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Author has written 3 stories for Cormoran Strike Series, Harry Potter, and Sherlock.


"Pieces of a chess game" Timeline, and (possible) relevant dates

Prior to the story

2009: AGRA infiltration in the British Embassy, Mary is created.

December 2010: Meeting Eurus and Moriarty

15th July, 2011 : Sherlock Holmes Jumps from Barts rooftop

Pieces of a chess game

Chapter 1: "The fake flatmate", Jan 2012

Chapter 2: "The ephemeral bliss) Jan 2012

Chapter 3: "A case of identity" Feb 2012

Chapter 4: "Many happy returns" March-May 2012

"Pieces of a chess game": Considered Birthdays

John Watson: 31 March 1974

Hermione Granger: 19 September 1979

Mary Morstan: 28 February 1974 (Amanda Abbington's birth date)

Sirius Black: 3 November 1960

Sherlock Holmes: 1977, day and month to be decided

Mycroft Holmes: 18 July 1970

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Pieces of a Chess Game, Missing Scenes
Missing Scenes from "Pieces of a chess game" that did not make the final cut as they do not further the narrative. Funny, unconnected snippets of life in Baker Street. You can expect Mycroft, Sherlock, Hermione, Sirius, John, Mary, and maybe some HP characters.
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Pieces of a chess game reviews
Letting go of magic was easier than she thought. Working with and for Mycroft was simple and uncomplicated until Sherlock died. Trust a Holmes to shift the ground under your feet, and another to question your life choices, even beyond the grave. WIP, slowly updated. Important! Chapter 14 is M rated.
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You Kept Me Up reviews
"You came into my life in one of those, and being the incredible, amazing you, made it better. We might have had the Landry case for keeping up the business, you kept me up." When Cormoran shows up in Robin's wedding, she will need to make a decision: her ideal life, or her dreamt life. Rated K, a couple of swearing words.
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