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Hi, hello all you lucky ppl who have actually found this page on purpose! If you've 'accidentally' found this... well... good for you! Anyway... My name is Lyell and with me is my most esteemed partner AmberFox! Yeah! Round of applause, ppl!

Chirp, chirp

AF: Oh, very nice!
L: I can feel the love. Please do note the sarcasm.

Well, we both have reddish brown hair,
Georgus hazel eyes,
Stunning smiles,
And bodies to DIE FOR!

AF: LYELL! In our dreams!
L: What? It's true! ... well... the first two anyway...
AF: Just shut up and let me have a go. Ahem...

As you can tell by the above arguments, I'm the rational one.

L: HA! When your not drunk on Orenge fizzy drinks!

Anyway, both of us are anime freaks/filkers and this is our first time putting any stories on the web, so please be gentle with your coments.

Our favorate Animes are; (Not in order)
Shaman King
Samuri X (Or Rurouni Kenshin)
Fruits Basket
Duel Masters
And many more (We can't list them all, Because we'de be here all day!)

Our Favorate Books; (Also not in order)
Tamora Pierce
Terry Pratchett
Tom Holt
Meg Cabot
Roald Dahl
Dick King-Smith
Brian Jacques
Maryjanice Davidson
And some more, but we can't think of any at the moment.

Hope you like all the lovely Fics we're gonna stick up.
And remember: Sometimes the man amongst men is a Woman.

P.S: I know a lot of Labby Fans wantus to do a sequle of'Of Goblins And House Elves' but the thing is... I've had a compleat block! And with the new Harry Potter, it really didn't help! If anyone has any Ideas, Please send them! Please! I've been meaning to start it ages ago! Aaaaaah!

May 7th
Sorry about the lack of updates on Kagura Shuts up. With Fruits Basket finnished it's getting harder and harder to type about it. THE FIC IS NOT DEAD! Just so you know. We will get around to it eventually. Real life just sweeps you up sometimes... I know that everyone uses that excuse, but that's because its so conveniant!

August 24th
Lyell here, and Right this second Naruto's perents names have been revield! I do not intend on changing The Forth's name from Araishi to his real name (As stated in Naruto Chapter 367) Namikaze Minato. It would take too much time a to go through every fic and change it. And to be perfectly honest, I can't be bothered. I might still use his mothers name Uzumaki Kushina tho.
Araishi's a nice name. I like it. I think it's because I'm use to it, but I also think Minato is a rather wussy name. It sounds sorta like a girls name, like Minny or something. No disrispect to the 4th or anything. So please bare with the fics I have put up already.
Thank you.

Oct 27th - 08
Sorry again for the lack of updates. New jobs and the recession is making it really heard to make ends meet. BUT FEAR NOT! We might put something up for Halloween. Might! We're hammering a few detales at the moment. So Sorry again for the lack of updates!

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