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My name is Stella. I'm 5ft 5" with brown eyes and I write depressing poetry when I'm sad. Which is about 89.95 of the time. I have a few problems, but my parents don't have a clue about them. I love to act! I want to be an actress when I get out of school. I also love Monty Python, Harry Potter, and LOTR.


Anger and Aggression

Both aimed in my direction

It’s hard to be on stage when you know the cast

Is talking about you behind your back

They want you to trip up, slip up, mess up, throw up

They want throw you off stage

Toss you till your broken and you tumble

Don’t let them make you slip or stumble

Hate flows in my direction

It won’t stop

It’s hard when you leave a place for another

Only to find the place you go is the same

When all you try to do is what you think is right

I can’t help the fact that I am what I am tonight

As I sit and pour my heart through this pen

So you can stomp on it, crush it, and kill it again

I don’t even know why I try

It’s just part of my nature

The pain you cause me cuts me like a razor

And I bleed deep inside

And I’m bleeding all the time

If I was on the side of the street dying

All of you would pass me by


Yes, that is one of my depressing poems yay. *sarcasim is my thing*

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