October).


If you're here I assume that means you'd like to know more about me? In 2007, I met my then-girlfriend, now-wife online. For the next two years I was working on finishing high school and getting my GED, then I finally went to college for two more years. Got a Web Designer diploma, got married Autumn 2011, and have been working hard to try and make enough money. Its been tight, though... tighter than I hoped... but we're getting by.

Currently I'm working as a freelancer, which is notably hard to get decent income. The main problem is I've been screwed with people I've worked with. Repeatedly. Not even FA worked out, but I'm now working for a new contracting company that seems to be going very well. I'm hoping to keep up with it.

In my spare time I'm usually exhausted, so I wind up playing games. In late autumn, early winter I finally started playing MMO's again after I was introduced to Forsaken World by my wife, so I decided to start playing Perfect World. I later got myself back into Runescape, but then switched over to Forsaken World after I got bored. Eventually I got bored of that, too, and finally got myself a membership in Runescape. I've been playing RS a lot, although recently I haven't had as much of an opportunity to play. Currently my lowest skills are Hunter, Farming, Construction, and Herblore, all at 76; last time my lowest skill was Hunter at 73, so not much improvement this time. Of course, my main character (in ALL THREE games) is RelmKisaragi.



Standalone Post-OOT Saria Story:

I've been thinking about this for some time in a number of different ways, and recent revelations about Saria, and the lack of Saria's appearance in Hyrule Warriors despite her being the perfect fit story-wise, really, really want me to write a story about Saria again. This would have no connections to my previous Saria stories at all and instead, the whole thing would about Saria going on a journey in search of Link. She would potentially go with Malon, I haven't quite decided on that yet.

I don't know if I want to make this story. There's still a lot of other things I want to do. But I'm contemplating it. Unlike my previous story where I tried to tie numerous Zelda elements together, this will focus specifically on just Saria's journey.

WHAT IF - Saria was in a HW Plot:

I've been thinking a lot recently about a WHAT IF scenario where Saria is still around by the time of the events of Hyrule Warriors (which is where I imagine she'd show up). Would she have similar feelings to Cia, seeing Link come back generation after generation and him not remembering her at all? Does she truly love him? (Honestly, Mido makes it pretty damn obvious she did in OOT.) If so, how would she react? Would she have changed after so many generations?

Just a basic idea. Hopefully I'll never have to write this story because Saria will appear in Hyrule Warriors through DLC before I get around to it... hopefully...

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